Daily Practice

Imagine Tiger woods relaxing his extraordinary commitment to never-ending refinement and improvement of his golf game? Or Lance Armstrong stopping his daily practice and still hoping to win the Tour de France...
The idea might sound ridiculous, and yet, how many of us-on the playing field of business and life - are devoted to daily practice? I believe, only a few.

The idea seems so obvious yet so very few actually get it: how can you get better if you don't practice?
To get to world-class greatness, we need to work at it, daily, relentlessly and passionately.
 I believe success doesn't just occur - it's created.

It all comes down to the 1% Win. A few little improvements each day - created through your daily practice - amount to staggering results over time. But just hoping you'll get to great as a leader (and human being) is nothing more than magical thinking - a waste of time. Like hoping you'll be a better skier or golfer or pianist without working at getting better. Goals without actions, consistent over time, will lead nowhere.

Athletes get better through practicing their sport. Leaders get better by cultivating their craft. By elevating their skills and deepening their impact. They consciously step toward extraordinary until they eventually get there.

And I wait...

In complete silence, peaceful and calm, I sit here wondering. I take you into my mind, for a beautiful dance, to the melodies of a lonely heart. The music stops, the lights go down. I sit there, and I wait.

I wake up in a dream, dancing with your heart, lifting you, holding you. Screaming for your hand on my face. In a swift, and a fast drift, I take you in, and blow you out. Your hair, soft movements of silk and shine. It passes through my fingers and mind. You disappear, in a moment, and I wait.
As I turn I see your eyes, shining brightly into mine, from a distance I see you run, to jump inside my lonely heart.
I breathe you out, I smell your scent, I look at you. Catching a glimpse of your beautiful soul, you smile, I smile and I wait.

That night, passion flows like running water from a stream. We talk, we moan, we kiss, we dance. To a delicate, intricate music of two souls, passion guiding our hearts through the endless hours. Kisses, scents and sounds draw the landscape of divine creation. Wet, rhythmic, and strong seasoning the night, losing ourselves in each other. A concluding moment of fire.

The fire burns inside me, eating me up inside, piece by piece I degrade, I die...and I wait.

The music, powerful and strong, lifts us up, holds us strong. We turn, we twist again in this delusion, utter confusion. I slip, away I go, I slide into an unknown.

I leave you there I continue my search. I think I'll stand there, in nothingness and sighs. Dreaming of something, or someone for I,

dream of dying in the arms that I long for, dream of and require. In your soul, in pleasure, in your heart that I acquire.
Sitting there, I write a story in my mind. Of possession, of devotion and unlimited bliss. For a unity with a part of me I cannot but miss. I sit here wondering, when will you be locked in my arms forever?

A simple smile draws itself on my face. A sigh, I am here...and I wait.

Common Mistakes in Human Thoughts

Confirmation Bias
It is the tendency to look for or interpret information in a way that confirms beliefs. Individuals reinforce their ideas and attitudes by selectively collecting evidence or retrieving biased memories. This allows inaccurate information to be held as true.

Availability Heuristic
It is calculating things based on vivid memories. The problem is individuals tend to remember unusual events more than everyday, commonplace events. For example, airplane crashes receive lots of national media coverage while fatal car crashes do not. However, more people are afraid of flying than driving a car, even though statistically airplane travel is safer. Media coverage feeds into this bias; because rare or unusual events such as medical errors, animal attacks and natural disasters are highly publicized, people perceive these events as having a higher probability of happening. 

Illusion of Control
This is the tendency to believe someone can control or at least influence outcomes that they clearly have no influence on. This bias can influence gambling behavior and belief in the paranormal.

Planning Fallacy
The Planning fallacy is the tendency to underestimate the time needed to complete tasks. The planning fallacy actually stems from another error, The Optimism Bias, which is the tendency for individuals to be overly positive about the outcome of planned actions. People are more susceptible to the planning fallacy when the task is something they have never done before. The reason for this is because we estimate based on past experiences. For example, if I asked you how long it takes you to grocery shop, you will consider how long it has taken you in the past, and you will have a reasonable answer. If I ask you how long it will take you to do something you have never done before, like climbing Mount Everest, you have no experience to reference, and because of your inherent optimism, you will guesstimate less time than you really need.

Interesting Fact: “Realistic pessimism” is a phenomenon where depressed or overly pessimistic people more accurately predict task completion estimations. 

Restraint Bias
The Restraint Bias is the tendency to overestimate one’s ability to show restraint in the face of temptation, or the “perceived ability to have control over an impulse,” generally relating to hunger, drug and sexual impulses. The truth is people do not have control over visceral impulses; you can ignore hunger, but you cannot wish it away. You might find the saying: “the only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it” amusing, however, it is true. If you want to get rid of you hunger, you have to eat. For example, most addicts’ say that they can “quit anytime they want to,” but this is rarely the case in real life.

Just-World Phenomenon
The Just-World Phenomenon is when witnesses of an injustice, in order to rationalize it, will search for things that the victim did to deserve it. This eases their anxiety and allows them to feel safe; if they avoid that behavior, injustice will not happen to them. This peace of mind comes at the expense of blaming the innocent victim. 

Interesting Fact: On the other end of the spectrum, The Mean World Theory is a phenomenon where, due to violent television and media, viewers perceive the world as more dangerous than it really is, prompting excessive fear and protective measures.

Endowment Effect
This is the idea that people will require more to give up an object than they would pay to acquire it. It is based on the hypothesis that people place a high value on their property. Example: If I buy a coffee mug today for one dollar, and tomorrow demand two dollars for it, I have no rationality for asking for the higher price. This happens frequently when people sell their cars and ask more than the book value of the vehicle, and nobody wants to pay the price.

Interesting Fact: this bias is linked to two theories; “loss aversion” says that people prefer to avoid losses rather than obtain gains, and “status quo” bias says that people hate change and will avoid it unless the incentive to change is significant.

Self-Serving Bias
This occurs when an individual attributes positive outcomes to internal factors and negative outcomes to external factors. A good example of this is grades, when I get a good grade on a test; I attribute it to my intelligence, or good study habits. When I get a bad grade, I attribute it to a bad professor, or poorly written exam. This is very common as people regularly take credit for successes but refuse to accept responsibility for failures. 

Interesting Fact: when considering the outcomes of others, we attribute causes exactly the opposite as we do to ourselves. When we learn that the person who sits next to us failed the exam, we attribute it to an internal cause: that person is stupid or lazy. Likewise, if they aced the exam, they got lucky, or the professor likes them more. 

A form of misattribution where a memory is mistaken for imagination. It is actually a memory bias where a person (inaccurately) recalls producing an idea or thought. It should be noted that there is no scientific proof to validate Cryptomnesia.

Bias Blind Spot
The tendency not to acknowledge one’s own thought biases. In a research study conducted by Emily Pronin of Princeton University, participants were described different cognitive biases such as the Halo Effect and Self-Serving Bias. When asked how biased the participants themselves were, they rated themselves as less biased than the average person.

Interesting Fact: Amazingly, there is actually a bias to explain this bias (imagine that!). The Better-Than-Average Bias is the tendency for people to inaccurately rate themselves as better than the average person on socially desirable skills or positive traits. Coincidentally, they also rate themselves as lower than average on undesirable traits.

