It's Time To Say Goodbye

I believe the time has come, its approaching fast and I decided to make this serious decision once and for all.
It's time to say goodbye, to let go of the past resentments and make place for the magnificent future.
It's time:
- to sing the brilliant song that my life was meant to sing.
- to experience the natural power that inhabits me, to do great work and achieve great things.
- to inspire, become the example and touch the hearts of many along the way.
- to transform adversity into victory.
- to leave this world better than I found it.
- to leave a trail of excellence behind and know that one day my name will resonate with the big ones out there.
- to speak the truth, to be the truth no matter how blunt it might be.
- to go beyond the good enough, beyond the better and go for the best.
- to sing, dance, smile and celebrate life in its simplest forms.

Yes, time to say goodbye to the old ruined victim of the past for it will not prevail. Its time to love the people around you in the simplest of forms, and respect their existence for it was in a moment of love that they were created and were given the privilege to live.

The time has come to dust ourselves up and start walking again. Towards a better future, better people and more positive transformation, taking out every challenge we face for on its other side lies our greatest selves and our expanded realities.

May this year be filled with the most magical surprises, the most magnificent stories and the very best for you and your loved ones.

World Of The People

2011 saw a major shift in business from Business-to-Business equation to a Business-to-People one, and a major shift in Leadership mentality and market economy.
Markets and businesses are keeping this momentum and now starting to slowly shift towards a People-to-People equation as social platforms, social designs take over a major part of our lives and interactivity shifts from the business to personal even more. I've previously talked about the new business model HERE.

It has become obvious that the quality of a brand is determined by the number of people surrounding it, by the mass following it has and by the reactions and interactions happening with it or through it. Which makes the customers an essential part of the Brand itself (in other words customers make the brand). Therefore, it has become clear that companies need to let go of the brand as a self-centered media object, and embrace it as a dynamic collaboration between the company, community, and the people of influence.

Today, a customer doesn't just buy a product, customers are also buying the people.

“Information is inseparable from the people who are creating, consuming, and sharing it. And the web is no longer anonymous – it’s built on real people and their connections, opinions, and ideas.” - Think with Google

 Today, it is vital for companies to maintain and nurture their customers and communication networks because people buy from other people, they trust other people and communicate with them not their logos or corporations. Simply put, what all the concepts, strategies and technologies come down to is simple people-to-people communication.

What Is Brand Journalism?

"Any marketing pieces today should not be just an announcement - they should be a conversation"

 As 2011 closes its final pages, companies project numbers, assess and set up short term and long term goals and take a look at their yearly plans, losses and gains.
This past year, a lot of companies shifted towards becoming digital, and organizations take clear steps towards digital communication, towards crowd-generated content, and empowering both their external and internal teams of influencers. It is now the time they shift towards thinking like journalists when creating stories around their brand. This is when we talk about what is being called "brand journalism".

What is Brand Journalism then, and why do we need to distinguish it from content marketing? 

Brand journalism is being described as a nonfiction attempt at advertising and an editorial approach to brand building which focuses mainly on real time marketing, and having brands acting as media in real time. Brands and professionals are now thinking more like publishers.

 The whole purpose is to tell a story. While content marketing emphasizes a neutral tone, this new form of communication does not lean towards your brand, nor is every piece promoting an aspect of your company directly. Instead, stories could be about anything considered newsworthy for an audience, in the editorial sense.
Simon Sproule, head of global marketing communications at Nissan, says, “It’s about killing press releases. We decided that if we’ve got good stories to tell, we’ll tell them ourselves.”

The goal with branded content, explains social media expert Shel Holtz, isn’t necessarily to solicit profits, but to make companies visible, because these days, if your business doesn’t have content on the world wide web, you’re essentially invisible-even if you have a company website

Last year, companies and brands started becoming media houses and we see that continuing next year maybe even going a step further to convince media people to make the switch from journalism to PR.
As a communicator your content should be focused towards noteworthiness and value while thinking of all audiences, not just journalists, and sometimes without focusing on oneself.

