Ideas Are Worthless

Controversial title? Well maybe. But I think it's true. I've heard so many gurus say that ideas are the currency of success and thinking drives the New Economy and we become what we consider all day long. But, to me, creating an idea in your mind will not get it into an actual reality. Ideas without the proper execution are just mere thinking processes with nowhere to go. Its just delusion. In other words, an idea - no matter how big - only assumes value when it's acted upon and brought to life.

This world is full of great thinkers who never realized their greatness. They were strong on the thinking piece but weak on the execution side. And they suffered as a result of that constraint. World-class people get both right. They are superb strategically and brilliant tactically. Really creative and really good at getting things done.

So jump start your commitment around execution. Yes, capture your ideas and bask in the glow of a brilliant thought. And then reach deep into your inner power and have the discipline to do whatever it takes to make the idea a reality. This will accelerate the processes that will get that idea on the road to you and to reality. It is in fact when the idea starts getting executed that it gets even stronger in the mind as concrete evidence of its existence start showing up for real. This builds excitement and pleasure in the execution. So why be sacred? I have no idea...