Lost in Translation

A lost boy looks for answers in the darkness of a cold winter night. Sitting in the gloom space of nowhere, he falls deep into the spacious galaxy of his mind. A lost boy screams of pain, that leaves no mark and has no gain. He sees himself spinning in the never ending circle of a dream shattered by a knife, the negative of fear.
A lost boy oh how it all went, tiered of how things have come to be where was he wrong? did he go too far? why didn't it all come true just as he saw it, he wished upon a star!!! For all I know is that he was deep and happy of seeing her smile, the glow in her eyes, and the sweet talks for a while. But all that had an end that was so near, after all the happiness they surrender to fear.
He tells me about him, how he loves without limits, without challenges, boundaries, labels and just from the heart. He continues to say that there has never been anything as beautiful as this in his wild wicked life. He has never felt so happy, so warm, so appreciated. He knew he was something dear to a heart and gave all he can give in return for that love. He continues to say that he knows this incredible truth, that no guy or girl on this earth should ever confuse. We are all here from a moment of intense love, passion and glorious effervescence of feelings. We have come to live this incredible life we live because of love. It is the reason things are, move around, or just simply the reason things "be" it is the supreme power given from the mighty great one. No matter who you are on this Earth, you are part of the supreme, unimaginable, never-ending love.
The lost boy soon realises what he just said. Its all true, to the incredible extent. No matter how things go, no matter how they may seem, he has the power to do incredible great things.
Love is the reason behind his sadness, but why should it be? Passion flows through his veins, and creates wonders throughout his days.
He decides to move on, for he has it all figured out, why should he be so sad? he should just rejoice and be proud! For he has loved and will always love the magical angel, that love, so true. And why would he stop? what makes it all so different? He pondered to himself remembering the moment it all collapsed, in his head, in his eyes and just said: "no matter what I will always hold that angel so dear, right in my heart filled with love and appreciation"
He continues to say: "I now seek the truth in the reason I am, I search for perfection in all that I have and all that I do and all that I give, I am no toy, no boy, no game"

Incredible truths surface in the least expected moments, when it all just seems so dark. At those very instances, magical awareness gathers power beyond anyone's control and opens our eyes on truths, on situations that become so lame, simple non-sense at times and help us all become just a little more aware, a little more mature than we were before. It is all powered by the love of life, the love of being that always flows around our lives and the lives of everyone on this Earth.