Therefore, keep in mind is that branded content isn’t interested in covering the news (political campaigns, crime stories, etc); instead, branded content is interested in reporting the stories relevant to that brand’s industry. Brand journalism is about starting a conversation and inviting others to take part, its all about storytelling.
Brand journalism develops credibility for your brand across a variety of channels. In a world filled with poor marketing and loud advertising, better stories are needed today more than ever.

Dying Rose

Sitting in her vase, a rose slowly bows with respect to the time passing by, to the love that grows or shatters, to the reason for its being.
With every second that passes, it bows even more, respecting the time it was given on this earth, and its head filled with the magical brilliance of a powerful red force gets slowly polluted by the agony of its passing, those dark black spots of an ending life.Taken over by these black spots, she surrenders herself to the adoration of her beauty. Simple and pure.

Life in a rose is taken away from her to be given to us, humans. In adoration of our mundane, fake personas. Our masks so beautifully set to the perfect rhythm of deceit and plastic lives. Our needs, animalistic as can be, take over our sense of self and pride. They shatter the reasons for our lives, a celebration that links us back to this beautiful, innocent rose.
This rose knows why its given life, and bows in respect for what it was meant to show, so innocent and pure.
But what about us? As we present our dying rose, we hold a somewhat egotistical self, animals of wants and needs, we destroy what was given to us in shear self-love and worship to grow with what we will leave behind.

Sitting in her vase, this dying rose knows, that part of her is living again, in a heart, in a soul. And that this magic that created her in the first place is formless and pure, and it is now the time to move on.

A Dream

The sun left the scene silently sleeping in the vast ocean.
And I brought the ocean side, to its rushy knees. Deep in my shallow dreams, I heard a gorgeous sound, of a sensual serene angel that sang a beautiful song to the clouds. A song for the stars to fall asleep and silent trees to dance with the winds of life as they blow away, those hurricanes of dreams coming towards me, to crash again on my soul.

The silent moon, shines brightly, quietly. It sits there in the dark with her light caressing the leaves of the fellow trees so lightly, so honestly.  A sensual play of forms, from up above to down below.
A small picture of life is painted forever, for life. So honestly, by the magic of creation. The impression of something beautiful takes over, something beyond compare.

This silence isn't so bad, when the world in front of you shares its magic. When life brightly shines upon your heart. When the whole world rejoices for your being, and shares it simple secrets with you.

Its in my dreams that the moon smiled, and she resembled you. So wake me if you're out there.

Tribute To Genius

I woke up to the news of the passing of a great man today. Yes, Steve Jobs. A genius who has changed the world in so many ways, a visionary, a true leader.

I'm honored to have lived in a time to see the shifts in our lifestyle based on his great ideas, and so I have to make a small tribute on my blog to a great man.

Below a few sayings from Jobs:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

“I’m the only person I know that’s lost a quarter of a billion dollars in one year…. It’s very character-building.” 

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.” 

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?”

 In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. It’s interior decorating. It’s the fabric of the curtains of the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.”

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.”

“We made the buttons on the screen look so good you’ll want to lick them.”

Made Me Speechless

This is an audition by an Emmanuel Kelly on The X Factor.This is beyond amazing. It made me speechless.
From his story, to his performance, I think he puts back everything we worry about in our lives into question. I think everyone around should have a look at a fighter with so much passion and so much drive towards what he wants to achieve that nothing can ever stand in his way.
This is a perfect example of the leadership message I try to scream out and of the magical potential of every single one of us no matter his story.

I hope you share this post around, I believe its really worth it.

Requiem For A Dream

Where do I go from here? What can I do?
In what color should I see life? What perfume does it all smell like?
Like a lonely dancer on a black, empty theater I dance, to the sound of a saddened violin, crashing through the emptiness of the night. A scream, a shriek, a cry. An orchestra in front of me, silent and waiting for its cue to start a melody of a dream.