The Four Things A Woman Needs

Following my last 2 posts about men, women, sex and social programming, (read PART 1 & PART 2 here) I decided to end this series of posts with this. The four things any woman needs on a general, basic level.

1.  She needs to feel appreciated for the unique individual that she is. She needs to feel special, unlike any other woman.

2.  She needs to feel that deep intimate emotional connection. She needs to have that emotional intimacy with her man.

3. She needs to feel like a woman. She needs to feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine. She needs to enjoy all those things that comes with being a woman.

4. She needs hot passionate sex. She needs to be seduced, enticed, teased, and satisfied, over and over again. She needs to experience new things, in new ways, including fantasies and roles. It makes her feel alive.

In order for all those things to become true for her, she needs a man she can respect. If she has respect for him, she will see him as more than a one-night fling. She will see him as an investment. You already know that in order to seduce a woman, you have to have rapport, attraction, comfort, etc. But if you want to see her again, you got to have good old fashion RESPECT.

Men, Women, Sex and Social Programing (PART 2)

The Man's Mindset
Read Part 1 HERE

Now for the juicy part: Sensual Power

Being sensually powerful means to understand and appreciate the sexual potential in a woman, and having the passion to bring it out in her, to bring it all to life enabling her to discover her own sense of personal and sensual power. It is about sharing, two people celebrating being human beings. She is the feminine compliment to your masculinity and vice versa. It is not about outcome, it is about complimenting and enhancing each other.

All interaction is sexual at the very core, while you respect that she wants to be treated like a lady. Because you command respect, she takes what you say seriously acting on what you say. Thus what you command becomes real for her, which means she becomes responsive to you. She knows that you can make her think powerful thoughts and feel powerful emotions and knows that you can realize her sexual potential. Thus you are a sexual threat (in a good way). You are capable of eliciting and validating her emotions and building a powerful emotional connection with her. You create intimacy that is so close and so rewarding that you establish a powerful sexual connection that transcends anything she has ever experienced.

All of us were born sexual creatures. Everything about us is such that we may mature and procreate. And we are such that it is all pleasurable and fulfilling. But for some of us, somewhere along the line, something went very wrong. Shame, guilt, self consciousness, or self doubt set in, and anything about sexuality became something very uncomfortable.

But the reality is that most women will sleep with a man, but will not decide if they love him for maybe six months. That's reality. Most women are much more sexual than men and require that they be treated with respect for the lady that they are. Comfort, safety and respect will be the needed for her to be able to sleep with him.
As for love, most women are completely turned off by men who fall in love with her in the first few dates, or even weeks. For her, it cheapens the concept of love. Most women understand that it takes really getting to know someone before falling in love which can take quite a bit of time.

Women are far more sexual then men

Movies, television shows, stories, what other people told us, what our parents told us, all that “social programming” told us that we have to talk women into having sex. It almost made it seem as if sex for a woman was a chore she performed as a reward.

Women actually WANT to have sex! Not as a reward to “a nice guy,” but simply because women love sex. Women have elaborate intricate fantasies beyond anything men can imagine. It is largely mental and emotional, and about being “taken” and “ravaged.” But it does NOT mean that women want to be raped. Certainly NOT! But in the context of consent, mental stimulation, emotional rapport, and trust, women love to be taken and ravaged like the sluts that they love to be. Now that does NOT mean that women want to be sluts. But in the correct context, with her trusted lover, women love to become ruthlessly expressive sexual creatures.

In many cases, women are far hornier than men. So why did all that social programming want us to believe that women didn’t like sex that much? It appears that there are a number of reasons for this.
Social programming protects women from men who only want to use women for sex. If social programming trains people to believe that women must first be in love to have sex, or must first be in a committed relationship, then women always have a defense against men who view them as objects. If parents teach their children that sex is only for love and marriage, then maybe their children won’t go out and have sex and get pregnant. Interestingly, the social programming does parallel the reality of being a woman to some degree.

Most women are sexually submissive and do not initiate sex. Instead, they respond to their man when he initiates. And most women prefer it that way, they're excited by the fact that their man is excited by her. It makes her feel feminine and beautiful. Unfortunately though, women are also victims to social programming. Social programming is interpreted to mean that any woman who loves sex must be a slut. Even though women love sex, they’d never admit it to a stranger. It would make them appear as a slut inviting advances from men who objectify women.

The advantage of all this social programming is that since it is against social norms for a woman to love sex, it makes it even more exciting WHEN a woman demonstrates that. Anything that is taboo is even MORE exciting because it IS taboo. To further complicate things, men have been raised to be proper polite gentlemen, and we have been taught that to suggest sex to a woman would insult her because it would insinuate that she is a slut.
That piece of social programming hinders men and puts them in a predicament. A man wants to be sexual with the woman he is interested in, but he can’t suggest it because it would insult her. The woman certainly can’t suggest it because that would define her as a slut. And besides, women are sexually submissive, they prefer that the man initiate.
So what are people to do?
You’re the man who’s going to leverage her emotional soul to connect with her, her romantic heart to entice her, her innate sensuality to excite her, and her downright horniness to satiate her, and then do it the next day, and the next, until she is delirious with pleasure, ecstatic about being a woman, totally loving life, and wildly crazy about you!

For her to feel sexy with you, she must feel like a woman. That means that you must be a MAN. You must be comfortable with yourself. That means lack of self doubt. That means complete self assuredness. Be comfortable with her. Be comfortable with that fact that she is a highly sexual being.
Treat her like a lady, while you have confidence that the natural woman in her will come to life. Be chivalrous, gentlemanly, manly, protective. Play the MAN’s role. When comfort has been established, admire her beauty. When intimacy has been established, show her that she excites you. And, always, always abide by the “It just happened” clause.

She should always be able to later justify it by saying “It just happened.”

Men, Women, Sex and Social Programing (PART 1)

Too many men are busy running around trying to get as many women to sleep with them as possible, thinking that it will prove something to them (although I can’t figure out what that might be) anyways, it won’t, and such men end up still having the same underlying problems. They need to fix their problems before they involve real people (well yeah people sleep with other people not toys or plastic mannequins).

Too many men entirely base their self worth on how many women say yes. Just a note: THAT puts all the power in the women since there is nothing personally powerful about that, she’s saying yes, not you.
Too many men see women as an obstacle to get around to get to the sex. Such men are just masturbating inside an object. So many men place power in a woman based solely on the woman’s looks. He does not even consider who she is as a person (sad is an understatement).

What men are seeking so relentlessly is nothing that comes from outside of them, it's something they already have. A man, a real one at least, has only himself to rely on. And what better for a man to work on than himself? But in the end it call comes down to believing they deserve it. People don’t necessarily get what they want. People don’t necessarily get what they need. Instead, people get what they honestly and truly believe that they deserve. In other words, people get what they expect to get. The key to having what you want is being the person for whom getting what you want is a mere byproduct of the reality you create simply by the way you live life. It builds a foundation of belief that is very real and a relationship with reality that is very empowering.

Get Real.
Men need to separate and differentiate a woman from her looks. All women are human beings, they just have female body parts. Appreciate the beauty of a woman, but don’t give her undue credit just for her looks. Men, base your opinion on who she is as a person.
You like being with a woman, but you don’t “need” her. Do not base your self worth upon how many women agree to sleep with you, that’s just low and sick. Men need to base their self worth on what they think of themselves. Get self validated.

