There Are No Words

There are no words in this world that can ever describe the beauty that I discovered only a little while ago.
I cannot stop admiring all the magnificence that is bundled up in such an irresistible package. I think I have found my drug, my angel, a heart filled with joy and passion. I think I discovered a treasure, filled with the essence of a trully magnificent creature, an angel far more complex and simple at the same time than anything you can ever see.
In an instant, a flick of a second, the treasure chest opens up. Its glory and majesty fills the room. I see angels singing carols in a celebration of unity. I see magical waves of light and sound dance together in the heart of the sky. I see all the glory in the world in front of my eyes, in the eyes of my gift. Quietly, I smile, a heartbeat skipped, a message delivered.

The best things about dreams is that they fade away with the rising sun, but this one kept on its trail to my heart. The best things about dreams is that if you stick to them long enough some might just show up one day at your doorstep.
I may have said a few words to describe how it is, but in truth, there are no words or even paragraphs to describe the beauty of a sudden gift you might get, and it turns out to be a dream becoming true.

There just are no words.


Mich said...

How funny! I dreamt for a "moment" last night that we were sitting in a cafe and that we had the palms of our hands against each other... :-))

Gaby said...

lol 3anjad funny!
well a dream of mine started becoming true yesterday :)
And its driving me nuts in the most amazing way, there are just no words to describe! :)

Chantal Akkary said...

I can see from the picture that your dream is something really lovely & relaxing! Enjoy it :)

Naeema said...

:) lovely and so true ... keep the trail of ur dreams and they ll show at your doorstep someday :)

Zeina said...

Interesting post :) What a wonderful dream :) I hope it becomes true :)
Have a great day :)

Zena said...

You're a man with amazing sensations.. that treasure chest could not have been opened if it wasn't of you =)
You knew the magical chant to open all the closed doors..
I love you =)

Gaby said...

:) love u too baby bass trully la hallak there are no words

Anonymous said...

I am left speechless yet again. What a beautiful post... Gaby, not a lot of things I read can make me feel the way I did while I read this.
I read, and re-read it over and over again, because the way your describing this dream... I'm at a loss of words, simply because it brought tears to my eyes... Not because it's sad, but because you described the way I am in fact feeling myself... You were able to put it into words, I did not know how.

I have to tell you, that your writing litteraly takes my breath away. When I read what you write, I relate to it in so many ways...I can't get enough. In my latest post I tried to describe what I feel, but it was a sad sad attempt in comparison to this. You see, like what you said in this post... It's such a beautiful thing. In Lebanon, I experienced the most beautiful feeling, it stuck with me even when I got back here. 3 days ago, my dream became reality. I still am flying in the clouds... But never was able to describe it... Ahhh. :) how happy I am that I read this, you have no idea. Fashaytileh khil2eh w tayla3it kil shi I was unable to say... Kudos to you in that you knew how.

Anjad, God Bless you...