Yemen: Where Men Marry Children

I saw this and had to post! Its such a huge problem...I cannot imagine what these kids go through! I've worked for the Yemeni people as part of a global advertising telecom campaign (I even dressed like one too!!) I can imagine the vulnerability of these girls! Read on for the details, and please share.

A new white dress, chains of gold jewelry sparkling brightly and more attention than this 13-year-old girl had ever received before: It was like playing dress-up, but better, for Zainab Hussein.

“I’m a bride and I’m getting married!” she bragged to her friend, showing off her new jewelry.

A few days later, Zainab, who’d barely reached full growth, was married off to a 30-year-old groom who also was her cousin. He paid $5,000 to Zainab’s father for his child bride.

Now 28, she says of the experience...READ MORE


Dani. said...

Those girls are so precious..can you imagine giving away your daughter at 13? There will always be some traditions I will never understand nor accept. You would think Saudi would feel compelled to share some of their wealth with their impoverished neighbors. When will the world learn?

Gaby said...

Its not even the wealth...let them keep the wealth but its the mentality! That sick pattern of making women "food for their sexual selves" no matter the age!