Spiritual attraction vs. sexual attraction

What is stronger sexual/physical attraction or spiritual attraction? If you watch commercials on TV, go to the movies, read magazines or have any contact with the current culture, one would say that sexual attraction is king. One would easily come to believe that sexual/physical attraction must be the main attraction point between people. Even those who agree that physical attraction is not the core of a relationship will often say that physical attraction must first be present to attract people together and then the spiritual attraction and bonding happens.

As I look at the major romantic relationships that I have had in my life, while I was physically/sexually attractive to each person, I would have to say, that the people whom I were attracted were more attractive because of who they were and not because of how they looked.

At the beginning of the most significant romantic relationship of my life, I can recall looking at this person and asking myself, “could I be physically attracted to this person?” It was fairly early into a relationship that started out as a friend to friend relationship which over time began to blossom into much more than friends. Even though we had not spoken about our emerging romantic feelings about each other, we both could feel that our attraction to each other and our feelings for each other were becoming more intense. It was at this point that I looked at this person with different eyes and I asked myself, do I find this person physically attractive, is this someone that I could see myself in a full blown romantic relationship with. I knew without a doubt that we were attracted to each other, however that attraction from my point of view was due to a spiritual connection and attraction rather than a physical attraction. As our attraction to each other on a spiritual, mental and emotional level increased with an immense intensity, our physical attraction also started to grow. It wasn’t too long before I could see nothing but how beautiful this person was both inside and out. As a matter of fact, our relationship became so intense that no other person’s beauty matched up to the beauty of this person in my life. There simply was no comparison! Why? Was it because this person’s physical beauty surpassed everyone else’s beauty? Of course not! It was because I was so spiritually attracted to this person, attracted to their very soul that my eyes saw only beauty when I gazed upon this person!

Still not a believer that spiritual attraction is greater than physical attraction, and then consider this. Remember someone whom your were romantically involved with, someone who at some point in your life, you were madly in love with and thought they to be the most beautiful person you ever knew and then down the road the relationship didn’t work out, it fell apart, he/she hurt you very deeply. Now remember what happened to your physical attraction to this person, did it change, did you see them through different eyes? Did they lose their luster of beauty? Most often this is what happens, once we lose the spiritual attraction, the external beauty of that person quickly wanes, sometimes to the point where you can’t even figure out what you found so attractive in him/her.

In this case the person’s physical beauty did not change, what changed was your viewpoint of their spiritual self, as that attraction faded, so did your physical attraction.

If you are in a long term romantic relationship now, consider your attraction to the person in your life. Consider how physically the person has changed, yet you find them as attractive now if not more than you did at the beginning of the relationship. Now ask yourself how is that possible? Why do you feel so attracted to this person, what keeps your attraction growing? Truth is, it is not the physical form that you find so attractive as it is the spirit of that person. Because you love the other person for who they are, your physical attraction remains intact and grows.

Physical beauty grows with spiritual attraction and it quickly fades when that spiritual attraction diminishes for whatever reason.

If you are in a relationship, build upon your spiritual attraction and watch your physical attraction intensify. If you are in between relationships, remember that it is your spirit, the energy which you emit that creates true attraction, the attraction of people who you really desire to be with and who truly desire to be with you.

Blessed are those who are in a relationship that feeds the soul rather than gives snacks to the ego.

You're Alive

“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.”

It certainly does not feel like every day we live is special. We have problems and sickness, bills and heartache. And sometimes it seems as if there’s just no hope.

But when we have the occasion to watch someone fight for life, to face illness with the hope of beating it, that person who fights to the very last moment, we can at least get a glimpse of how important each day is. It was my privilege to watch someone do just that — fight to the very last moment — the will to live so strong. A person who was so full of life and suffered from pain and the agony of cancer treatments, but still found joy in the days she had left and lived just a few days past her birthday.

I think it’s especially difficult during the holiday season to feel like every day is special. There are those who live for the holidays from Thanksgiving until the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the football games on New Year’s Day. And others who would just as soon the month of December be just like every other month of the year because not everybody enjoys the constant social gatherings. And there are those too who are left out and feel isolated and depressed because they don’t have a party to go to every night.

Those of us who struggle with the holidays can juxtapose our feelings with those who love the holidays. Perhaps their enthusiasm will rub off on us a bit. We can also compare how we feel about life in general to someone who is fighting for their life. We can perhaps glean a little insight into what drives them. Maybe there we can find more hope and joy in our own lives.

