The difference between marketing, pr, advertising,branding (click to enlarge)


Danielle said...

This is hilarious! I sent it to a couple of my friends in advertising! hahahah!! Where did you find this?

Gaby said...

I don't really remember but yeah it made me laugh so I had to add it, plus...I'm an art director in advertising (actually my whole family is) so I get it well hehe

Dani said...

Your entire family works in advertising? Thats cool! I'm a we have some things in common..i really do love this piece..I sent it to all of my friends in advertising!

Gaby said...

Hehe yeah
cousin: account manager
cousin 2: copyright/web designer
mother: admin assistant (ad company)
father: creative director/uni professor
sister: junior art director
aunt: intl. communications mag

Another friend to add to the list :)
Welcome aboard hehe