This One's for You

It was about time that I wrote this small letter of thanks and gratitude.
You see, no matter who you are, there will come a time when you just feel the need to spread your wings, to grow beyond yourself. That time was not so long ago. It was by total mistake that I have found a website, a blog to be precise, where there were interesting posts of Lebanon and the Lebanese but which was posted by a total "stranger" who turned out to become nothing close than that. I got hooked to this blog of her stories of Lebanon, her small comments and started noticing how she connected to a group of people who shared and interacted in a somewhat nice way.
This total randomness fed a part of me that wanted to grow and branch out, that wanted to share and interact with people of another caliber...and it was then, that I felt I had touched something quite interesting. But it was only after I started following Dani (@meinlebanon) on Twitter that the snowball effect took place.
I'm not going to go into how it all happened from there, I'm sure most of you will understand how it all catapulted from there. From Danielle, I got to meet some of the most amazing people I've ever got the priviledge to connect and interact with. People of a magnificent caliber, with hearts of gold! My God it got me both surprised and quite happy! From a follow to another I found myself surrounded by a small (huge actually) family of my daily (hourly migh be better) connections. And it was about time that I thank you guys, yes every single one of you, for showing me how magical and magnificent some of the people are in this world. By meeting you, by reading your posts, looking at your pics, enjoying your comments, trying to help you out, that I have felt so much, grown so much and gave so  much back. Some of you, well most of you, are my everyday fuel, small gifts of joy in a world missing its essence going about living empty lives of pure and utter nothingness, pain, regret and sorrow. I cannot get enough of your ideas, your emotions, your celebrations, our tweetups (even when I'm not there), the jokes, the good morning messages, and the simple smiles. There's so much complexity and beauty in everyone that I'm overwhelmed with your spirits, the greatness with which you shine, each in his/her own unique way.

This is a letter of gratitude for every single one of you for blessing me, my life my daily rouine with your presence, your support, your words, your laughter...everything! There's so much I can say but it all dissolves in the truths you bring to everyday, the fruits you share of the magnificence you live. It has trully been amazing ever since Danielle triggered my interrest with her interesting take on our daily routine, and I can only wonder how much passion for this life she has, leaving her safe zone, her family, her home to live such an adventure.
It makes me proud to know people like you, and I hope that everyday I can give back to you a little bit of inspiration, laughter, and some of the pure me (no matter what that is hehe).

Thank you for being part of my everyday life!

But in the end there are a few people who have made this time so very special that I just have to mention and thank. And please if you're reading this, do follow them and read their me you'll be oh so glad you did:

(posted in no specific order, descriptions are understatements to these people's real truth)

- Danielle (@meinlebanon): Thank you're truly one of a kind []

- Ali (@BloggerSeif): There are no words to fully describe you (I've mentioned you as cupid, Franky and a true brother) you're one of a kind, a true friend with a heart of gold. []

 - Michelle (Machmouchette) (@mich1mich): A bundle of blessings, positive energy and uplifting joy. A wonderful heart with so much to give, such a special gift to know. []

- Ibrahim (Eby) (@ebyking): The reason I got so passionate about branding and identity. A master (king) of people skills, filled with wit and professionalism not seen much in our days. []
- Sareen (@Sareen_ak): I can't wait for her cartoons every week (usually the first to comment as well). A delicate and fun character []

- Emilie (@Emiliehasouty): she's one of the few who render me speechless with her complex yet simple yet mature yet deeply layered posts. Absolutely amazing soul! [

- Imad (@TrellaLB): The least I can say in Arabic "fashit khele2", wit, smarts and the perfect comment at the perfect time, always keeping me up to date with the latest political "films" (in some way) with his tweets []

- Abir (@abzzyy): Although we might have not been talking quite regularly, I adore her wit, straight to the point attitude, her comments, and of course beautiful pictures! []

- Krikorian (@KrikorianM): Another photographer to keep on your list, amazing shots indeed and a great person indeed! []

- Darine (@sdarine): The first time we met will always be memorable, jumping and laughing....hehe what can I say...amazing? smart? kind? all of the above and more? []

- Naeema (@Naeema): The sunshine of the twitter timeline, she sparks positive vibes, an amazing heart & soul with so much care, joy and passion to give! A spectacular being! []

More amazing people with golden hearts to follow:

