A Story In Silence

There are specific times when I just feel the need to breathe away from the chaos of everyday life, away from the mess of a "Lebanese lifestyle", to let go, return into myself and refuel my well with everything that makes me who I really am.

There are nights when everybody is calm, the world around is sound asleep, quiet reigns everywhere, the perfect opportunity of peace. Its in these moments that my soul takes a small ride, away from me, into the core of the world to discover its changes and come back renewed. I let go of all my "walls" to give it freedom to chose, to enjoy and breathe in the same breath that created us, this massive bundle of gifts we sometimes forget to be grateful for.
At these moments of silence, these moments of peace, I write a story that will spread for years. I touch the essence of who I am and through it design the life I want to live. Its inside these magical moments that I write a grateful letter to my creator, a thank you note to my lovely connections from around the world. It is in these moments of peace that I cannot feel anything but love for life, love for being here, gratitude and genuine joy!

And in a minute, I lay down in my bed, after making my way through my home, looking at my peaceful family figures, each wondering through their own stories of the night....those magical memories they might never remember. That's a gift, that nobody can understand. A mystery of life itself. But its pure, as the delicate morning mist dripping from a sensual flower on a winter day. Life? its so simple, so beautiful and so complex at the same time. And it is in these peaceful moments that it all opens up to u. The melody of your creator, the song you sing into the world. It plays so loud in these quiet moments, that only the angels would listen. And at my and your surprise, that same angel, who heard you sing will come to you, singing your melody back to you.