Men, Women, Sex and Social Programing (PART 1)

Too many men are busy running around trying to get as many women to sleep with them as possible, thinking that it will prove something to them (although I can’t figure out what that might be) anyways, it won’t, and such men end up still having the same underlying problems. They need to fix their problems before they involve real people (well yeah people sleep with other people not toys or plastic mannequins).

Too many men entirely base their self worth on how many women say yes. Just a note: THAT puts all the power in the women since there is nothing personally powerful about that, she’s saying yes, not you.
Too many men see women as an obstacle to get around to get to the sex. Such men are just masturbating inside an object. So many men place power in a woman based solely on the woman’s looks. He does not even consider who she is as a person (sad is an understatement).

What men are seeking so relentlessly is nothing that comes from outside of them, it's something they already have. A man, a real one at least, has only himself to rely on. And what better for a man to work on than himself? But in the end it call comes down to believing they deserve it. People don’t necessarily get what they want. People don’t necessarily get what they need. Instead, people get what they honestly and truly believe that they deserve. In other words, people get what they expect to get. The key to having what you want is being the person for whom getting what you want is a mere byproduct of the reality you create simply by the way you live life. It builds a foundation of belief that is very real and a relationship with reality that is very empowering.

Get Real.
Men need to separate and differentiate a woman from her looks. All women are human beings, they just have female body parts. Appreciate the beauty of a woman, but don’t give her undue credit just for her looks. Men, base your opinion on who she is as a person.
You like being with a woman, but you don’t “need” her. Do not base your self worth upon how many women agree to sleep with you, that’s just low and sick. Men need to base their self worth on what they think of themselves. Get self validated.

Be A Man. Live a life of integrity. Assume responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and always, respect. Command respect. Demand respect. Treat others with respect. Associate only with those who treat you with respect. Be assertive when need be. It all begins with self-respect.

*Part 2 is all about women and sexuality.


Danielle said...

Excellent post, as usual, but you touched on a subject that I think you need to explore further, and that is..this,

"People get what they honestly and truly believe that they deserve. In other words, people get what they expect to get."

Too often these days, I've had to be the shoulder for women to cry on...women who don't understand that by sleeping with a man first, and expecting something more from them later, they are only setting themselves up for disappointment. Women who have dated quite a few men, but still find themselves making the same mistakes. Women who, get into casual relationships, hoping that with time men will change, and grow to love them. As much as men need to live a life of integrity, women need to stop being so damned delusional!

Riham said...

Great post. The theory that people get what they truly deserve makes me smile, because it is so true. Sometimes we do not get what we expect immediately, but sooner or later it will come around. If people kept that in mind during their life, many things would get better, because what your actions will reflect what you want to get, and we only want good things for ourselves. (Sorry if I stopped making sense at some point)

Also, what you're saying about these men is also true for women. Many women need a man in their life to prove their worth, and that's also very wrong. It is sad to see them unable to be single for a while. They need to have someone in their life, as if their "self" is never enough.