If I should die this very moment, I wouldn’t fear. For I have ever known completeness like being here. Wrapped in the warmth of you, loving every breath of you, still my heart this moment oh it might burn. Could we stay right here till the end of time, till the earth stops turning?

When suddenly it all disappears, it all vanishes away. Stepped into a darkened room. Empty looking for it has changed me, for it has given me hope. Saved me from the animal lurking inside. Tamed and ready to venture on the magnificence of this enticing quest. A dark shadow swims in this never ending time. Turning, twisting and watching the angels flee. They’re scared of being captured, taken hostage, and of venturing into unsurpassed territories. How have I come to see this? To understand?
Let it all go away for I saw it clear in me. For I have felt it so deep in my heart. It moves the world, it creates lives, people and everything there is and will ever be. When I have understood the magic it all holds in me, the flare which makes me burn with passion, love and excitement. This power holds greatness, creates worlds, and makes the world what it should be. Transports us all from the darkened rooms we live in and face everyday into a world with passionate light burning just for us. Burning for the creation of perfection. Burning to satisfy the void in us all.

I’ve given myself the chance to go and venture on a quest for happiness, love and all the greatness I want in my life. I searched humanity for years for a jewel, a great vibrant being that is there to complete, fulfill and let me transcend to the high levels of ecstatic happiness.

When I love you till the seas run dry, I’ve found the one I’ve waited for.
All this time I’ve loved you, and never known your face all this time I’ve missed you and searched this human race. Here is true peace, here my heart knows call, safe in your soul, paved in your sight. When I stay right here till the end of time till the earth stops turning. I’ve found the one I’ve waited for, the one. All I know, all I felt, all I’ve done was leading to this. Want to stay right here till the end of time, till the earth stops turning.