Do New Things

Human beings crave control-just the way we are. A survival mechanism that goes right back to the days when we lived in caves. We need certainty and anything less makes us uncomfortable. But leadership of your life and work is all about visiting your discomfort. It's about running,not so far away from the things that intimidate and frighten you. And leadership in life is about trying new things.

It's so easy to eat the same food each day. But if you don't try new foods, you just might miss out on your new favorite dish (think about that one for a moment). It's easy to associate with the same people and have the same conversations each day. Look around you for examples of people doing just the same as you. Its so common to start of our days on "common grounds" and take it off from there, and while our minds are imagining some new adventures in our thoughts, pretty much the same is going on in the filed. But if you don't expand your community, you just might miss out on meeting your new best friend when this relates to the people you interact with.
It's so easy to do the same things at work each day. But if you don't stretch, you just might miss out on an achievement that will flood you will a sense of confidence and fulfillment that will be the start of a whole new world of work showing up. And this goes along in much of life's situations! I've talked a lot about the "stretching principle" with a friend of mine, a girl who was going through some challenges at a certain time, its all in the stretching out starting with a smile. I can never forget how this simple word would ease things out for her and she would smile, breathe and move along. Which got her to where she is now, happily enjoying her ride through life, although challenges keep coming, she knows she will get to her aspirations and dreams at some point or another, and that is very much the way to go.

So I invite you to use each day as a platform for filling your life with more adventure, passion and energy by injecting more new things into it. Listen to whatever African tribal music if you usually listen to Bach. Eat Malaysian food if you usually do meat and potatoes. Get out of the usual shell that keeps you away from spectacular surprises. Life is filled with surprises just around the corner, and there is always good in everything if you look closely.

It's a big, interesting world out there. And it's yours for the taking.