Get Big On Self Care

Leadership begins within. You can't do good at work until you feel good. You can't make someone feel great about themselves until you feel good about yourself. You can't be a source of positive energy if you have no energy.
On your next flight, listen to the flight attendant. “Put the oxygen mask on your mouth before you try to help anyone else.” The logic is clear: if you can't breathe, you are useless to everyone else. Nice metaphor for personal leadership. Make the time to care for yourself. Get into great shape. Read good business books and inspiring autobiographies. Plan and improve your skills. Spend excellent time with loved ones. Commune with nature. Enjoy life while you chase success.
By caring for yourself, you will be able to give more to others. By ensuring that you are on your best game, your leadership effectiveness will be guaranteed. And by making the time to enjoy life, you'll be more enjoyable to be around.
To your greatness...


Danielle said...

Did you write this? If so, bravo. I agree with you 100 you care for yourself, and your body is a reflection of yourself (obviously)!!

How people neglect themselves for the sake of a job is beyond me..Your body is a temple, treat it accordingly!!

Gaby said...

I see a lot of people all around me who just let things fall off them in some soort...its sad!

Thank you by the way for taking the time to look around and comment :)

I like the fact that you connected with me, hoping you enjoyed your time here, I update regularly!

P.S. Thanks for your interest in Beirut as well

Dani said...

I would look at a lot more of your things, but I cannot seem to access the videos at work..I really like your thought provoking is refreshing to read your blog..very different from the other ones I have come across, including mine. :)

Gaby said...

Thanks! I do my best to stay unique and fresh with the posts, these are the stuff I'm so passionate about anyways.

Too bad for the videos, got some interesting vids here