Be A Man. Live a life of integrity. Assume responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and always, respect. Command respect. Demand respect. Treat others with respect. Associate only with those who treat you with respect. Be assertive when need be. It all begins with self-respect.

*Part 2 is all about women and sexuality.

Dear Lover

Dear lover, 
When I look into your eyes, I feel your heart's yearning. Nothing is more beautiful to me than your love. Its like I want to drink your love and dive into your heart. But I want to feel you let down your guard in trust, just a little bit, so I can feel your heart's invitation, to feel you surrender through my soul. Please, open so I may claim your heart. When you feel deep into your heart, you feel love. Most deeply, you are love shining as light, and so you want to be truly seen. 

This light flows as energy, and so you want to offer yourself completely. Your heart wants to give and receive love fully, your heart's deepest desire. Feel your entire body yearning to live open and to give yourself totally as love, to be seen as the "love" that you are longing to be taken open, surrendered blissfully, so that every moment of your life is ablaze as the light of this passion inside you, an offering of your heart's devotion, and adoration.

In an effort to create safety and self-reliance in your life and relationships, you may have
built walls around yourself and accumulated tension in your body. Although sometimes
these walls of protection are useful, they can, over time, act like shells of fear that block
your true radiance. Blocking the love you want to offer and the love your heart longs to recieve deeply. Instead of depending on someone, and protecting yourself with walls of disappointments, you can learn to open your body as if it were a big heart, filled with love's radiant force. 

This openhearted radiance will be the gift to the world your pathway into your deepest desire. 

Whether you are alone or in relationship, your spiritual and sexual bliss require a daily
section of whole-body pleasure and deep heart offering, or else your joy will shrivel like an un-watered plant.

Inspired by writings & books by John Wellwood and David Deida

Friendships, Learning, and Loving [GUEST POST]

Halloween has come, and gone. I couldn’t help but wonder, with all the funky costumes of mystical creatures believed to have super powers, what my ultimate superpower would be. I put much thought to it, as I am huge on imagination and things unknown.
I looked at the different possiblities I had. From flame throwing to turning things into ice, the possibilities were unlimited.  However, I sat back and thought... if I could gain any supernatural power, it would have to be the ability to be invisible. Yes invisibility, not because I could do a lot of things where nobody can see me, but because I can sit back without being detected and truly know the people around me and what  really goes on behind the “curtains” of frienships. It’s not so much because I care about what others think about me, as I find myself to be very confident and people’s opinions don’t affect me, but still... it is good to know.
Throughout my life, I have come across many people. Most of them have affected me in their own way, but I recently came to the relization that many of them have had a negative affect on me.  It’s really quite funny, I realized, a bit too late may I add, that friendships aren’t what they always seem to be, nor are they bound by a rope that makes the two individuals be completely “mukhliseen” to eachother forever. Things change, and by human nature, we are expected to cope with them.
I had a group of friends, whom I had thought would never hurt me or turn against me. Like most people, I gave the friendships my all, from financial help to emotional support... I was always there. You needed it, I had it. But times changed, and I slowly realized I was just someone that made all things accesible to people who “needed” it, but when I needed something (which was usually just someone to talk to) I found that I stood alone. It hurt me, but not as much as it angered me. I gave friendships my all, and to some degree I guess I expected it back. I never got it back.
Time passed, and my friendships changed. I began to search for people who searched for the same things I searched for. I looked for people who shared the same values, and had ambitions and dreams. Most importantly, I looked for people who I can relate to, both in my life, and in personality of course.  I found them, usually, in people I least expected it. For example, during my days I have met many Lebanese people who I treated like family, like my blood. I did not get the same treatment back. Being in, what we Lebanese call ,“The Ghorbeh”, I stuck to the Lebanese population. I had the mentality, that if we are outside of our country together, we should stick together...help each other. But soon enough I learned that wasnt the case. I ventured out of my Lebanese bubble, and became good friends with someone. Through time, I found that this individual knew a lot about the Middle East, about Arab culture, and through conversation much about the “Arab-Israeli” issue. I was curious... so one day he told me that he was a Jew. A Hungarian Jew to be exact. But it struck me, this man who our country sees as an “enemy” treated me with more respect than those of my own kind...and through him I learned what friendship was supposed to be... unconditional, true, and sincere. 

It is quite funny, our country demonizes his people, his culture, and their existence,yet through him I realized that a friendship isn’t about what you can gain, instead it is about what you can give... something my fellow Lebanese here did not understand. The most intriguing part of all of this, I was reminded  of the people I left behind in Lebanon, the dear friends that were there through everything, and for everything. The ones who knew I was sad or hurt through a simple sigh, the same ones that knew my day was great by the gestures of my hand. It was awesome.  I am now more aware of what a friendship is, what makes a friendship, and what ingredients go into a healthy and strong friendship. From my experiences I realized that God gives and takes. He gave me “friends” that I thought were true, took them from me, and gave me a lesson about life. A lesson about friendships. Imagine one that was born as my “enemy” was actually the one that displayed the beauty of a friendship.
It taught me that, no matter who the person is, what they believe in, or who represents them, they can not be judged by the mere color of their skin, where they go to pray, or how they dress... I mean if that wasn’t the lesson God wanted me to learn, he wouldn’t have showed me the betrayal in my own kind, and the honesty of someone completely opposite of me. Right?

Friendship is beautiful, it is pure, it is support, unconditional, honest, and remarkable on so many levels. It’s based on the person, and not a group. It is based on things that tie two individuals together, and on things you agree or even disagree on. Look around you, and think about it... are the friendships you have so unconditional as the one I was shown? Many will say no. Many might even say yes.  I don’t know. But what I do know is that through my invisibility, I sat back, listened in, and understood life and friendships. And guess what? It was worth it.  I am now surrounded by the most remarkable people, I know how to differentiate between a friendship and a “masla7a”, and I can expect to get what I give (not that you necessarily need anything in return).
So this is to true friendships, to true people, and to being invisible. Don’t be scared to find the goodness in people you least expect it, don’t be scared to admit you need something real, something true, and something beautiful. May everyone reading this realize what friendship is, and take precious care of it. It truly is valuable.

By Ali Seifeddine
Ever since I got to meet him through Twitter, Ali has been such an inspiration, a bundle of wisdom and a great friend. I'd like to thank him so much for taking the time to write something so beautiful and true and for sharing it via my blog.
A person worth following and reading on a regular basis, I'm sure you'll learn something new with every one of his posts:
Follow him on Twitter: @BloggerSeif

This One's for You

It was about time that I wrote this small letter of thanks and gratitude.
You see, no matter who you are, there will come a time when you just feel the need to spread your wings, to grow beyond yourself. That time was not so long ago. It was by total mistake that I have found a website, a blog to be precise, where there were interesting posts of Lebanon and the Lebanese but which was posted by a total "stranger" who turned out to become nothing close than that. I got hooked to this blog of her stories of Lebanon, her small comments and started noticing how she connected to a group of people who shared and interacted in a somewhat nice way.
This total randomness fed a part of me that wanted to grow and branch out, that wanted to share and interact with people of another caliber...and it was then, that I felt I had touched something quite interesting. But it was only after I started following Dani (@meinlebanon) on Twitter that the snowball effect took place.
I'm not going to go into how it all happened from there, I'm sure most of you will understand how it all catapulted from there. From Danielle, I got to meet some of the most amazing people I've ever got the priviledge to connect and interact with. People of a magnificent caliber, with hearts of gold! My God it got me both surprised and quite happy! From a follow to another I found myself surrounded by a small (huge actually) family of my daily (hourly migh be better) connections. And it was about time that I thank you guys, yes every single one of you, for showing me how magical and magnificent some of the people are in this world. By meeting you, by reading your posts, looking at your pics, enjoying your comments, trying to help you out, that I have felt so much, grown so much and gave so  much back. Some of you, well most of you, are my everyday fuel, small gifts of joy in a world missing its essence going about living empty lives of pure and utter nothingness, pain, regret and sorrow. I cannot get enough of your ideas, your emotions, your celebrations, our tweetups (even when I'm not there), the jokes, the good morning messages, and the simple smiles. There's so much complexity and beauty in everyone that I'm overwhelmed with your spirits, the greatness with which you shine, each in his/her own unique way.

