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Fueled With Passion, Both Caught Greatness

coca-cola and condoms?!?! what's that all about!?

It is rumored that in many third world countries, a popular contraceptive is Coca-Cola. It seems that the drink is very acidic and when used as a douche, it annihilates everything in its path. Pow! Zap! Wham! Harvard University actually did a scientific study of this and confirmed that it works. Should you ever decide to use this method (I hope you are very desperate if you do), be aware that Diet Coke is better than Classic Coke.

On of the earliest methods for birth control was devised by the ancient Chinese. Women inserted Quicksilver (mercury) to abort the fetus. Worked well, but I'll venture a guess that the women died at a young age.
Later the ancient Egyptians came up with a safer method - honey was mixed with crocodile dung. The acidity of the dung killed the sperm.
The ancient Romans had a very effective method. Women were instructed to jump, cough, and sneeze immediately after intercourse!
Ancient Greeks told women to scoop out the seeds of a pomegranate half and insert it as a cervical cap.

We come now to the condom....So who did invent it?

A man famous for a part of the woman's anatomy - Gabriel Fallopius (you can fill in what he is honored for). In the mid 1500's, he designed a medicated sheath to go over the tip of the penis and under the foreskin. It was held on by a pink ribbon so that it would appeal to women.

He was then forced to design one for the circumcised guys - a standard of eight inches (The average man must have been bigger back in those days). It was tested on over 1000 men with overwhelming success.
One would guess that they were trying to prevent pregnancy, but that was the woman's problem in those days. They were actually used to prevent the spread of venereal diseases, syphilis in particular. Men hated them, and gave them the name overcoats.

About 100 years later, England's King Charles II requested his physician, the Earl of Condom, to devise something to protect him from syphilis. He came up with an oiled sheath made from sheep intestine. No one is really sure if he knew about Fallopius' contraption. Soon all the noblemen were using them.

The problem? They reused them (yeah...yuk) without washing them (double yuk). Therefore, they still ended up getting that dreaded disease.
The modern rubber was invented in 1870, but was not the thin latex type we see today. Those were developed in the 1930's.

Ready-Made Greatness

Michelangelo was asked how he created his masterpieces. He replied that he simply saw the works of art embedded within the slabs of marble and then set about chipping away at everything that wasn't of that work of art. Which brings me to you. And your ready-made-greatness.

Just maybe your job is not to become someone other than who you currently are. Just maybe, the Main Aim is to access and remember and reconnect with the best that already resides within you. In this very moment. Right here. Right now. And how can you recall your personal greatness?
By starting the process of chipping away everything that is not truly you. The fears you have picked up. The limiting beliefs you have accumulated.
The false assumptions that divorce you from your most authentic - and staggeringly brilliant - self.

Self-remembering (and personal leadership) is a journey. Took you many years to forget the personal greatness that you once knew as a kid (before the disappointments and negativity of the world began to blind you to the truth of your bigness). You may have been thinking you have been designed for mediocrity for 30 or 40 or 50 years. So that reconnection with your best won't happen in a week. But chip away - bit by bit- at everything that is not that work of art - day by day. You know that small, daily improvements stack into massive results over time (that idea just might transform your life so please let it settle in).

The difference between a remarkable life and a mediocre one is not nearly as large as you might imagine. Nope, we all pretty much start out with the same raw stuff. Most of us are cut from the same cloth. We all can be a hero if we choose. And it just isn't that hard. Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from a making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that's left is The Extraordinary. Just something to think about. From a man who wants you to shine.