And I wait...

In complete silence, peaceful and calm, I sit here wondering. I take you into my mind, for a beautiful dance, to the melodies of a lonely heart. The music stops, the lights go down. I sit there, and I wait.

I wake up in a dream, dancing with your heart, lifting you, holding you. Screaming for your hand on my face. In a swift, and a fast drift, I take you in, and blow you out. Your hair, soft movements of silk and shine. It passes through my fingers and mind. You disappear, in a moment, and I wait.
As I turn I see your eyes, shining brightly into mine, from a distance I see you run, to jump inside my lonely heart.
I breathe you out, I smell your scent, I look at you. Catching a glimpse of your beautiful soul, you smile, I smile and I wait.

That night, passion flows like running water from a stream. We talk, we moan, we kiss, we dance. To a delicate, intricate music of two souls, passion guiding our hearts through the endless hours. Kisses, scents and sounds draw the landscape of divine creation. Wet, rhythmic, and strong seasoning the night, losing ourselves in each other. A concluding moment of fire.

The fire burns inside me, eating me up inside, piece by piece I degrade, I die...and I wait.

The music, powerful and strong, lifts us up, holds us strong. We turn, we twist again in this delusion, utter confusion. I slip, away I go, I slide into an unknown.

I leave you there I continue my search. I think I'll stand there, in nothingness and sighs. Dreaming of something, or someone for I,

dream of dying in the arms that I long for, dream of and require. In your soul, in pleasure, in your heart that I acquire.
Sitting there, I write a story in my mind. Of possession, of devotion and unlimited bliss. For a unity with a part of me I cannot but miss. I sit here wondering, when will you be locked in my arms forever?

A simple smile draws itself on my face. A sigh, I am here...and I wait.


Elena Kassab said...

This is an amazing post, Gabriel. Your words will take readers on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the joy of finding that special someone to the sorrow of losing them.
We, the readers, burn when you burn, smile when you smile and sigh when you sigh -that's how raw and sincere this is. You degrade and die and we gasp in despair, you slide into the unknown and we'll look for you.
"Sitting there, I write a story in my mind. Of possession, of devotion and unlimited bliss. "
You've written your story in our minds as well.
Truly moving.

Mich said...

Beautiful... but don't wait too long!!:-)

Anonymous said...

My soul danced with your words.. lovely piece..

Danielle said...

I must agree. One of your best pieces thus far. Profound, meaningful, and beautiful. I wish someone wrote this for meee! :D

ritakml said...

This post made it's way directly to my heart. Love it!

DiAyDi said...

while waiting, think if she's worth it or not.. so u may continue, or leave, but life doesnt wait for too long, neither for u, nor for her..

Anonymous said...

As you know Gaby, I am going through the exact same thing right now, I totally felt with this post! Absolutely beautiful!

KJ said...

Wonderful post my friend.