A Gift To Humanity

I sit silently sometimes contemplating the magnificence of life, my journey so far....just between myself and the world. These times of quiet, pin-drop silence, looking around, being present in the moment of the NOW...are massive forces that energize me and fill me with such gratitude to be alive. Its at moments like these that all problems dilute away, fading into the grand majesty of this world, which most of us today don't even take the time to truly enjoy.

I had a rough day today at the office. I'm now writing sitting in my bed, I stayed late at the office, worked myself into moments when I needed to just let it all go for today. And I rushed back to some peace. A little laughter on TV...and then...it hits me.

There's this magnificent beauty that lives around me, that is so delicate, so generous, absolutely magnificent. A radiant force of pure bliss and celebration of life in human form. Every single lady out there in this world is a force of delicate beauty masterfully created for the continuity and beauty of life! And most of us men don't quite get what we really have around us. I see most of my male contacts, and friends go around town, party the night away to just "score" and get some private time with a girl...whoever....its just a night. But I see this night as an amazing possibility to explore and discover, of celebration of majestic beauty! You see, women, all women are not understood by men...and that is a must....they complement men biologically and spiritually. I believe men thirst for the radiance, beauty and complexity that equals his own masculine self, a delicate complementary created to hold, and harness the rough, outside texture, in simple, thin layers of curves, lines and fine life wether in spirit or physical form. Wether she knows it or not, she is of a rare beauty whoever she might be, and that is a truth in itself that few of the men out there realize on their own, or even believe.
The generations of today are incredibly confused shifting from racism to sexism, from make-believe to reality. The youth of today is said to "grow and open themselves up to the world" but in this very fact lies a devastating truth I have come to discover. People are becoming lost in their very lives, routines. Some to unfortunate dark endings, others to pity and regret.

I believe in the magnificence of life in its complex forms, shapes and situations. I wrote about women, a major force of passionate bliss in this world, something I notice a lot of people (men and women) neglect or overlook.
On this beautiful summer night, I mention women, but there are so many beautiful gifts a lot of us "have no time" to enjoy....a sad reality. But I ask, whoever reads this post, to take the time on a daily basis to enter into a state of gratitude, for a beautiful, and rare gift, life, and trust me some of us might not know what that really means until it may be too late. I nearly lost mine a few years back, going into a coma for a week. But that has been the most pivotal moment of my life so far.
Take it from me, celebrate the people around you, life around you...you'll be grateful you did.


shamballa9944 said...

Thank you for your heartfelt insight and appreciation of the feminine. Please remember that the outer female is a mere reflection of the feminine which resides in all...male and female.

Thanan said...

Good article.

Mich said...

The celebration of life is an ongoing state of mind. Life is so beautiful and so short that it should be celebrated every second of the day. Both men and women are major forces and complement each other and should be mutually loved and respected. I can understand your feelings, having been in a coma. I watched someone very dear in a coma for five weeks and then come out of it... it is something that I will never forget and makes me appreciate every breath I take. I hope you keep celebrating life and sharing your celebrations with us :-)