Slowly, the sounds of every note cut through the silence as a celebration of what once was, memories woven into aspirations of the future only to die their sudden death. Like every breath the violin takes after a screaming plethora of notes. Like a frustrated poet, spilling his empty words on torn pieces of wet paper only to find them gone at the very moment they come out of his heart.

How do you say goodbye to a dream? How do you scream your lungs out into this world when you've got no voice to scream. How do you put to rest the ideas of a passionate self? The thoughts that were once able to shake you from your incomplete past, empty present and unknown future?

As the notes move out of the way, as they find their own conclusion, as the rush of an epic surrender to what is takes over, I look at the crowd and I see nothing.

Maybe its just me playing all along, maybe it was just my addiction, my music.

Moment Of Silence

A moment is all it took to find that glistening look in her eyes. That delicate touch on her skin.
A moment is all it took to take her from desire to craving.
A moment is all it took for him to realize he was made to give her love again.
A moment is all she needed to feel her wild womanhood all over again.

A moment was all that mattered to surrender to his touch, his sweaty palms running all over her dripping skin, with every movement, every turn.
A moment was all that mattered to take him back to his roots, a wild beast of love, adoration and admiration.
A moment changed the way she felt about him, feeling him inside her core, lifting her up taking her down and bringing her back to life again.
A moment was all she needed to feel she's on a cloud again, taken to the highest levels of bliss and expressive joy.
A moment, and her moans took the form of a melodic piece of masterfully crafted music, an orchestra of joy.
In a moment, she was about to release herself to the epic culmination of her existence. In a moment, that was all that she felt, her own majesty driven by him, taken from his very core.

A moment and her heartbeats were no longer hers, but his, and time has lost its meaning....for a moment.
This very moment, changed his life forever, her looks, her screams, her passionate surrender, her moves, her joy, her craving for his very touch made him feel like her man, her God for a moment.

In a moment, things seemed perfect, like nothing could ever change.
In a moment, that very truth redefined itself and changed him forever.
For in a moment she disappeared, like a ghost disappearing away into the night as daylight breaks.

Looking at her for a moment was all it took to remember her magic, her magnificence before that box was closed, before it all was taken away. All it took was a moment to release her back into the Earth, into the truth of her existence, a wandering saint.

All that matters now is a hope that he would someday be at peace again, for a moment.

If by Rudyard Kipling

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools: 

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!


There's something beautiful in the way your eyes whisper to mine, sweet tender sentences of admiration, passion and adoration.
There's music playing inside your soul that for some reason nobody else can hear. These small notes of a solo piano dancing softly through your magical self.
There's a story in your eyes, right there with this shining light of your soul, a beautiful endless tale of magnificence in the making, a formation of a truly grand self.
There's passion in your body, a quenching powerful surge of emotion, creating desire and lustful sensations in the most humble of men.
There's a radiant smile on a sensational face, guiding its spectator into the world of untouched dreams, a world of grand majesty.

There's this thought of you in the middle of all my chaos that never leaves. This addictive trip inside your tender core that sticks unto me, into my heart, and leaves its sensual marks on my skin.
And then, there's the fire that burns when we're together. The wind that blows away the rest of life, when time takes a stand to admire beauty in its lustful, purest forms. Life stops to indulge and enjoy a smile, a hug and a tender caress.
Suddenly, the world doesn't seem to care for the rest of it, suddenly everything is like notes on a piano, unique, simple and touching. Taking the listener on a ride into his own self indulgence, a story written in melodies and notes. Suddenly, everything falls into place, no matter how twisted it may seem. Like everything was happening to reside in this moment right now.

And in all this madness of life, suddenly, there's this real, beautiful you.

Sat And Wondered

“I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy, and you’re set. Promise.”