Being alive is a gift. It is one we can cherish or despise. Our life is ours to do with what we will despite the bad things that may come our way. Watching someone fight for life can renew our spirits to live fully each day.

Watch someone who is happy to be alive; it can help you find happiness.


With every breath I take I feel you dance inside my soul,
with every breath I take I watch you dance inside me lingering
gracefully glowing as I take you all in, and release you to the world.
With every breath, I hear your heart beating, as if it was mine.
With every breath I take I think of you from deep inside myself,
pulsating out into the world.
With every breath I take I ask myself: what could have happened if you weren't here?
with every breath I take, I reason inside my mind as to how come things got so beautiful, and suddenly disappeared in vain.
With every breath I take, I see your smile, and hear your giggle,
with every breath I take I look at another part of me,
telling me you deserve to be happy.
With every breath I take, time stops and starts again. With every breath I take I fill myself up with hope.
with every breath I take, time loses its meaning, children run free in my mind,
with every breath I take, I choke with the need for more.....of you, my breath, with every breath I take, life takes another meaning,
with every breath I take,
life...lets me go.

cool trailors


The stage is set

The stage is set, the lights dim slowly giving way for a beautiful moment of surrender to the melodies of the heart and the vocals of the soul to take us all on an emotional, surrender into the bliss of our creation, giving us the chance to delve into the magic of our reason.
The lights on the stage dim, give way for the dance you’re about to take. As the quite in the room waits for a movement, for something to follow, to go with and notice, the grace of who you are, the dancer, the master of body and soul takes over everybody’s eyes. Slowly, the piano starts playing, your soul starts shivering, its that moment again, as everybody starts feeling their own feelings, your own start taking up the important part of who you are, make you the master of the moment, leading the souls and eyes into states of wonder, enjoyment, beauty and grace.
From your first step, your move, the body shivers in your dance of magical serenity, spreading grace as it was stars shattered into the darkness of an exposed magical setting , a dream state of passionate flow with every touch of the piano keys, every move, beat of the drums, your body draws an endless, emotional stunning picturesque album of body sways, which take form, and transcend the beauty of your natural existence taking you and everyone around you into a world beyond the decent, basic dimensions, growing, propelling you into magical heights, a dream picture, drawn in the forms, courted by the melodies of the music playing in the background, the reason behind every move, every subtle exposure of passion.
Just as you slow with the moves and music in choreographic exemplary beauty, the slow sudden drop of tempo, the slow slender move of your head unto your right shoulder sends shivers up everyone’s spine. Soon quiet and wonder works the hearts of everyone, even you, as it is supposed to be the end of that chapter in the dance, something surprises everyone.
A new melody starts working its way throughout the room, and as the soft sounds of majestic piano uplift takes everyone into a new start, you feel, in sudden amazement, the graceful touch of two soft, tender hands reaching out to your shoulders, touching your face, caressing your soul from the very deep, and you smile. Suddenly your ready for more, you surrender to the moment, you crave more, but the shit is so easy with that touch, so true, so natural. The hands, my hands, make their way to the tips of every finger, and as they move outside you, something inside moves as well. I hold your hands as the tune gets even more passionate, energetic and fun, the lights shine brightly on your face, a clear surprise, a sudden beautiful wave of claps continues with the soul caress, taking this moment to ecliptic magic, to absolute perfection, the moves, the music, the passion all blending with the souls, fun, excitement and a true laugh, a reason for this to continue, to get more.
I could feel the excitement, I could see the glow in your eyes, and you could see right through me, you knew that I would play the part, you wanted that, and it was a sudden beautiful surprise in a moment of dream that took another meaning, creating a new definition for magic, passion and surrender. The setting, an amazing stage, with magic happening at every corner, a blend of beauty, mastery, passion and a yearning for the true self, make this moment divine. Create an endless story starting with a true moment and well, as you see it unfold with every move, with each step you take with grace, I lead and sometimes follow with serenity, quiet, and showing reciprocal passion.
The final moves start with the clapping voices in the background everyone noticing the end is closing on it. But how can it be the end of such a thing? How can there be an end to such divine magic unfolding with every move. As the subtle music closes down on us, my hands take you near, inside the curve of peace and satisfaction. The lights dim again, as two white spots close with each other on both of us and the final note is released. I whisper a subtle thing in your ear as I lay my head against your shoulder, I see you draw a beautiful smile again. The moment is there, it has taken everyone with It to incredible dimensions, it has done what it was supposed to do, as this passionate moment went to a close, a new beginning was just ahead. Both hold each other with passion and a yern to live incredible days.

