15 Things To Know About Caffeine

15 Things Your Should Know about Caffeine

We all have our respective dose of coffee in the morning (I'm having mine just now), at least most of us do. But do you really know the drink? Some of these info might surprise you, click the pic for the info.

Good day!


Dani said...

Where do you find these random things, and what took you to a website about homeowner's insurance! lol whatever the case, I enjoyed reading it!

I don't know about you, but caffeine is one of my only vices..well at least I like to think so..!!

The Olympic committee banned coffee consumption for competitors? That's news to me!

Gaby said...

lol just random stuff...I fool around a lot and I accidentally discover some cool stuff...that one I think I got it from an e-zine somewhere...turns out the link is to a page about homeowner's insurance!
You shouldn't think about caffeine that way! I love it! I'm no Olympic competitor...guess I'll go grab me a cup...any fav coffee places around town?