paradise, a forbidden pleasure (written at 7 am one day at the office)

The soft sounds of the waters awake her from her deep, serene sleep. As she lies awake in the midst of the paradisaical setting, she ponders and asks herself is it real? is she living a reality or just the most beautiful of dreams?
The morning breeze blows into hr hair caressing her face as she perpares for her peaceful morning walk. but she couldn't stop thinking of him, of that moment they united in perfect divine bliss. He has taken over her thoughts, captured her mind and took her breath away. That morning, she couldn't get up anymore as she wanted that dream to continue, she wanted him beside her, she craved him near.
she could never forget his sensual touch and his fingers running all over her wet beautiful body as they stood underneath the falling waters and took part in this captivating journey. the water gracefully splashing all over their tight bodies as he took her into his arms and garessed her neck with gentle kisses firing the flames of lust and passion in her body. as his lips went on this journey, and started taking over her body one piece at a time, she felt the shiver in her spine, a simple tremble of pleasure took over her making her want more.
but the moment had to stop, it had to be as it was too good to be true. in the midst of a jungle and in a so called paradisaic setting, u will never expect and know wut possibilities lurk in the shadows of each and every corner. as they were together in that beautiful moment, and as things were heating up before reaching the point of no return, the passion is interrupted by the scream he made in the midst of it all. taken hostage by nature's unlawful friend, he gave in to the unexpected. it bit him, the most poisonous of them all, on the foot. as he trembled with utter and excruciating pain, he felt numb and couldn't stand anymore. and as the sun sets in the evening, his pain grows stronger and more intense as he surrenders to nature's goodbyes and his beloved mourns this unexpected turnout. the several hours they live together are guided by tears dropping from her beautiful, perfect face unto his bare, dark chest and her hands grasping to every inch of life she can hold of him. she trembles in disbelief as to how in the world could that happen at such a bad moment how can something so perfect, so grand be interrupted and taken away forever. in the final moments he lived with her, he asks for some peace and quiet, telling her he wanted to say something before its all over. she quietly look at him with tears still coming down, unable to stop. he describes how perfect he thinks she is to him, how lucky he was to have known her and how amazing those last few hours were in here arms. he tells her that it has been an amazing encouter to have the privilege and chance to get to know her on such deep levels and to know wut an amazing soul she is, wut a divine blessing she is to everyone around her. she weeps in pain as he continues and tells her, but there is this wish i want from u and i want u to keep for the rest of your life wuterver u do, i want u to remember me in everything that makes u feel gd, as u laugh as u smile, as u touch other ppl's heart as u did to mine. i want u to move on, to keep the passion u have for life in u, that fire burning deep inside u as u move with every day a new step forward into the perfect fulfillment u seek everyday and i want u to know, no matter wut and no matter where i was or am, i love u. as he said those words, he leaves his hand in hers.

in a moment in ur life, there comes a time where u only focus on the things ur going through, the problems ur facing, and forget abt the simple pleasures that make u this short journey we call life on this earth that in one time was so simple. with time we live our lives as a series of machines, people doing wutever it is they do. just going on about problems, nagging abt stories and people and we never learn to let those things that make up the good take over and bless our lives with good and awsome feelings. i have known for sure that life is short and at any moment anywhere it could be taken from u so its best not to regret and to experience the blessings and passions we are here for, and to enjoy the time with people dear to our hearts no matter how far we think they are or how close to our hearts they live. blessed are those who seek the simple pleasures of this wonderful earth as those know the true meaning of life and enjoy or at least try in the midst of all the chaos to seek their pleasures and make this the most phenominal journey they can ever have.