Spirito Martini Lounge | Party in a Church

Entrepreneur Franseco Ravo found his perfect location for his upscale martini lounge Spirito Martini (Brussels, Belgium) inside a former Anglican Church.  This former place of God was transformed by PURESANG Design Studio, who created into an elegant environment where modern glamour meets gothic extravaganza. Spirito Martini includes three bars with five different lounges and a private room for the guests to please their taste buds. PURESANG did a amazing job maintaining the various architectural elements of the former Anglican Church; the arches, the high ceilings, Victorian furniture, and metallic gold leaf can be seen on the surface of  wood, stone and metal throughout. This stunning combination of vintage Roman decor and contemporary furnishings, result in a truly heavenly nightlife experience. More images and information after the jump!

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I believe such a subject is of great controversy in our country. It may be confusing at the start if something like this was to start happening on a larger scale...at least a co-worker of mine who is very religious found it unacceptable...

I'm posting this subject to have some of your thoughts on this....what do you guys say about this? (regardless of the interior and the design)