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paradise, a forbidden pleasure (written at 7 am one day at the office)

The soft sounds of the waters awake her from her deep, serene sleep. As she lies awake in the midst of the paradisaical setting, she ponders and asks herself is it real? is she living a reality or just the most beautiful of dreams?
The morning breeze blows into hr hair caressing her face as she perpares for her peaceful morning walk. but she couldn't stop thinking of him, of that moment they united in perfect divine bliss. He has taken over her thoughts, captured her mind and took her breath away. That morning, she couldn't get up anymore as she wanted that dream to continue, she wanted him beside her, she craved him near.
she could never forget his sensual touch and his fingers running all over her wet beautiful body as they stood underneath the falling waters and took part in this captivating journey. the water gracefully splashing all over their tight bodies as he took her into his arms and garessed her neck with gentle kisses firing the flames of lust and passion in her body. as his lips went on this journey, and started taking over her body one piece at a time, she felt the shiver in her spine, a simple tremble of pleasure took over her making her want more.
but the moment had to stop, it had to be as it was too good to be true. in the midst of a jungle and in a so called paradisaic setting, u will never expect and know wut possibilities lurk in the shadows of each and every corner. as they were together in that beautiful moment, and as things were heating up before reaching the point of no return, the passion is interrupted by the scream he made in the midst of it all. taken hostage by nature's unlawful friend, he gave in to the unexpected. it bit him, the most poisonous of them all, on the foot. as he trembled with utter and excruciating pain, he felt numb and couldn't stand anymore. and as the sun sets in the evening, his pain grows stronger and more intense as he surrenders to nature's goodbyes and his beloved mourns this unexpected turnout. the several hours they live together are guided by tears dropping from her beautiful, perfect face unto his bare, dark chest and her hands grasping to every inch of life she can hold of him. she trembles in disbelief as to how in the world could that happen at such a bad moment how can something so perfect, so grand be interrupted and taken away forever. in the final moments he lived with her, he asks for some peace and quiet, telling her he wanted to say something before its all over. she quietly look at him with tears still coming down, unable to stop. he describes how perfect he thinks she is to him, how lucky he was to have known her and how amazing those last few hours were in here arms. he tells her that it has been an amazing encouter to have the privilege and chance to get to know her on such deep levels and to know wut an amazing soul she is, wut a divine blessing she is to everyone around her. she weeps in pain as he continues and tells her, but there is this wish i want from u and i want u to keep for the rest of your life wuterver u do, i want u to remember me in everything that makes u feel gd, as u laugh as u smile, as u touch other ppl's heart as u did to mine. i want u to move on, to keep the passion u have for life in u, that fire burning deep inside u as u move with every day a new step forward into the perfect fulfillment u seek everyday and i want u to know, no matter wut and no matter where i was or am, i love u. as he said those words, he leaves his hand in hers.

in a moment in ur life, there comes a time where u only focus on the things ur going through, the problems ur facing, and forget abt the simple pleasures that make u this short journey we call life on this earth that in one time was so simple. with time we live our lives as a series of machines, people doing wutever it is they do. just going on about problems, nagging abt stories and people and we never learn to let those things that make up the good take over and bless our lives with good and awsome feelings. i have known for sure that life is short and at any moment anywhere it could be taken from u so its best not to regret and to experience the blessings and passions we are here for, and to enjoy the time with people dear to our hearts no matter how far we think they are or how close to our hearts they live. blessed are those who seek the simple pleasures of this wonderful earth as those know the true meaning of life and enjoy or at least try in the midst of all the chaos to seek their pleasures and make this the most phenominal journey they can ever have.

