You're Alive

“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.”

It certainly does not feel like every day we live is special. We have problems and sickness, bills and heartache. And sometimes it seems as if there’s just no hope.

But when we have the occasion to watch someone fight for life, to face illness with the hope of beating it, that person who fights to the very last moment, we can at least get a glimpse of how important each day is. It was my privilege to watch someone do just that — fight to the very last moment — the will to live so strong. A person who was so full of life and suffered from pain and the agony of cancer treatments, but still found joy in the days she had left and lived just a few days past her birthday.

I think it’s especially difficult during the holiday season to feel like every day is special. There are those who live for the holidays from Thanksgiving until the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the football games on New Year’s Day. And others who would just as soon the month of December be just like every other month of the year because not everybody enjoys the constant social gatherings. And there are those too who are left out and feel isolated and depressed because they don’t have a party to go to every night.

Those of us who struggle with the holidays can juxtapose our feelings with those who love the holidays. Perhaps their enthusiasm will rub off on us a bit. We can also compare how we feel about life in general to someone who is fighting for their life. We can perhaps glean a little insight into what drives them. Maybe there we can find more hope and joy in our own lives.

Being alive is a gift. It is one we can cherish or despise. Our life is ours to do with what we will despite the bad things that may come our way. Watching someone fight for life can renew our spirits to live fully each day.

Watch someone who is happy to be alive; it can help you find happiness.