Dear Lover

Dear lover, 
When I look into your eyes, I feel your heart's yearning. Nothing is more beautiful to me than your love. Its like I want to drink your love and dive into your heart. But I want to feel you let down your guard in trust, just a little bit, so I can feel your heart's invitation, to feel you surrender through my soul. Please, open so I may claim your heart. When you feel deep into your heart, you feel love. Most deeply, you are love shining as light, and so you want to be truly seen. 

This light flows as energy, and so you want to offer yourself completely. Your heart wants to give and receive love fully, your heart's deepest desire. Feel your entire body yearning to live open and to give yourself totally as love, to be seen as the "love" that you are longing to be taken open, surrendered blissfully, so that every moment of your life is ablaze as the light of this passion inside you, an offering of your heart's devotion, and adoration.

In an effort to create safety and self-reliance in your life and relationships, you may have
built walls around yourself and accumulated tension in your body. Although sometimes
these walls of protection are useful, they can, over time, act like shells of fear that block
your true radiance. Blocking the love you want to offer and the love your heart longs to recieve deeply. Instead of depending on someone, and protecting yourself with walls of disappointments, you can learn to open your body as if it were a big heart, filled with love's radiant force. 

This openhearted radiance will be the gift to the world your pathway into your deepest desire. 

Whether you are alone or in relationship, your spiritual and sexual bliss require a daily
section of whole-body pleasure and deep heart offering, or else your joy will shrivel like an un-watered plant.

Inspired by writings & books by John Wellwood and David Deida


I Emilie :) said...

Soft, human,true, classy...and many other things. I think this blog post is my favorite, there is something hidden between the lines like those sophisticated messages we hear about. An invitation for love.
love it!

zanck said...


love this..

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Danielle said...

You are beautiful.