A Moment

In a moment, you could build the most amazing life.
In a moment, your world can be shattered to pieces.
In a moment? Time stops.
In a moment, suddenly your situation isn't so magical anymore.
In a moment, your swept off your feet.
In a moment, your heart races with the words of a close person.
In a moment, you can't find the words.
In a moment, magnificence appears in human form.
In a moment, you decide she might be all you ever wanted.
In a moment, he might be your soulmate.

In a moment, a kid becomes a man.
In a moment, the best moments of your life play before your very eyes.
In a moment, you're daddy.
In a moment, they are one, united, by the truth that holds them together.
In a moment, a moment won't be enough.
In a moment, birds fly inside your soul.

It takes a moment for a "moment" to be carved inside your heart.
It takes a moment to change everything you've ever lived.
Its moments, simple, fast and precise that shape who you truly are.
Your life? It continues....in a moment.


Mich said...

Live the moment... it's the best place to be... :-)

Anonymous said...

What a breathtaking post! Really breathtaking! I felt like this not to long ago, except it went from a beautiful "mystic" world to reality. (That's a post in itself!) But what really strikes me is how you described this moment... I never knew how.

Once again,your post has put a smile across my face, and got me in deep thought. Ahhhh. A post well done, these are the moments we live for, are they not?

Zeina said...

You are here for now! You gotta cherish every single minute.. and hold it close to your heart!
My heart skipped a couple of beats while reading this =)