Honor is Hip

In this age of foul-mouthed rock stars, famous for being famous celebrities and uber-greedy CEOs who take home huge rewards while the shares of their companies hit rock bottom, there's a new way to be cool/hip/fashionable. Be honorable.

Used to be that things like honesty, giving your best at work, treating everyone you meet fairly, and being a RGP (Really Good Person) were considered boring/unsexy/bland. No longer. In an age where too many people don't discover what leadership and life's about until it's too late, rising above the crowd to shine with a blazing sense of integrity, authenticity and Rare Honor is cool. Super cool. Hip.

So today, live your truth. Play your best game. Listen to the trusted voice that resides deep within you. And show some genuine leadership-both at work and at home. People will love you for it. And I'll think you're hip.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun: shot with Olympus E P-1 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.