- Elena or Lou (@ElenaKassab) [simply amazing, a heart full of magic]
- Jenny (@Jennhaddad) [a sister, a friend, your support system, nice beauty on feet]
- Chantale (@chantalej) [my neighbor, physically when I'm at work and I'm guessing emotionally with her link to Jenny. Such a fun person to be around]
- Nadim (@Nadiml) [ebn el king...the prince around here]
- George (@ZAMGEO) [a true friend, a caring gentleman to say the least]
- Rasha (@RashaRteil) [honestly, a total and beautiful surprise, such a pleasure to know you]
- Marie (@MarieNakhle) [I got to admit, give me ideas of where to go with her tweets, a romantic, smart person]
- Liliane (@FunkyOzzi) [the leader with a sense of purpose & fun around the timeline and the tweetups]
- Doja (@DiAyDi) [ A beautiful young soul going for her dreams, looking for the best. A delicate, pure & honest heart]
- Octavia (@octavianasr) [Finally met her, a smile that lights up a room with the brains of wisdom & passion, an amazing leader to follow]

I'm so sorry if I missed anyone of the list, you are all magnificent and all dear to my heart but adding you all here with all details will make this an unreadable post. I hope everyone understands.

All the best wishes in the world!


jennifer said...

well you r my support system as well :D i'm so glad i met u and met everyone else on twitter
the magic of the trio (franky spelly and the don) are my everyday look to conversation.
Big Hug with a Big smile =D

Ali said...

I came across this beautiful post, and I have never had a larger smile on my face.
I came on Twitter, and into the blogosphere, as a test... And it turned into an adventure, a place where I met some of the most amazing people... EVER.
From our awesome mafia (Franky, Spelly, Lou, and ofcourse yourself Don Ghali) to the immense ammount of information I come across on a daily basis, it really has been great.
I want to thank you for your kind words, its funny, you have become a remarkable friend, a brother to me as well, and an eye-opener... SANE PEOPLE EXIST! LOL
God bless you, your a remarkable person, someone I am honored to know.

And to the rest of you guys, your just as great!!! God Bless you all, and keep doing what your doing... Your doing a remarkable job!

george said...

Gab you really amazed me with this post :) when you post something about people, means these people mean to you! so u mean to us GAB!!! Ghali 3a albna ya Gaby :)

Danielle said...

Right when I need them most, my words escape me. What started out as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family has grown into something so profound and so beautiful that I have a hard time describing it. Meeting all of you, and YOU especially, has enriched my time in Lebanon so much, and has made this adventure of mine so worthwhile! You, all of you, encourage me so much..everyday I think of I can bring something positive to your life..I can only hope that I motivate and encourage you, as much as you do me! You are amazing, and I'm so happy to have met you (and everyone on on your list!) :D :D Now come to the Salsa tweetup so I can give you a big hug and kiss! :DDDDDD

EbyKing said...

Gaby! Stop playing and go to work! :-P
Sorry, but I just love saying it to you.
Thank for the mention. The best teachers are the ones who learn from their students ;-)

Rasha said...

Whether it was arguing about must-have patriotic endeavors versus my nationalistic frustration ,debating what's going on with advertising landscape in Lebabomb or even agreeing that the oldies but goldies founders of the advertising industry will never swallow that digital is essential- all that made me come back home with a sore throat (WTH?! the music was too loud). With all of that going on, you got me thinkin about certain issues dealing with why and how we choose our relationships. From LOLs to caring lip pouching (u did pouch that lower lip) moments to agreeing that this Life is delicious! U made me laugh- I gotta give u credit Mista!

Elena Kassab said...

It took me a while to get the hang of Twitter and now I'm hooked. My tweeps made work bearable during summer and I can't wait to get home from class to see what everybody's been up to.
You guys really make my day, everyday : )

I Emilie :) said...

Mon cher Gab!
merci pour ce bouquet de roses, en quelques lignes t'as franchi les 5000 Km qui nous separent et je t'en remercie. Oser dire au gens qui t'entourent combien chacun d'eux compte pour toi au quotidien, est un art qu'on maitrise avec la pratique. Tu es un Maitre. Je t'embrasse.

Darine said...

What can i say we are here to help and fuel each other with positive energy and optimism. Thank you for the lovely mention Gaby, made my day :)