Up Against the Wall

This week was a challenging one for me. Although a massive outdoor campaign was already all over the country, more material was about to sweep supermarkets and malls and it was to be done by yours trully. In fact, all of the final artworks were going to be my full responsibility (costing me a huge lot if anything was wrong or to be repeated since the client will be losing money, and I'll be giving it back to him).

Anyways, long story short, with a lot of stress and delicate work I took the challenge and worked at home or after hours on all material (several times since a laptop cannot handle MEGA files).
But finally, after several "reworks", wrong sizes, re-sizes and adaptations the 25 jobs were finally done!
And what a relief that was, but through all this I got a mega lesson in patience, leadership and personal growth.

Here's a powerful thought: great achievement often appears when our backs are up against the wall. Pressure can actually enhance your performance. Your power most fully exerts itself when the heat is on. Who you truly are only surfaces when you place yourself in a position of discomfort and you begin to feel like you're out on the skinny branch. Challenge serves beautifully to introduce you to your best - and most brilliant - self. Just like it did with me, I managed to work alone, on finalizing and preparing final files and risking big time since that was a make or break opportunity.

Take a second to think about this. Easy times don't make you (or me) better. They make us slower, more complacent and sleepy. Staying in the safety zone - and coasting through life - never made anyone bigger. I know it's very human to take the path of least resistance. And I'd agree it's pretty normal to want to avoid putting stress on yourself by challenging yourself to shine. But greatness never came to anyone "NORMAL". Think Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison definitely walked a different path.

How fully would you show up each day - at work and in life - if retreat just wasn't an option?  How high would you reach, how greatly would you dare, how hard would you work and how loud would you live if you knew that failure just wasn't a possibility?

Diamonds get formed through intense pressure. And remarkable human beings get formed by living from a frame of reference that they just have to win.

To Your Greatest!


Mich said...

We always have that extra mile we can go... And traveling it is what give life a meaning and makes it all worth while. Bravo!

Danielle said...

Wow. Gabe. How inspiring. This was such a great read. Everything about it..from your personal story (Bravo btw)..to what your personal growth..to your call to action :) inspiring us to motivate ourselves. But come to think of it we often produce more high quality work when we are under pressure to do it and to complete it. I agree with everything that you wrote here and will be book marking this post to read it again and again!!