Birthday Sunrise (special letter sent on a birthday, here's a section)

The mist glides upon the wrecked car, tumbling down the top. I can feel the freshness of the early morning wind gliding though my clothes, playing with my toes as I walk slowly to the balcony. There I offer myself the time to admire the beauty of our world, the freshness that starts with each and every morning. As I watch the mist drops glide on the cars, the leaves waking up from their ritual sleep, the birds welcoming their early crowds with the morning orchestra and admire the view of the Lebanese airport, the beach, and the buildings in our incredible, astounding city which always rises again and again from the ashes produced by the incredible dark forces jealous of our incredible being. The sun starts to rise, rays pierce through the mist, the clouds opening up the day on the beautiful play of incredible fayrouz songs, and the queen welcomes you again into another adventure in this world. The perfection of it all just astounds me, as every element of this day began in perfect sync with one another reflecting the majesty behind everything, and everyone. Oh how these early mornings at our summer home have been, how every moment is kept as a treasure in a special place in each and every one of my family.

There I stop. Hold myself tight in one position. I feel in me an incredible vibe. The energy of perfection vibrates in me as I give thanks to every little thing that welcomes me into another adventure. But there I cannot but understand that what I have in front of me is just another mutation of what already exists with everything in my life. And it never involves only me. Everything right there, everyone is just another mutation of the beautiful Sunday morning, of the incredible wind that blows all through the cold winter night, the rain washing over the dirt of every black day in history. It’s all the same. It’s all there to enjoy, to help, to make us all happy.

I remember, a blessing. I remember something right this very moment as I prepare myself for another day of work and university.

And then I wonder again where has she been? Where did she go? Why is she in France? What is Grenoble, home? Where is it that she is one with the path she chose to continue perfection on?

Then the sun shines brightly into my eyes. She’s there. Right there, with me. She’s the ray of sunlight lighting up my day for another incredible ride. Blinded by her power I then understand, she’s always there. She never left. Her power always exists in my heart. Her force, her perfection. She just shines in my soul, transmitting this incredible energy, laughter, oh this voice. Her voice never leaves my ears. The giggle, the fun that overflows from her just captivates me at this moment. A lifetime angel, a lifetime friend is to never leave the soul of any of her friends. No matter how hard the goodbyes are, no matter how far the distance. An angel like her will never leave the soul of anyone. A gift from the greatest of gifts, a gift from life wrapped in the very beauty that transcends from her own soul always held in my heart, always on my mind is to always follow the path with me. Travel the world of infinite possibilities, a world far beyond the material earth we all live in, a world where only true beings flow. I understand that another day has come. I witness the truth of everything right there in my soul, not eyes. Look at it grow with every second that passes. Look at it mature, blending with every circumstance. The beauty, the infinite wealth of a wounded soul that is only labeled wounded but that just vibrates happiness, fun, joy, and gratitude as their own beings experience the immense protection from above, the immense power given to them by the unity of their mother souls in one moment of perfect creation.

Blessed are those who understand that the greatness in this world is not and will never be, material. Bless are those who understand that there is nothing that stops them, nothing that blocks them. The reason they exist is because of incredible moments of love, passionate immense unity of two bare souls calling on unseen angels to witness and rejoice as they have become one and will bare a new soul. As this new being grows to then walk his own path in life, he will have to see one more incredible truth. He is that ray bursting through the clouds every single day of the year. Vibrating in incredible energy, transmitting love, happiness, and faith to everyone he meets.