Daily Practice

Imagine Tiger woods relaxing his extraordinary commitment to never-ending refinement and improvement of his golf game? Or Lance Armstrong stopping his daily practice and still hoping to win the Tour de France...
The idea might sound ridiculous, and yet, how many of us-on the playing field of business and life - are devoted to daily practice? I believe, only a few.

The idea seems so obvious yet so very few actually get it: how can you get better if you don't practice?
To get to world-class greatness, we need to work at it, daily, relentlessly and passionately.
 I believe success doesn't just occur - it's created.

It all comes down to the 1% Win. A few little improvements each day - created through your daily practice - amount to staggering results over time. But just hoping you'll get to great as a leader (and human being) is nothing more than magical thinking - a waste of time. Like hoping you'll be a better skier or golfer or pianist without working at getting better. Goals without actions, consistent over time, will lead nowhere.

Athletes get better through practicing their sport. Leaders get better by cultivating their craft. By elevating their skills and deepening their impact. They consciously step toward extraordinary until they eventually get there.