This is a letter of gratitude for every single one of you for blessing me, my life my daily rouine with your presence, your support, your words, your laughter...everything! There's so much I can say but it all dissolves in the truths you bring to everyday, the fruits you share of the magnificence you live. It has trully been amazing ever since Danielle triggered my interrest with her interesting take on our daily routine, and I can only wonder how much passion for this life she has, leaving her safe zone, her family, her home to live such an adventure.
It makes me proud to know people like you, and I hope that everyday I can give back to you a little bit of inspiration, laughter, and some of the pure me (no matter what that is hehe).

Thank you for being part of my everyday life!

But in the end there are a few people who have made this time so very special that I just have to mention and thank. And please if you're reading this, do follow them and read their posts...trust me you'll be oh so glad you did:

(posted in no specific order, descriptions are understatements to these people's real truth)

- Danielle (@meinlebanon): Thank you again....you're truly one of a kind [http://thisisbeirut.wordpress.com/]

- Ali (@BloggerSeif): There are no words to fully describe you (I've mentioned you as cupid, Franky and a true brother) you're one of a kind, a true friend with a heart of gold. [http://seifandbeirut.com/]

 - Michelle (Machmouchette) (@mich1mich): A bundle of blessings, positive energy and uplifting joy. A wonderful heart with so much to give, such a special gift to know. [http://michcafe.blogspot.com/]

- Ibrahim (Eby) (@ebyking): The reason I got so passionate about branding and identity. A master (king) of people skills, filled with wit and professionalism not seen much in our days. [http://ilahoud.wordpress.com/]
- Sareen (@Sareen_ak): I can't wait for her cartoons every week (usually the first to comment as well). A delicate and fun character [http://inkontheside.com]

- Emilie (@Emiliehasouty): she's one of the few who render me speechless with her complex yet simple yet mature yet deeply layered posts. Absolutely amazing soul! [http://emiliehasrouty.blogspot.com/

- Imad (@TrellaLB): The least I can say in Arabic "fashit khele2", wit, smarts and the perfect comment at the perfect time, always keeping me up to date with the latest political "films" (in some way) with his tweets [http://trella.org]

- Abir (@abzzyy): Although we might have not been talking quite regularly, I adore her wit, straight to the point attitude, her comments, and of course beautiful pictures! [http://abzyy.com/]

- Krikorian (@KrikorianM): Another photographer to keep on your list, amazing shots indeed and a great person indeed! [http://krikorian.wordpress.com/]

- Darine (@sdarine): The first time we met will always be memorable, jumping and laughing....hehe what can I say...amazing? smart? kind? all of the above and more? [http://theidentitychef.com/]

- Naeema (@Naeema): The sunshine of the twitter timeline, she sparks positive vibes, an amazing heart & soul with so much care, joy and passion to give! A spectacular being! [www.naeemazarif.com]

More amazing people with golden hearts to follow:

- Elena or Lou (@ElenaKassab) [simply amazing, a heart full of magic]
- Jenny (@Jennhaddad) [a sister, a friend, your support system, nice beauty on feet]
- Chantale (@chantalej) [my neighbor, physically when I'm at work and I'm guessing emotionally with her link to Jenny. Such a fun person to be around]
- Nadim (@Nadiml) [ebn el king...the prince around here]
- George (@ZAMGEO) [a true friend, a caring gentleman to say the least]
- Rasha (@RashaRteil) [honestly, a total and beautiful surprise, such a pleasure to know you]
- Marie (@MarieNakhle) [I got to admit, give me ideas of where to go with her tweets, a romantic, smart person]
- Liliane (@FunkyOzzi) [the leader with a sense of purpose & fun around the timeline and the tweetups]
- Doja (@DiAyDi) [ A beautiful young soul going for her dreams, looking for the best. A delicate, pure & honest heart]
- Octavia (@octavianasr) [Finally met her, a smile that lights up a room with the brains of wisdom & passion, an amazing leader to follow]

I'm so sorry if I missed anyone of the list, you are all magnificent and all dear to my heart but adding you all here with all details will make this an unreadable post. I hope everyone understands.

All the best wishes in the world!

The Purpose Of Relationships And Human Needs

Have you ever asked yourself what the real purpose of a relationship is? Any relationship?
It is so common in life we say we want things but forget what we want them for. What happens with most of us is that we don’t know what we’re after! And so we get disappointed when we don’t get what we don’t know we want!

So to get clear here, some people say the purpose of all relationships is to communicate, others say to learn, to share to know, to understand, to experience things. And all those answers are accurate but the real purpose of a relationship, that feeds out of all the things I just mentioned is one simple thing: The purpose of a relationship is to magnify the human experience.
Let’s think about it: how does it feel when you experience something on your own (it can be phenomenal) but why do you want to share it?
Because in the sharing there is magnification, you get to experience it again. When that other person gets excited, it gets you even more excited, or when he/she gets sad it gets you even more sad. When there’s this emotion that’s shared there’s this power and synergy something BIG occurs, things get magnified!

Relationships are about sharing, and the quality of your relationship is in direct relation to the amount of yourself that you are able to share with someone. In other words the person feels, hears, experiences the other. So if you’re in a relationship and you’re not able to share…guess what…you’re not in a relationship. When we’re relating together, and moving in a direction, like in a ship, we’re moving the ship together experiencing all the elements of the spirit together. The power is in the unity and relatedness.

So if you want the most out of your life, if you want an extraordinary life, the edge comes in extraordinary emotion, extraordinary psychology and that comes in your capacity to share with quality people at a deep level on an ongoing basis that expands the ability to enjoy your life.
The REAL SECRET to relationships is this: A relationship is a place you go to GIVE.
Not a place you go to get. When you measure how much you give and you get in return, you have a transaction, not a relationship. A relationship is about unlimited sharing, unlimited giving and when you share at that level you magnify all that’s good. When we make a conscious decision that our relationships are relly about magnifying the good in the person we love and it’s a place we’re going to give then we’re going to receive ten fold, it’s the rule of life.

This doesn’t happen because we get hooked by the things that happened in our past, and we get trapped by them. You see, everybody has the same needs no matter who or where: for certainty, variety, uncertainty (surprise), challenge, to feel significant, important, unique, special, to feel like we’re needed everybody has those needs. Every one of those needs must be met by all human beings, but we don’t all pursue these needs the same way. Some people want to be significant by achieving so their focus is fully drawn onto their job. So connection becomes a secondary thing they eventually get to, but these people end up unhappy at a later stage. Some think everything is about relationships and that one single love relationship which when it gets into trouble they feel they have no life anymore.

