Isabeli Fontana by Jacques Dequeker

Photographs by Jacques Dequeker who made Fontana's epic beauty shine in such magnificence!
WOW!...*caution: this might be too hot for some*
Check them out HERE


Dani. said...

Someone's got a crush..gotta give it to her..she is hot..but I've seen hotter!! Just open up any Victoria Secret Magazine dude.

Gaby said...

hehe u got that right....BUT I've been waiting for a comment on those to say its not the physical (only) if you notice there is a very specific brand to her, an attitude that is the drawing force.
Most of the models out there are hot...and it stops there...

I'm more aiming at something like the "Lady Gaga Phenomenon" she's a brand, an image in everything :)

P.S. there is something so delicate about the female physique that is so inspiring