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Throughout the years, Gabriel Ghali (a.k.a DJ Gabe) went on to discover new types of sounds venturing on one great journey into sound. From an early age, music got into his soul and transformed his everyday life as he grew up, through the fun times and the odd moments, it carried him through until he discovered electronic music that inspired him to explore on deeper levels.

For years now, he has tried to understand and try DJ-ing and mixing, creating mash-ups and tracks. He has focused on mastering these skills and is always moving forward to do more and more all through his trance music mixing, track selection and his love for blending several music genres in one mix.

He has recently created the NighMusic mix series where he blends the special selection of the latest music, and creates as well an album cover for each. The music continues to inspire him, to move him forward and to shape his times as he continues to grow with the music in his blood…

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