Just know that relationships are about meeting each other’s needs. If you can help your partner feel certain that by being in a relationship with you they are going to feel comfort, joy, love; if you can help them experience more variety, cool surprises, learning, growing, challenge and stimulation; if you can help your partner feel totally special, unique and you mean it, when you value them and you see the unique qualities they have then you will be in a relationship that is LEGENDARY.

I wish you the absolute best!
May the joy be with you.

A Moment In Paradise

Hand in hand, they walk on the white sandy beach. She looks into his eyes as she hold his hand with a tight grip, not wanting to let go. With a smile she caresses his soul as he reciprocates, looking deep into hers. The wind plays with her hair, and flicks through his white semi transparent shirt. Playing with each other, small caresses, laughs and giggles they guide each other through the sand and stones to their sanctuary in paradise. A beautiful wooden cottage set in the middle of the ocean, a wooden trail leads to a breathtaking end, surrounded fully by the shining blue sea and heavenly setting, paradise is only an understatement.
As they make their way to the cottage, part of the Tahitian Bora Bora Intercontinental Resort, they are greeted by two hostesses who guide them through into the room and giving them all the info they need. But as our couple went in, they were so engulfed in each other, they didn't even listen to anyone else.

Sami and Roula sit on the bed, facing each other. On one side they notice a welcoming exotic drink awaits them, on the other side a beautiful window with an ocean view that takes your breath away. The sea is so blue, so clear they could notice some fish in the waters. But all of that was mere detail. Sami couldn't take his eyes off of his radiant new wife. A lady of magnificent beauty. Her eyes take you into her heart, those blazing hazel frontiers to her soul. He smiles as he looks deep into them, she replies with a subtle and very low voice "I love you". Its like she has fired him up with those simple letters, his face lights up as he comes closer and his hand caresses her brown silky brunette hair, softly and gently holding her delicate sweet face. Her eyes brighten up, lightning up his heart, passion exchanging kisses through their senses, guiding their emotions into an unimaginable bliss.
He slowly takes off her white shirt, as his lips softly draw the contour of her beautiful sun-kissed face.
her hands hold his head softly, guiding him on this journey of exploration. Her delicate, soft skin, curves beautifully drawn, a living painting with an extraordinary sensuality that Sami could not find any words to describe. As the night sets in, the caresses continue, the kisses painting two bare, delicate creatures. For Sami, Roula is a gift from heaven tailor made to perfection. Her breasts of unimaginable beauty call for his skin, her lips, full and eager for his, her body slowly shivering in anticipation awaiting the magestic conclusion. For Roula, there are no words to describe how she feels when he's holding her so dearly in his firm arms. The beautifully drawn chin, his hypnotic eyes, his body sculpted with divine God-like mastery, the packs, the feet, the firm skin, everything just fits.

It is soon enough that the basic animal in Sami is let loose, to ravish and uplift Roula into a world where time has no value, no limit, no expression. A moment when everything fades away and the bodies build up with divine sensations. Two souls unite through the envelopes of those bodies, touching, sweating, moving in rhythmic beats of pure ecstasy. It is in that moment that his inner beauty and his body unite in celebration of her inner and outer existence as well. As the night passes, moment after moment, their moans of pleasure, expression of joy, their divine celebration continues creating melodies for a song only they can comprehend. He transforms her body with his touch to vibrant mass of energy. Her breasts scream for more of his skin, her inner core drips with thirst for his ravishing love. His mouth cannot get enough of her taste.

Slowly, the sun begins to rise and casts his rays upon the dissolved couple, sleeping peacefully as they surrendered to each other in a somewhat endless journey of peace. As the sun spreads its rays, a few make their way into the room, touching their bare bodies. Some light shines into Sami's eyes, and he opens them slowly with a little confusion. He peacefully sits on the bed, looking around the room, not understanding much of the location.
"Where am I?" he asks himself. As his eyes slowly open to give him a better view, he notices the Cirque Du Soleil poster hanging on the wall in front of him, a mirror and some clothes on the ground, underwear and a little mess right next to his bed. He's lying naked...."so that was just a dream?"
With a little disappointment, he makes his way to the bathroom, but only to get the unexpected surprise: something was written on his mirror using red lipstick, it said: "Nice to meet you, thanks for last night".
As he makes up the message, he looks to the ground, and silently smiles.

Making Excuses?

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It's very human to fight for your excuses. "I can't be better than I am at work." "I don't have the time to exercise." "I can't do this dream or that dream because it's too hard/scary/impractical."
The more you fight for your excuses, the more they'll own you. Let them go. And step into your power.

Leaders don't make excuses. They create results. And no great life was ever built on a foundation of excuses. So stop making them. Most of them are self-created delusions. Designed to help you avoid doing the things you are afraid to do. Yes, beneath every excuse lives a fear. A fear of changing. A fear of the unknown. A fear of failure. A fear of success.

Today can be the day you burn the bridges that lead to your excuses. Today can be the day you step up to the possibilities that lay just off the beaten path of your life. Today can be the day you lead in your life and access your greatness.

A look
A smile
A wink. Stop.
A heart
A soul
A breath. Stop.
A smile
A walk
A dance. Stop
A cuddle
An Embrace
A hug. Stop
A melody
A heartbeat
A feeling. Stop
A delicate smile
A lip bite
A sensual touch. Now Seriously Stop.

Sometimes, just a few seconds deliver so much in them that your time, your heart, your breath, your life....everything just stops. Or you just want it to.

Clarity & Purpose (By Anthony Robbins)

"Life will pay whatever price you ask for it" - Anthony Robbins

Dare to ask for your dream car, your dream woman (or man), your dream lifestyle. Dare to take risk, be different and act on your beliefs. Dare to grow beyond anybody's expectations and dare to celebrate fully the life you live! It takes an action plan of clarity and purpose to achieve massive results.
I dare you to have a look at the below video, amazing stuff in there.

Tik Tok

"Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind" - Sir Isaac Pitman

By the time most people figure out what they really want and how to attain what they want in life, its usually too late. The wisest people around, a good example are the monks in the Himalayan mountains understand this concept perfectly. They live and have developed the concept of "time consciousness".
The concept revolves around the idea that those who use their time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives. Those who never get exposed to the concept of "time mastery" will never live their enormous full potential. Wherever we live, and whoever we are, we all have only 24 hours. The only thing that separates those who live exceptional lives from the "oh so regular" is the way these people use their time.

You see, busy productive people are so efficient with their time, they set time to be productive at work, and always have time to play and have fun. Being an excellent time manager doesn't mean that you become a workoholic. As I just mentioned, it allows more time to do the things you love, and that are the most meaningful to you.
Some of my best moments so far have been created through the perfect management of my time.Therefore, being busy is no excuse to do what you really want to do. The real question is what are you busy about?

I'll end this short idea with this: 80% of the results you achieve in your life come from 20% of the activities that accupy your time.
Do you think 20 years from now, all the time you spent sitting in a smoke-filled cafe, gossiping on the phone or watching TV will count for anything?

I'm sure you agree there are a number of activities that will count for everything.
Design the life you want, direct all your time to those activities that count.

