10 Bizarre Occupations

There are many jobs to be had out in this vast world of ours, but there are some bizarre, odd, and weird jobs out there that some people would never consider doing or have even heard of. Maybe these jobs are for you and maybe they aren’t, but you can be the judge.

Ant Picker
An ant picker has the privilege of digging up ants, in order, to place then into the plastic ant farms that kids love.

Brain Picker
A brain picker is the person in a slaughterhouse that will place an animal’s head on either a table or a hook. They will split the skull and pick out every part of the brain.

Odor Judger
This job consists of smelling the armpits of volunteers all day long to determine whether or not a deodorant works.

Chicken Sexer
The person with this job gets to sort out the baby chicks. Once they have determined of the chicks are male or female they will separate them and place them on the proper nutritional track, so that they can fulfill their lives for commercial purposes.

Wrinkle Chaser
A wrinkle chaser is the person that will iron out the wrinkles in shoes that are being made. They do this so that the shoes are smooth when you purchase them.

A boner inserts either bones or a steel piece; also know as a stay, into the prepared openings of a woman’s under garments. The garments that include the stays are a brassiere or a corset.

Celluloid Trimmer
The person with this job has to shave down a golf club and then ass the celluloid bands to the golf club. This process will help the leather hand grips to stay in place.

Egg Smeller
This person will break open an egg and smell it on order to determine if it has been spoiled.

Pillowcase Turner
A pillowcase turner will take a fresh made pillowcase and turn it right side out. Then, they will stretch the material to remove all the wrinkles.

A cowpuncher will herd, castrate, and brand cattle. When these things are finished, then you will move onto repairing fences, watering troughs, and doing other maintenance jobs on the ranch become your work.