Hellingly Asylum Mental Hospital Photos

Hellingly Hospital was a very large mental hospital in the village of Hellingly, East Sussex, England. It was opened in 1903 and the architecture of the hospital was done by great asylum architects of the era.

Accroding to wikipedia
The majority of the hospital closed throughout 1994, however, and to this day much of the 25.4 hectare site stands derelict and extremely run down, after suffering repeated vandalism and multiple arson attacks. The hospital is popular with Urban Explorers, not because it has many hospital items remaining but because of its size, severe dereliction and its dilapidation.
In this post, we will bring some stunning photos from Hellingly Asylum Mental Hospital. I really don’t know the history of Hellingly Asylum Hospital but I liked the photos of this building found on DeviantArt and thought to share it with you guys.