A Story In Silence

There are specific times when I just feel the need to breathe away from the chaos of everyday life, away from the mess of a "Lebanese lifestyle", to let go, return into myself and refuel my well with everything that makes me who I really am.

There are nights when everybody is calm, the world around is sound asleep, quiet reigns everywhere, the perfect opportunity of peace. Its in these moments that my soul takes a small ride, away from me, into the core of the world to discover its changes and come back renewed. I let go of all my "walls" to give it freedom to chose, to enjoy and breathe in the same breath that created us, this massive bundle of gifts we sometimes forget to be grateful for.
At these moments of silence, these moments of peace, I write a story that will spread for years. I touch the essence of who I am and through it design the life I want to live. Its inside these magical moments that I write a grateful letter to my creator, a thank you note to my lovely connections from around the world. It is in these moments of peace that I cannot feel anything but love for life, love for being here, gratitude and genuine joy!

And in a minute, I lay down in my bed, after making my way through my home, looking at my peaceful family figures, each wondering through their own stories of the night....those magical memories they might never remember. That's a gift, that nobody can understand. A mystery of life itself. But its pure, as the delicate morning mist dripping from a sensual flower on a winter day. Life? its so simple, so beautiful and so complex at the same time. And it is in these peaceful moments that it all opens up to u. The melody of your creator, the song you sing into the world. It plays so loud in these quiet moments, that only the angels would listen. And at my and your surprise, that same angel, who heard you sing will come to you, singing your melody back to you.

One of These Angels

I think its about time I share this personal story, my special connection with one of the most amazing people I have ever known!
Ever since I was a little boy, I was fascinated by her enthusiasm, love for life, passion and care.
Meet, Claude. One of the dearest and closest people to my heart. An aunt like no other, I've always known her to be "sick" crippled by the dreadful MS in her feet, she is slowly fighting an endless battle with her own body.

Multiple sclerosis (abbreviated MS) is an inflammatory disease in which the fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of the brain and spinal cord are damaged, leading to demyelination and scarring as well as a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms.

Simply put, MS affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. Although much is known about the mechanisms involved in the disease process, the cause remains unknown.Yes, its right THERE IS NO CURE for MS yet.

The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another.  CLICK HERE for more info.

From early in my life I've noticed how supportive she is to everyone, forgetting about her own self to go about and help any other person. She's the fighter, the support system and powerful surge of positive force helping, passionately uplifting and supporting everyone around!
Her laugh is contagious, her spirit fills the room.

During the years, I've seen her go from "cannot walk well" stages to "wheelchair" stage. I've seen her at her worse, on a hospital bed (knowing her body is self degrading, so problems arise) but there is one incident that will stay with me forever.
During the period when I was in a coma (back in 2006) she was there, with me, in the room every single morning. She was supporting everyone, bringing positive news, helping my mom keep calm (with all her heart). She was the strong fighter I've always known her to be, my fighter angel. She used to climb the stairs on the wheelchair, ask to be carried around to get to my bedside. She believed in me, and still does. BUT just as I got back to normal, her body let go of her, she cracked....all the stress she kept inside, all the power she showed to the world lead her to shatter. a few weeks after I got back to normal, she enters the hospital with several "issues to fix".

There will never be enough emotions, and words to describe what this means to me. But as I've always done ever since I was a little boy, I pray for you Claude, for the magnificent person you are. For you have shown the world that no matter the challenge you will make it through cos you WANT that.
I love our talks, sharing my personal beliefs, ideas, thoughts with you. I don't really know how to describe you, nor how to thank you, my fighter angel.

You are the proof that joy will be with everyone when they want it to.

To everyone reading this,
May the joy be with you.


The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, the work you do, social status 
and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, person 
and family history, belief systems, and often also political, nationalistic, racial, religious, 
and other collective identifications.

None of these is you.
Eckhart Tolle

35mm Short Film by Pascal Monaco

35mm is a shortfilm about cinema itself. Pascal Monaco picked 35 of his favorite movies  and tried to simplifly them as far as possible. The outcome is a 2 minute journey through the history of film.
Great visual work!

35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

When you look upon another human being and feel great love toward them, or when you contemplate beauty in nature and something within you responds deeply to it, close your eyes for a moment and feel the essence of that love or that beauty within you, inseparable from who you are, your true nature. The outer form is a temporary reflection of what you are within, in your essence. That is why love and beauty can never leave you, although all outer forms will.

Eckhart Tolle

Muaḏḏin's Awakening (Amazing Title Sequence)

Muaḏḏin's Awakening from Cokau
“Thrilled by main title sequence art, we tried to tackle this exercise. Shooting happened in Egypt on February 2010. All characters names are fake or nearly…”

Intimate Relationships As Transformative Path

I recently discovered a few amazing authors and started reading a lot of their works. I couldn't stop myself from sharing this very special report. Its called Intimate Relationships As Transformative Path and can be a wake up call to many. 

For the first time in history, the relations between intimate partners lack clear guidelines, supportive family networks, a religious context, and a compelling social meaning.
Until recently, the form and function of the male/female relationship, and marriage in particular, were carefully prescribed by family, society, and religion.

Those of us who are struggling with questions of love and commitment today are pioneers in territory that has never been consciously explored before. It is important to realize just how new this situation is, so that we do not blame ourselves for the difficulties we face in our relationships. In former times, if people wanted to explore the deeper mysteries of life, they would often enter a monastery or hermitage far away from conventional family ties. For many of us today, however, intimate relationship has become the new wilderness that brings us face to face with all our gods and demons. It is calling on us to free ourselves from old habits and blind spots, and to develop the full range of our powers, sensitivities and depths as human beings—right in the middle of everyday life.

Download Full Report Here

Virtual Friend

Lyrics to the amazing song, I've never really focused on the words until now. To have a listen: Click Here

There's a deep meaning in these words, at least I think so.


Autumn leaves we treat as litter
People living on a bench
Childhood friends who lost contact
Fallen soldiers in a trench

By the way are you watching?
How the world says goodbye

Autumn leaves we treat as litter
People living on a bench
Childhood friends who lost contact
Fallen soldiers in a trench

By the way are you watching?
How the world says goodbye

Plastic islands in the ocean
Violent storms drop atom bombs
Hidden women walking slowly
Desperate men sing sacred songs

By the way are you watching?
How the world says goodnight

By the way are you watching?
How the world says goodnight

City boy selling countries
Surgeons lifting second skin
Sitting by software windows
Trying to find a virtual friend

By the way are you watching?
How the world says farewell

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.” 
Robert Fritz

Up Against the Wall

This week was a challenging one for me. Although a massive outdoor campaign was already all over the country, more material was about to sweep supermarkets and malls and it was to be done by yours trully. In fact, all of the final artworks were going to be my full responsibility (costing me a huge lot if anything was wrong or to be repeated since the client will be losing money, and I'll be giving it back to him).

Anyways, long story short, with a lot of stress and delicate work I took the challenge and worked at home or after hours on all material (several times since a laptop cannot handle MEGA files).
But finally, after several "reworks", wrong sizes, re-sizes and adaptations the 25 jobs were finally done!
And what a relief that was, but through all this I got a mega lesson in patience, leadership and personal growth.

