Musical Confessions

Every mix, every tune, every track carries with it a bundle of emotions, a journey...experiences and memories.
These moments carried deep inside our hearts, come out in rhythmic blends of sensations...nurturing our being.
From the moment I fell for it, I got addicted to simple, comforting gestures it creates inside. A blend, so unusual, those melodies carrying with every note memoirs of a heart, journeys of a soul.

You can feel heartbeats taken away from the ordinary self, playing, finally celebrating the release of hidden energy. Its simple how music carries you from point A to B, from a state to another. Remember those classic orchestral masterpieces of Chopin, Bach, Beethoven? Notice how the melody has a start, a dramatic uplift and a release....a journey from point A to point essential conclusion..every single time.

Melodies play inside my head all the time, maybe its just me, but every moment is reflected in the music I listen to, the music I mix, and soon produce. I've had so much stories bundled up inside my heart that they are calling to fly away and blend with the world. Its a kind of release, a conclusion of some sort.
As I'm writing these words, amazing melodies play, Brooze takes me on a melodic heartfelt sensation to end my long day at the office. Ironically, the track is called Heartbeats, I had to write this....don't ask me why....but this one seems to have something special in it, I am yet to discover.

Maybe its a little journey, maybe its the calm attitude it enforces upon me. Maybe, just maybe..sometimes the simplest things are the most valuable. A small encounter, a little discovery, stumbling upon a line, a word, a person....maybe just maybe it all comes down to the music of life....who knows...I'll just keep playing, I believe someday someone might listen and respond back with a captivating melody.


Dani. said...

What can I say other than..Beautiful. Your mind, its beautiful. :)

Gaby said...

Thank you, you're such a kind lady! just made my day :)