The Importance of Being Remarkable

Your expectations for yourself - and your life - become self fulfilling prophecies. What you intend shapes what you become. So make a commitment, today, to be remarkable.

Live full out. Vow to be brilliant at your work. Devote to getting into world-class health. Take positive risks to grow into your greatness. Love like there's no tomorrow. And enjoy every moment.

Life's an incredible adventure. Tons of highs - lots of lows. But all of it - is precious. Gorgeous. And designed with your best interests in mind. So embrace it all.

Why Be Great?

Sure it takes effort/discipline and gigantic focus to get to world-class (and live your greatest life). Sure leadership is about doing what's right versus easy. And I agree that success requires sacrifices. So why do it? Because it'll make you feel good. Which makes it all worth it.

The big idea: playing below your potential makes you feel bad about yourself. Operating below your potential diminishes your self-respect. Limiting what you can do/be/have sucks the energy out of your spirit and knocks the passion out of your heart.

Climbing your personal and professional mountaintop makes you feel good about yourself. Boost your self-respect. Heighten your self-image. Fills you with energy and faith. And joy.

Achievement and getting superb things done with the gifts that are within you is one of the best ways to fill your life with more happiness. Being great - even when it's not easy to do so - is a brilliant move. That yields handsome rewards. Always.

Simple Tactics for Great Relationship

Any good psychologist will tell you that one of the deepest needs of a human being is the need to belong. We are happiest when we feel connected to others-when we are part of a community. Top performers in business make it a priority to build relationships with their teammates and their customers. Connecting with the people who surround them is not seen as a waste of time to the best, it is an exquisitely wise use of their time.

As a leadership development expert, Robin Sharma works with his corporate clients to build cultures where people and relationships come first. This promotes communication, collaboration and strong results. When people feel appreciated, they shine.

Here are some deceptively simple ideas for building your human connections that have gotten people to a whole new level of performance:

#1. Be the most positive person you know

#2. Be candid. Speak truthfully.

#3. Be on time.

#4. Say please and thank you

#5. Underpromise and Overdeliver

#6. Leave people better than you found them

#7. Be Nice.

#8. Be a world-class listener

#9. Become wildly interested in other people

#10. Smile.

Your 4 Minute Mile

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once observed: “most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.” Profound point. The life you see this very moment isn't necessarily the life of your future. You might be viewing things through the eyes of your fears, limitations and false assumptions. Once you clean up the stained glass window you see the world through, guess what? A whole new set of possibilities appear. Remember, we see the world not as it is but as we are.

Years ago, it was believed that no human being could ever break the 4 minute mile barrier. But after Roger Bannister broke it, many more replicated his feat within weeks. Why? Because he showed people what was possible. And then armed with that belief, people did the impossible.

What's your “4 minute mile”? What bill of goods have you sold yourself as to what's impossible? What false assumptions are you making in terms of what you cannot have, do and be? Your thinking creates your reality. If you think something cannot occur in your life, then there's no way you will take the action required to make that goal a reality. Your “impossibility thinking” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your perceived limitations become the chains that keep you from the greatness you were meant to be. And where's the leadership in that?