Here's a powerful thought: great achievement often appears when our backs are up against the wall. Pressure can actually enhance your performance. Your power most fully exerts itself when the heat is on. Who you truly are only surfaces when you place yourself in a position of discomfort and you begin to feel like you're out on the skinny branch. Challenge serves beautifully to introduce you to your best - and most brilliant - self. Just like it did with me, I managed to work alone, on finalizing and preparing final files and risking big time since that was a make or break opportunity.

Take a second to think about this. Easy times don't make you (or me) better. They make us slower, more complacent and sleepy. Staying in the safety zone - and coasting through life - never made anyone bigger. I know it's very human to take the path of least resistance. And I'd agree it's pretty normal to want to avoid putting stress on yourself by challenging yourself to shine. But greatness never came to anyone "NORMAL". Think Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison definitely walked a different path.

How fully would you show up each day - at work and in life - if retreat just wasn't an option?  How high would you reach, how greatly would you dare, how hard would you work and how loud would you live if you knew that failure just wasn't a possibility?

Diamonds get formed through intense pressure. And remarkable human beings get formed by living from a frame of reference that they just have to win.

To Your Greatest!

Practice Dissolving

Like dissolving in the intensity of an orgasm, a man's greatest desire is to be utterly released.
Moment by moment, practice loving through your woman and the world, allowing the force of your surrender to transform every moment into an orgasm of divine dissolution. Embrace every moment of experience as a lover, and trust whatever direction love moves you. Die in the giving of your gift, so you don't even notice you have stopped holding onto yourself.

Fear is your final excuse. Don't fight it. Love through it.

There Are No Words

There are no words in this world that can ever describe the beauty that I discovered only a little while ago.
I cannot stop admiring all the magnificence that is bundled up in such an irresistible package. I think I have found my drug, my angel, a heart filled with joy and passion. I think I discovered a treasure, filled with the essence of a trully magnificent creature, an angel far more complex and simple at the same time than anything you can ever see.
In an instant, a flick of a second, the treasure chest opens up. Its glory and majesty fills the room. I see angels singing carols in a celebration of unity. I see magical waves of light and sound dance together in the heart of the sky. I see all the glory in the world in front of my eyes, in the eyes of my gift. Quietly, I smile, a heartbeat skipped, a message delivered.

The best things about dreams is that they fade away with the rising sun, but this one kept on its trail to my heart. The best things about dreams is that if you stick to them long enough some might just show up one day at your doorstep.
I may have said a few words to describe how it is, but in truth, there are no words or even paragraphs to describe the beauty of a sudden gift you might get, and it turns out to be a dream becoming true.

There just are no words.

A Moment

In a moment, you could build the most amazing life.
In a moment, your world can be shattered to pieces.
In a moment? Time stops.
In a moment, suddenly your situation isn't so magical anymore.
In a moment, your swept off your feet.
In a moment, your heart races with the words of a close person.
In a moment, you can't find the words.
In a moment, magnificence appears in human form.
In a moment, you decide she might be all you ever wanted.
In a moment, he might be your soulmate.

In a moment, a kid becomes a man.
In a moment, the best moments of your life play before your very eyes.
In a moment, you're daddy.
In a moment, they are one, united, by the truth that holds them together.
In a moment, a moment won't be enough.
In a moment, birds fly inside your soul.

It takes a moment for a "moment" to be carved inside your heart.
It takes a moment to change everything you've ever lived.
Its moments, simple, fast and precise that shape who you truly are.
Your life? It continues....in a moment.

Breakout, my latest mix compilation (Recorded Live)

The time has come to get things rolling for another winter season. Summer, may not seem to be officially over but things are surely going this way.
The time has come to relive some of the best moments of the summer, to cherish them and lock them in our hearts. Break out from the routine, from the regular negativity of this season, break free and touch the summer spirit at any moment this fall! Breakout is a compilation of trance anthems, a collection of fresh releases and recent summer stormers that has sent the Balearic heat soaring this season.

Get ready to dive in and taste this summer’s more euphoric and driving trance and progressive stormers!

Track list:
01- Temple One,Hannah Ray - Autumn Leaves (Intro Mix)
02- Zaa feat. Aneym - Dance With Me (Nuera Remix)
03- Lange feat. Emma Hewitt - Live Forever (Steve Brian Remix)
04- Maor Levi Feat Ashley Tomberlin - Chasing Love (Airwave Remix)
05- Tiesto feat. Tegan & Sara - Feel It In My Bones (First State Remix)
06- Kyau & Albert - Painkillers (Club Mix)
07- Sunlounger feat. Inger Hansen - Breaking Waves (Nuera Remix)
08- Abraham Leoga - Insolution (Craving Remix)
09- Duderstadt - Stranded In NYC (Original Mix)
10- Shogun feat. Emma Lock- Imprisoned
11- Jonas Steur feat. Julie Thompson - Side By Side (Orjan Nilsen Remix)
12- Steve Birch feat. Emel - Staring At The Sun (Forever Amour)
13- Menno De Jong feat. Re:Locate - Solid State (Gareth Emery Remix)
14- Armin van Buuren vs Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Not Giving Up On Love (Dash Berlin 4AM Mix)
15- Myon & Shane54 feat. Labworks vs.Robert Miles - Children Of Ibiza (Gabe's Xpensive Mash)
16- Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
17- Juventa - Just An Emotion (Original Mix)
18- Luke Terry feat. Kerry Leva - Arorpa (John O'Callaghan Remix)
19- Solarstone - Touchstone (Aly & Fila Remix)
20- John Askew - Fade To Black (Sean Tyas Remix) 

Download this full set: CLICK HERE

Do Good To Feel Good

Its so easy to forget this one: doing good makes you feel good. Being kind to a co-worker not only enables and elevates them - it lifts your mood. Adding outrageous value to a customer and making them feel like the VIP that they are not only makes them your goodwill ambassador (spreading word of your services like a virus) - it unlocks a wellspring of positive sensations inside of you. Going the extra mile for your loved ones not only leaves them better than you found them - it helps you feel connected to them (which promotes happiness and fulfillment).

Not only do good things happen to good people (life's got this really fair accounting system), but people who do great things get to feel great feelings. This isn't some “soft” idea (and if ideas like these are so “soft” why are they so very hard to do?; anyone can be cranky or unkind or mediocre. Being positive and kind and excellent takes a lot more discipline and power). No, this thought I'm sharing isn't “soft” at all. It's a practical, powerful insight that will lead you to real results - in your business life. In your personal life. And in your inner life.

Do good for people. Do good work. Think good thoughts. And be good to yourself. Good things will happen. Okay, I'll stop using the word “good” now...it's just that it feels so...good. Oops-did it again. Sorry. :)

“After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul, and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t mean security, and you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises, and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child, and you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure… that you really are strong, and you really do have worth.”  
~Veronica A. Shoffstall

Just A Thought

Moments - Simple Memories From Life

Moments from Everynone on Vimeo.

“Moments” is a simple and poetic short film directed by Everynone. No special effects here, just simple moments like those everyone keeps from life.They are what makes this one amazing journey. Simply beautiful.

Stay With Her Intensity - To A Point

When a woman gets emotionally intense, a mediocre man wants to calm her down and discuss it, or leave and come back later when she is "sane." A superior man penetrates her mood with imperturbable love and unwavering consciousness. If she still refuses to live more fully in love, after a time, he lets her go.

