Honor is Hip

In this age of foul-mouthed rock stars, famous for being famous celebrities and uber-greedy CEOs who take home huge rewards while the shares of their companies hit rock bottom, there's a new way to be cool/hip/fashionable. Be honorable.

Used to be that things like honesty, giving your best at work, treating everyone you meet fairly, and being a RGP (Really Good Person) were considered boring/unsexy/bland. No longer. In an age where too many people don't discover what leadership and life's about until it's too late, rising above the crowd to shine with a blazing sense of integrity, authenticity and Rare Honor is cool. Super cool. Hip.

So today, live your truth. Play your best game. Listen to the trusted voice that resides deep within you. And show some genuine leadership-both at work and at home. People will love you for it. And I'll think you're hip.


Dani said...

Since when did being honorable, trustworthy, and hardworking get a bad name? I don't know how those "CEO's" you mention sleep at night, all the while knowing that they are propagating the type of behavior that is responsible for the current state of the world..

I was reading a book the other day, that put it so eloquently, "when rappers are getting paid more than the best scientist,,you know that there is a problem with the world."

Thank you for being so positive!

Gabe said...

Most of those people just don't get it. They think being a leader means being a tough person, controlling everything (or better said: TRYING to control) everything they can get their eyes on in their company, offices...etc
They behave ridiculously the opposite way actually...leadership means getting out everything great from the other person while giving value and support...

I believe rappers can get paid more than scientists provided they are going beyond the rapping, becoming a force of major influence, positive change...etc

We live only once...let's live it the best way :)

Gaby said...

I just remembered:
I got a lot of more interesting stuff in the older posts...thought I'd let you know :)

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