A young boy secretly walks out into his garden. Looking for a surprise to enjoy. He sees her playing, a young tender being. By herself, talking to her cute little pink doll. He's intrigued, fascinated by her long silky brown hair flickering in the air. Her tender face, her low voice. Trying to hear her conversation, he hides deep in the bushes, watching this delicate creature with all his attention.
As he lays there quietly, silently with not a move of a single muscle, his attention is driven elsewhere. two beautiful butterflies pass in front of his very eyes. They seem delicate, colorful...full of life! The butterflies play together as they fly away, he looks closely, as if watching a love story in the making. The butterflies play as if they're two light beings, souls, caressing each other with sweet sensational touches, light flirting, glances and looks. Their language takes the little boy on an amazing trip into an imaginary world of pure sensational perfection. Its like listening to a piano play, the butterflies dancing together to the sounds of musical beats, heartbeats, exchanging lovely glances, a couple filled with a divine love. Its as if heartbeats are beating together to the same rhythm, two souls sharing a beautiful moment of divine pleasure.

Surprised by his imagination, he is taken out of his imaginary dream by the sunlight rays passing through the leaves and shining upon him, a message from above? maybe. But the little girl has disappeared, vanished in the beauty of this world. Maybe she'll come back to play some other day, maybe not.
As he thinks to himself, a smile is drawn upon his face. He gets it.

The Identity Chef

I recently wrote a guest post concerning Ramadan greeting cards for Darine Sabbagh's blog The Identity chef a "passionate marketer & traveler, dabbling in professional translation, copywriting & amateur photography..." 
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Enjoy her latest posts and updates, I know I do :)