If you are like most men, you probably aren't too fond of feminine bad moods and hysterical emotions. Basically, most men are afraid of, or disgusted by, feminine emotions. That's why we, men, try to fix them or escape from them. "I'll come back later when you can act like a reasonable human being," you might say.

One of the deepest feminine pleasures is FULL ARTICLE HERE

She Wants to Relax In The Demonstration of Your Direction

A woman must be able to trust you to take charge if she relaxes her own masculine edge. This is true financially, sexually, emotionally, and spiritually. The man doesn't have to actually do all the work, but he must be able to steer the course if his woman is going to relax into her feminine without fear.

Some women want to be in charge most of the time. This desire to guide direction—handling the remote control for the TV or choosing the city in which to live—is a masculine desire, in men and women. If your woman has a more masculine sexual essence, she will prefer to be in charge of the direction of your lives most of the time.

But if your woman has a feminine sexual essence, there will be times that she would like to pleasurably relax and let go of being in charge. She would like to relax in her feminine and lets you make the decisions. If you are not able to take charge, if you don't know the direction you want to go, your woman will feel you floundering. She will have to take charge again, since you are unable. She won't be able to relax. The more relaxed she is in her feminine, the more radiant your woman will be.

You have probably noticed that your woman's radiance can change instantly. One moment she might seem dull and weary then, perhaps after you praise her or surprise her with a gift of love, suddenly she is glowing. She looks 15 years younger. The lines in her face have disappeared in seconds. If you want your woman to be able to relax into her feminine and shine her natural radiance, then you must CONTINUE READING HERE

The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication

The digital age has certainly changed the way we communicate or share information with each other. The combination of technology and power of information brings new ways on HOW, WITH WHOM and WHY we communicate. We are connected with more people than ever before.

The 10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication is both an interesting and absurd display of the way we communicate today. The simple infographic is worthy for us to reflect on our everyday life - Do more options to communicate with each other connect us or alienate us more?

Lewis Pugh's mind-shifting Mt. Everest swim

After he swam the North Pole, Lewis Pugh vowed never to take another cold-water dip. Then, he heard of Mt. Everest's Lake Imja -- a body of water at an altitude of 5,300 meters, entirely created by recent glacial melting -- and began a journey that would teach him a radical new way to approach both swimming and think about climate change.


A young boy secretly walks out into his garden. Looking for a surprise to enjoy. He sees her playing, a young tender being. By herself, talking to her cute little pink doll. He's intrigued, fascinated by her long silky brown hair flickering in the air. Her tender face, her low voice. Trying to hear her conversation, he hides deep in the bushes, watching this delicate creature with all his attention.
As he lays there quietly, silently with not a move of a single muscle, his attention is driven elsewhere. two beautiful butterflies pass in front of his very eyes. They seem delicate, colorful...full of life! The butterflies play together as they fly away, he looks closely, as if watching a love story in the making. The butterflies play as if they're two light beings, souls, caressing each other with sweet sensational touches, light flirting, glances and looks. Their language takes the little boy on an amazing trip into an imaginary world of pure sensational perfection. Its like listening to a piano play, the butterflies dancing together to the sounds of musical beats, heartbeats, exchanging lovely glances, a couple filled with a divine love. Its as if heartbeats are beating together to the same rhythm, two souls sharing a beautiful moment of divine pleasure.

Surprised by his imagination, he is taken out of his imaginary dream by the sunlight rays passing through the leaves and shining upon him, a message from above? maybe. But the little girl has disappeared, vanished in the beauty of this world. Maybe she'll come back to play some other day, maybe not.
As he thinks to himself, a smile is drawn upon his face. He gets it.

The Identity Chef

I recently wrote a guest post concerning Ramadan greeting cards for Darine Sabbagh's blog The Identity chef a "passionate marketer & traveler, dabbling in professional translation, copywriting & amateur photography..." 
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Enjoy her latest posts and updates, I know I do :)

Oh Woman!

Here's a glimse of some emotional states, women around the world relate to. Its a blend of situations which I'm sure you'll relate to in some way.
On another note, its only the beginning of more fascinating pictures.
Have a look HERE

Burst The Bubble of War

In this amazing installation, people who come to see this also have the chance to burst the bubbles, dissolving the whole tank unto the ground. A symbol of "bursting the bubble of war".

Music Monday (With A Twist)

For everyone using Twitter, there's this well know weekly "event" hashtag called #musicmonday. Well as always I'd like to take things a little differently...
As we all know music is essential for everyone's life, some of us like yours truly is a well known musical addict and cannot have my day flowing right without the right dose of melodies and lyrics. I started wondering this music, that inspires, touches, and uplifts. This constant addiction by so many people to something so pure, so intimate to its creator made me think of creating something that has to do directly with the music each person plays from his soul.

I believe people are amazing instruments, created of a massive bundle of emotions. A bubble carefully wrapped with motherly tenderness, care and delicate joy. Notice how a lovely couple unite in the same music which attracts them together, they sing the same song, they celebrate life so beautifully!
Why not share that, why not express it and take this as a common point between people. Why not take the essence of people's being and share it widely in the form of seductive melodies in any context, and idea uniting people in life and beauty.

Why not give a new meaning to Social Networks, a new dimension to social connections, to a place where people are free to be held by their souls, coupled by emotions and connecting in one large bubble. Its a beautiful, intimate picture that is drawn in my mind....maybe I'm inspired by a talk I had last night, the music this morning, the coffee I smell on the way to work.

Or maybe its just me.

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Lessons From Green Day

Everyone in the recent times have heard about Green Day (and so you know I'm a music addict). They have morphed into one of the world's most popular as well as influential rock bands, selling over 65 million records, filling stadiums in cities across the world and inspiring a whole new generation of musicians.

Below are 5 business as well as personal leadership lessons we can gather from Green Day's ascent:

1. Every dream starts off small.
Green Day started off called Sweet Children. They played to empty halls and few gave them any chance of being successful. However, their vision was larger than their doubts and they stayed the course like the best leaders always do. Amazing things happen when you stay in the game longer than anyone thinks you should. (then again, you know more about you than others right?)

2. They out-practiced their competition.
The original members of Green Day came from broken homes. Parents were not around much. So most of their free time they practiced. Often they would write songs all day and play guitar all night. Like all genius-level performers, relentless practice over an extended period of time births extraordinary performance.

3. They were well grounded.
After their breakthrough album "Dookie" sold over 14 million copies, the members of Green Day reached superstardom. However, rather than succumbing to the seductions of success, they remained grounded. They started their families and they remained true to their roots. This has allowed them a longevity that so many rock bands never achieve.

4. They understood the power of renewal.
After the success of Dookie, Green Day toured the world relentlessly. But then after that - at the peak of their success - they took a complete year off. They spent time with their families. They pursued other musical projects. And they refilled their well of inspiration. Rather than burning out, this period of time allowed them to come back stronger and to continue having fun at their craft.

5. They dared to innovate.
The albums that followed their breakthrough release actually sold many less records. However, Green Day were willing to relentlessly innovate. The album they were working on before American Idiot came out was actually a mess in the sense that their master tapes were stolen. Many bands would have given up. However Green Day saw it as an opportunity to rewrite the entire album. They came up with an idea of a rock opera and released American Idiot. This became their biggest seller and 15 years after they started, they reached a whole new level of fortune.

One last thing, I can write about Lady Gaga's amazing breakthrough, a huge lesson in branding.
Well, you just need to ask :)