A Day Of Listening

Listening is, in so many ways, the social equity of the world-class cultures that evolve into world-class organizations. Listening makes people feel special (and talent leaves organizations mainly because they didn't feel special). Listening shows respect. Listening allows you to gather the data that will improve everything you do. I guess what I'm suggesting to you is that brilliant performers are brilliant listeners.
Today, just for a day, make the decision to listen masterfully. Don't interrupt. Don't rehearse your answer while the other person is speaking. And don't dare check your email or search for text messages while another human being is sharing their words. Just listen. Just hear. Just be there for that person.
Everyone has a voice. And we all crave to be heard. Just watch the great things that unfold when you do.


Mich said...

What good advice! So few people listen that it makes you stop talking. Especially now, with everyone glued to their mobile devices, they listen even less! :-)

Gaby said...

Exactly! I've been noticing so much more chaos with people all around me from family members to coworkers...its all the same. I talked in a previous article about taking the time to find a little peace and regenerate....MEGA essential in our hectic days :)