“The saddest people I’ve ever met in life are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, and without them, any happiness is only temporary, because there’s nothing to make it last.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

“We don’t always have a choice how we get to know one another. Sometimes, people fall into our lives cleanly—as if out of the sky, or as if there were a direct flight from Heaven to Earth—the same sudden way we lose people, who once seemed they would always be part of our lives.” ~ John Irving

“You are a perfectly acceptable human being right now, this minute. You are just as valid as any other human being, without changing a single thing about yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to want to grow, evolve or improve yourself, or you can’t do better sometimes, it just means right now this instant, you are worthy of your own self love. Even if it is hard to love yourself sometimes (and boy, is it!), or you’re struggling with some really difficult stuff in your life, you still deserve it. So dearest you, be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and give the best version of you that you can give, but know that even in the tough times, you are still valid, worthy and deserving”

“Many films diminish us. They cheapen us, masturbate our senses, hammer us with shabby thrills, diminish the value of life. Some few films evoke the wonderment of life’s experience, and those I consider a form of prayer. Not prayer “to” anyone or anything, but prayer “about” everyone and everything. I believe prayer that makes requests is pointless. What will be, will be. But I value the kind of prayer when you stand at the edge of the sea, or beneath a tree, or smell a flower, or love someone, or do a good thing. Those prayers validate existence and snatch it away from meaningless routine.” ~ Roger Ebert on Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life

“I learned something important that night. You shouldn’t try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you’re supposed to feel awkward. Sometimes you’re supposed to be vulnerable in front of people. Sometimes it’s necessary because it’s all part of you getting to the next part of yourself, the next day. The diary wasn’t always right.”

Holding On

They sit there silently, whispering, releasing secret messages of passion into each other's glowing eyes. They speak of only the exceptional, the grand, the majestic.
Hours dissolve into the sensations of joy, laughter and the feelings of having it all perfectly in sync, they are finally home.
Peace reigns the days, meaningless hours that go by as they drift into each other, a passion so grand, so powerful that it flows directly into each other's heart without a trace, without a mark.

The peace that they have been waiting for is finally here, moments of celebration of life in silence, after the passionate blissful storm of sensations has slowly started to drift away. The peace that comes with a journey flowing like the water in a stream, so pure and fresh, so welcoming and beautiful. Nature celebrates this peace with them as it quiets down and gives way for their souls to play. Its colors shining brightly into the days, the sounds turning so tender and melodic. The orchestra of life sits back and lets things take their toll, angels playing their tunes to the world.

Music of passion and devotion plays in silence, whispers clues to a never ending journey into life, and releases itself to the sensations of living in total surrender and utter joy. Smiles draw the pictures on their lively canvas, created from life to celebrate life and to grow, together in complete divine creation of life in its purest and most magical forms.
Magic glistening in their inviting eyes, thirsty for each other, in need of a touch, of a smile, of a way to surrender. A need for life in its basic form, a need to let go to let loose and to let out. The residue of love, life and passion itself. In music, in words, in movements and in life.

I hold with me what is now left of myself with me, for I have given you a part. And I have let go of it in my celebration of you. Take it, leave, just go. But take care of it please, keep it with you and never let it go. For its the very essence of me that I gave you, for you to cherish and adore. And I'll keep the residue of your magic in my heart, on my skin and in my eyes. A part of your soul that will always stay with me, that will never let me go. So keep moving, keep going, I'm all around you. I'm with you as you go. Keep growing, keep expanding and spread your wings for me.
I'm holding on to your residue, to the memories, to the thoughts of you. I'm holding on to your glances, to your giggles, your smiles, your heart. I'm holding on to your love and to your passion. I'm holding on to your magic and your blessings. I'm holding on to you and I'm waiting.
For everything to get back together again in the near future and to reunite with your soul and taste your magic inside me. I'm holding on to you, to us, to life as I've never experienced before. And I'm waiting, for a chance to celebrate it again.
So angel, wherever you are, however form you might take, whatever thoughts you might have, I'll always be there, sitting, admiring, waiting....and I'm holding on.

