The Identity Chef

I recently wrote a guest post concerning Ramadan greeting cards for Darine Sabbagh's blog The Identity chef a "passionate marketer & traveler, dabbling in professional translation, copywriting & amateur photography..." 
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Enjoy her latest posts and updates, I know I do :)


Darine Sabbagh said...

Thank you so much Gaby for the great post on The Identity Chef.

Anonymous said...

Ramadan Karim everybody!

-- Great post Gabriel!

I think calligraphy will remain to be an intrinsic part of "Ramadan graphics" - though it would be interesting to see it evolve and incorporate Latin text and more "Western" visual approaches...

I love how you described it all: "it promotes the Islamic world, the religion, the people as one group, one complex identity, one brand"

You might want to check out my recent post on Ramadan - "The Long-Awaited"

And would love to take part in your ongoing collaboration to learn more about your knowledge of the "Islamic" brand :)

-- Thanks for sharing Darine!

Dar El Akhdar

Gaby said...

Well, I can tell you this has been in my life since birth. My father is a creative, illustrator, typographer and calligrapher. He even taught me at uni (ALBA). Its from him that I got interested to the point where I wrote my Master's thesis about the subject.
Its really interesting to discover this evolution in writing/image.

From another point, branding and identity are part of my passions as they all fall into place perfectly :)

Ramadan Kareem to all!