Oh Woman!

Here's a glimse of some emotional states, women around the world relate to. Its a blend of situations which I'm sure you'll relate to in some way.
On another note, its only the beginning of more fascinating pictures.
Have a look HERE

Burst The Bubble of War

In this amazing installation, people who come to see this also have the chance to burst the bubbles, dissolving the whole tank unto the ground. A symbol of "bursting the bubble of war".

Music Monday (With A Twist)

For everyone using Twitter, there's this well know weekly "event" hashtag called #musicmonday. Well as always I'd like to take things a little differently...
As we all know music is essential for everyone's life, some of us like yours truly is a well known musical addict and cannot have my day flowing right without the right dose of melodies and lyrics. I started wondering this music, that inspires, touches, and uplifts. This constant addiction by so many people to something so pure, so intimate to its creator made me think of creating something that has to do directly with the music each person plays from his soul.

I believe people are amazing instruments, created of a massive bundle of emotions. A bubble carefully wrapped with motherly tenderness, care and delicate joy. Notice how a lovely couple unite in the same music which attracts them together, they sing the same song, they celebrate life so beautifully!
Why not share that, why not express it and take this as a common point between people. Why not take the essence of people's being and share it widely in the form of seductive melodies in any context, and idea uniting people in life and beauty.

Why not give a new meaning to Social Networks, a new dimension to social connections, to a place where people are free to be held by their souls, coupled by emotions and connecting in one large bubble. Its a beautiful, intimate picture that is drawn in my mind....maybe I'm inspired by a talk I had last night, the music this morning, the coffee I smell on the way to work.

Or maybe its just me.

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