I Miss You

I sit here wondering where have I gone wrong, looking inside myself, thinking what did I do to lose you this way...
As I try to sleep at night, my heart sings, reminiscing, longing for you, as the fond memories of us fill my mind, heart and soul.
It is true that without you I cannot be my true self, it is true that emptiness is all I feel around my shattered pieces of heart. But I search for you again, I long for you again, to take me back into your arms and give meaning to my passions, to my life.
What have you been up to lately? what music do you sing? where does your heart go when you dream of a blissful existence? How come people don't judge you anymore? What's your secret? What's your way?
Teach me, get me back. Take me, hold me back. Show me that all I have gone through in your absence is meaningless, for you have not been there to witness it.
Drive me into your very being again, for I long for its warmth. Let your exceptional being ignite my fire and build it effortlessly into its greatest forms, this fire I used to hold within myself. Show me the journey I once led you to, show me how I can regain life in its perfect way again, for I need you back.

I had my dreams built with you, around you, but you took them for yourself. You went away, so fast so swiftly you disappeared.
How are you doing? I'd like to know. How are your days passing? Do you dream of your heart reuniting to completeness? Where are you going? Why do you escape?

I have dreamed of reaching you again, and oh did I try to touch your core again, but everyone around me is not helping, they separate us further away. I cannot keep doing this without you. Life has no meaning without you. I need your heart to play with mine, I need your core to make mine whole. Passions to flow back to me, like a little lost kid finding his mother, holding her tightly, loving her truly. I need to be the tear that falls down a mother's face, looking at her grown son establishing himself as a great being, pride filling up a father's heart. For I am lost without you, I am shattered without you, my true being needs you, is calling for you, is crying for you for I need you, my true lost self, I miss you.

Gabriel  Ghali


Anonymous said...

The part where you said how everything is meanigless because she wasn't there to witness it. That touched my heart deeply! I believe that the reason why people commit and go into relationships is to have a companion witnessing all their glory and sorrow and to tell you that tonmorrow will be a better day.
The heartache seems so vivid through your words. Almost tangeable. Break ups are always hard. Even harde without q closure. But in the end even pain is a lesson!

I Emilie :) said...

Very sensitive, I like it. I think I'm gonna love reading you. JUST keep writing.
beside,I wonder where is the line between the personal and the imagination in all our posts.. does such line exist? if it does, are we conscious when we cross it? do we need to cross it? are these posts like a healing process, or it's all about a must to figure here and there in public spaces... u don't have to answer, I wanted to share the thoughts that crossed my mind after reading ur post...
A +

Lady B said...

Perfect, you just read the palm of my soul