Spiritual attraction vs. sexual attraction

What is stronger sexual/physical attraction or spiritual attraction? If you watch commercials on TV, go to the movies, read magazines or have any contact with the current culture, one would say that sexual attraction is king. One would easily come to believe that sexual/physical attraction must be the main attraction point between people. Even those who agree that physical attraction is not the core of a relationship will often say that physical attraction must first be present to attract people together and then the spiritual attraction and bonding happens.

As I look at the major romantic relationships that I have had in my life, while I was physically/sexually attractive to each person, I would have to say, that the people whom I were attracted were more attractive because of who they were and not because of how they looked.

At the beginning of the most significant romantic relationship of my life, I can recall looking at this person and asking myself, “could I be physically attracted to this person?” It was fairly early into a relationship that started out as a friend to friend relationship which over time began to blossom into much more than friends. Even though we had not spoken about our emerging romantic feelings about each other, we both could feel that our attraction to each other and our feelings for each other were becoming more intense. It was at this point that I looked at this person with different eyes and I asked myself, do I find this person physically attractive, is this someone that I could see myself in a full blown romantic relationship with. I knew without a doubt that we were attracted to each other, however that attraction from my point of view was due to a spiritual connection and attraction rather than a physical attraction. As our attraction to each other on a spiritual, mental and emotional level increased with an immense intensity, our physical attraction also started to grow. It wasn’t too long before I could see nothing but how beautiful this person was both inside and out. As a matter of fact, our relationship became so intense that no other person’s beauty matched up to the beauty of this person in my life. There simply was no comparison! Why? Was it because this person’s physical beauty surpassed everyone else’s beauty? Of course not! It was because I was so spiritually attracted to this person, attracted to their very soul that my eyes saw only beauty when I gazed upon this person!

Still not a believer that spiritual attraction is greater than physical attraction, and then consider this. Remember someone whom your were romantically involved with, someone who at some point in your life, you were madly in love with and thought they to be the most beautiful person you ever knew and then down the road the relationship didn’t work out, it fell apart, he/she hurt you very deeply. Now remember what happened to your physical attraction to this person, did it change, did you see them through different eyes? Did they lose their luster of beauty? Most often this is what happens, once we lose the spiritual attraction, the external beauty of that person quickly wanes, sometimes to the point where you can’t even figure out what you found so attractive in him/her.

In this case the person’s physical beauty did not change, what changed was your viewpoint of their spiritual self, as that attraction faded, so did your physical attraction.

If you are in a long term romantic relationship now, consider your attraction to the person in your life. Consider how physically the person has changed, yet you find them as attractive now if not more than you did at the beginning of the relationship. Now ask yourself how is that possible? Why do you feel so attracted to this person, what keeps your attraction growing? Truth is, it is not the physical form that you find so attractive as it is the spirit of that person. Because you love the other person for who they are, your physical attraction remains intact and grows.

Physical beauty grows with spiritual attraction and it quickly fades when that spiritual attraction diminishes for whatever reason.

If you are in a relationship, build upon your spiritual attraction and watch your physical attraction intensify. If you are in between relationships, remember that it is your spirit, the energy which you emit that creates true attraction, the attraction of people who you really desire to be with and who truly desire to be with you.

Blessed are those who are in a relationship that feeds the soul rather than gives snacks to the ego.

You're Alive

“Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.”

It certainly does not feel like every day we live is special. We have problems and sickness, bills and heartache. And sometimes it seems as if there’s just no hope.

But when we have the occasion to watch someone fight for life, to face illness with the hope of beating it, that person who fights to the very last moment, we can at least get a glimpse of how important each day is. It was my privilege to watch someone do just that — fight to the very last moment — the will to live so strong. A person who was so full of life and suffered from pain and the agony of cancer treatments, but still found joy in the days she had left and lived just a few days past her birthday.

I think it’s especially difficult during the holiday season to feel like every day is special. There are those who live for the holidays from Thanksgiving until the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the football games on New Year’s Day. And others who would just as soon the month of December be just like every other month of the year because not everybody enjoys the constant social gatherings. And there are those too who are left out and feel isolated and depressed because they don’t have a party to go to every night.

Those of us who struggle with the holidays can juxtapose our feelings with those who love the holidays. Perhaps their enthusiasm will rub off on us a bit. We can also compare how we feel about life in general to someone who is fighting for their life. We can perhaps glean a little insight into what drives them. Maybe there we can find more hope and joy in our own lives.

Being alive is a gift. It is one we can cherish or despise. Our life is ours to do with what we will despite the bad things that may come our way. Watching someone fight for life can renew our spirits to live fully each day.

Watch someone who is happy to be alive; it can help you find happiness.


With every breath I take I feel you dance inside my soul,
with every breath I take I watch you dance inside me lingering
gracefully glowing as I take you all in, and release you to the world.
With every breath, I hear your heart beating, as if it was mine.
With every breath I take I think of you from deep inside myself,
pulsating out into the world.
With every breath I take I ask myself: what could have happened if you weren't here?
with every breath I take, I reason inside my mind as to how come things got so beautiful, and suddenly disappeared in vain.
With every breath I take, I see your smile, and hear your giggle,
with every breath I take I look at another part of me,
telling me you deserve to be happy.
With every breath I take, time stops and starts again. With every breath I take I fill myself up with hope.
with every breath I take, time loses its meaning, children run free in my mind,
with every breath I take, I choke with the need for more.....of you, my breath, with every breath I take, life takes another meaning,
with every breath I take,
life...lets me go.