moment of peace

guided by the friendly wave of an enchanting soul, i walk through the dirty road, looking for answers, explanations thinking about the days to come, the what, the when and the how.
i could feel the understanding, the wonderful depth in her eyes as i talked about the personal, i could see the "giving" in her eyes as the words slowly flowed from me in a melodic composition of truths. the singing continued through the night, waving deep colorful stories of the not so distant past, memories clearing the dirty roads towards a bright, shiny future. but then all in a sudden beautiful setting, the light of the moon, the sounds of the ocean waves and the peace it all creates cuts through the talking, the exchange and gives us a moment to wonder about the beauty we live in, about the nature of our being, the reasons this all happens. all this magnificence in single moment stops life all by itself and gives it a moment to breath.
and what a magnificent setting it was. the moon, as graceful as ever, shines with its full radiance on a quiet, peaceful ocean playing with its waters, the surface, throwing glimses of glittery magic as the waters, on the other hand, engaged in the never-ending battle with the rocks, cuts the silence on the shore.
the soul next to me, delves into the epic dimensions of the mind, taking journeys in time, from past to present to future and back, telling stories of maturity, perfection, and a magnificent beauty of human nature. speechless i rested in her mind as i was in mine, thinking over her true, divine thoughts of perfect bliss and the path to perfection as every day unfolds with new challenges. gthe tales describe a divine soul given the righteous desires in life, with all the turmoil that pretty impressive soul has been though, there is something more than human, a power withing guiding and nurturing her being, capturing its essence and throwing it to the world to hold on to it as this graceful moon throws its glitters unto the ocean's face.
and what a scene it was! on one side a relaxing set of music playing in the background as we share moments of truths and support, and on the other side, the greatness of both: conversations from the heart and that coimes with it drawing a beautiful picture of serenity, character, and a passion for life in its utter magnificence, giving value, and meaning to the time and effort.
magical it was, the beauty of being bare, for it has been like that, for those souls, away from pain, pressure, from distractions and sorrow in a moment of peace, sharing and friendship.
moments like these are worth keeping forever, in the mind and heart, treasured as with every moment of pain and sorrow, challenge and defeat, there will come a time when these are in need and must therefore show up again. but for any reason this may not be possible, its memory lives forever in my heart and will always be there.