moment of peace

guided by the friendly wave of an enchanting soul, i walk through the dirty road, looking for answers, explanations thinking about the days to come, the what, the when and the how.
i could feel the understanding, the wonderful depth in her eyes as i talked about the personal, i could see the "giving" in her eyes as the words slowly flowed from me in a melodic composition of truths. the singing continued through the night, waving deep colorful stories of the not so distant past, memories clearing the dirty roads towards a bright, shiny future. but then all in a sudden beautiful setting, the light of the moon, the sounds of the ocean waves and the peace it all creates cuts through the talking, the exchange and gives us a moment to wonder about the beauty we live in, about the nature of our being, the reasons this all happens. all this magnificence in single moment stops life all by itself and gives it a moment to breath.
and what a magnificent setting it was. the moon, as graceful as ever, shines with its full radiance on a quiet, peaceful ocean playing with its waters, the surface, throwing glimses of glittery magic as the waters, on the other hand, engaged in the never-ending battle with the rocks, cuts the silence on the shore.
the soul next to me, delves into the epic dimensions of the mind, taking journeys in time, from past to present to future and back, telling stories of maturity, perfection, and a magnificent beauty of human nature. speechless i rested in her mind as i was in mine, thinking over her true, divine thoughts of perfect bliss and the path to perfection as every day unfolds with new challenges. gthe tales describe a divine soul given the righteous desires in life, with all the turmoil that pretty impressive soul has been though, there is something more than human, a power withing guiding and nurturing her being, capturing its essence and throwing it to the world to hold on to it as this graceful moon throws its glitters unto the ocean's face.
and what a scene it was! on one side a relaxing set of music playing in the background as we share moments of truths and support, and on the other side, the greatness of both: conversations from the heart and that coimes with it drawing a beautiful picture of serenity, character, and a passion for life in its utter magnificence, giving value, and meaning to the time and effort.
magical it was, the beauty of being bare, for it has been like that, for those souls, away from pain, pressure, from distractions and sorrow in a moment of peace, sharing and friendship.
moments like these are worth keeping forever, in the mind and heart, treasured as with every moment of pain and sorrow, challenge and defeat, there will come a time when these are in need and must therefore show up again. but for any reason this may not be possible, its memory lives forever in my heart and will always be there.


I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel

I can love
But I need his heart
I am strong even on my own
But from him I never want to part
He's been there since the very start
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

Bless the day he came to be
Angel's wings carried him to me
I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

Lost in Translation

A lost boy looks for answers in the darkness of a cold winter night. Sitting in the gloom space of nowhere, he falls deep into the spacious galaxy of his mind. A lost boy screams of pain, that leaves no mark and has no gain. He sees himself spinning in the never ending circle of a dream shattered by a knife, the negative of fear.
A lost boy oh how it all went, tiered of how things have come to be where was he wrong? did he go too far? why didn't it all come true just as he saw it, he wished upon a star!!! For all I know is that he was deep and happy of seeing her smile, the glow in her eyes, and the sweet talks for a while. But all that had an end that was so near, after all the happiness they surrender to fear.
He tells me about him, how he loves without limits, without challenges, boundaries, labels and just from the heart. He continues to say that there has never been anything as beautiful as this in his wild wicked life. He has never felt so happy, so warm, so appreciated. He knew he was something dear to a heart and gave all he can give in return for that love. He continues to say that he knows this incredible truth, that no guy or girl on this earth should ever confuse. We are all here from a moment of intense love, passion and glorious effervescence of feelings. We have come to live this incredible life we live because of love. It is the reason things are, move around, or just simply the reason things "be" it is the supreme power given from the mighty great one. No matter who you are on this Earth, you are part of the supreme, unimaginable, never-ending love.
The lost boy soon realises what he just said. Its all true, to the incredible extent. No matter how things go, no matter how they may seem, he has the power to do incredible great things.
Love is the reason behind his sadness, but why should it be? Passion flows through his veins, and creates wonders throughout his days.
He decides to move on, for he has it all figured out, why should he be so sad? he should just rejoice and be proud! For he has loved and will always love the magical angel, that love, so true. And why would he stop? what makes it all so different? He pondered to himself remembering the moment it all collapsed, in his head, in his eyes and just said: "no matter what I will always hold that angel so dear, right in my heart filled with love and appreciation"
He continues to say: "I now seek the truth in the reason I am, I search for perfection in all that I have and all that I do and all that I give, I am no toy, no boy, no game"

Incredible truths surface in the least expected moments, when it all just seems so dark. At those very instances, magical awareness gathers power beyond anyone's control and opens our eyes on truths, on situations that become so lame, simple non-sense at times and help us all become just a little more aware, a little more mature than we were before. It is all powered by the love of life, the love of being that always flows around our lives and the lives of everyone on this Earth.