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"Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind" - Sir Isaac Pitman

By the time most people figure out what they really want and how to attain what they want in life, its usually too late. The wisest people around, a good example are the monks in the Himalayan mountains understand this concept perfectly. They live and have developed the concept of "time consciousness".
The concept revolves around the idea that those who use their time wisely from an early age are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives. Those who never get exposed to the concept of "time mastery" will never live their enormous full potential. Wherever we live, and whoever we are, we all have only 24 hours. The only thing that separates those who live exceptional lives from the "oh so regular" is the way these people use their time.

You see, busy productive people are so efficient with their time, they set time to be productive at work, and always have time to play and have fun. Being an excellent time manager doesn't mean that you become a workoholic. As I just mentioned, it allows more time to do the things you love, and that are the most meaningful to you.
Some of my best moments so far have been created through the perfect management of my time.Therefore, being busy is no excuse to do what you really want to do. The real question is what are you busy about?

I'll end this short idea with this: 80% of the results you achieve in your life come from 20% of the activities that accupy your time.
Do you think 20 years from now, all the time you spent sitting in a smoke-filled cafe, gossiping on the phone or watching TV will count for anything?

I'm sure you agree there are a number of activities that will count for everything.
Design the life you want, direct all your time to those activities that count.


Sareen said...

I don't know if what I'm about to say makes sense but in my opinion if you're having problems managing your time maybe it's about "time" you simplify and minimize your life? I've always found the topic of "not enough time" or "organizing" your time very interesting. Great post!

Dizzy Rum Kit said...

Great post! Im still working on that, but I have found it lessened my stress and made me more productive at work and in life. Life is so short. We forget that sometimes.

Keep them coming. :)

seifandbeirut.com said...

Great post!
See I think EVERY activity we do, is in fact a learning experience. We learn from them, gain something out of them, whether they are silly or not. I mean many of the times I've been in a cafe with a gossip group of people I in fact did learn something, whether it was the people I was with, about myself, or about other people. It's all one big learning experience.

Great post dude... as usual akid.