The Free World

Most people, most of the time, don't buy things if there's a free substitute available. Less than 1 percent of the people who listen to a certain song will actually buy the album or single. Music online for example is an all-you-can-eat buffet that only costs the price of a device to access the web and the fees you pay to your Internet provider.

As more commercial activity involves the digital (web, ebooks, music...) the temptation to spread the idea for free is actually economically easy and possible while trying the strategy that notes "giving out something for free will lead to more revenue in the long run". Nowadays, a culture of free digital consumption set itself as a standard in our everyday life and is being adopted by a huge section of consumers (mainly from teenagers to the upper middle class). Therefore the concept behind the strategy of the free bases itself on that the source of this free product will be discovered, attract attention, spread and lead to some category of people actually buying something.
For a while, one could use free to promote an idea and have leverage to turn that attention into paid sales of a similar item (I use my music mixes as a free way to promote myself as a DJ for example which I can later use to get extra revenue at a certain point and/or for a certain reason).
In our recent times, people start to feel foolish when they pay for something and the free substitute is easily available and perhaps more convenient.

Therefore, people with something to sell are going to have to invent things that can't possibly have a free substitute. Take for example Armin Van Buuren. His tracks and productions are easy to acquire and enjoy but his live shows, eccentric performances and grand productions will always be payed. A few years ago, Armin would play around 2 to 3 hours live and earn a certain revenue that is mixed between track sales and event shows. Nowadays, Armin as a brand became active on social platforms, giving the word out of events, productions and locations. That way he's giving extensive and constant free promotion to his name (his brand) and trying to earn a potential following as much as possible since these are the people who will be interested in experiencing his live shows, earning him the money. His radio shows and music have become the promotional hook, a tool to capture audiences and potential spectators to shows that have evolved from simple to an audiovisual spectacle with unexpected surprises, technology and more.

Another example is Lady Gaga. Her music is basically free, it's the concerts that cost money. Another example is playing basketball at a health club.  That's free, it's membership that costs money.

Creators don't have to like it, but free culture is here and it's getting more pervasive. Armin Van Buuren's Armada label noticed that and tried fighting it at first, but today Armada makes heavy use of YouTube as a marketing channel for example. If you watch their tracks on YouTube you will notice they include plenty of branding and calls to action to bring a listener into the world of the label. The end result is massive exposure, with a huge global following, leading to sold out gigs all around the world (which are not free).

The end result we have today is a conglomeration of new media companies, evolving old-media companies, e-commerce, social voting tools, search engines, file sharing and good old word of mouth all driving how music is distributed. It’s complicated, but we’re getting closer to a model that works. Musicians and record labels, like us bloggers, are relying more and more on multiple streams of income, and the highest value product they have, is the face-to-face time they offer. In the case of music, that’s concert time, and especially at the very top end of most popular artists, the big cash is made from ticket sales to concerts.

Free has always been part of the equation. The bestselling book of all time, The Bible, has no copyright and has been shared freely for thousands of years. Musicians gladly show up to play for virtually free on the Tonight Show or Saturday Night Live for example (while taking into consideration the promotion & audiences watching). The line for using free as a discovery tool is shifting, and the best way to monetize is for the idea to be coupled with something that could never be free. Paying for content will ensure that more of it gets payed.

Consumers should be willing to pay for great content and I believe they are. They are now trained that a big portion of the market is now free. But creators, marketers and strategists should find ways to "package" these products so that they're worth paying for again.

You Forgot Your Perfume

One of those weird moments usually tend to happen every now and again. You think like you're prepared to what is about to happen, played several scenarios in your head. Thought things through before, but just like that and out of the blue, you get what might simply be considered the surprise of your recent life.

It takes you on a magical journey into herself, and on a road of magical self discovery, diving deep inside your own core.

You know, I've never really shared so much in so little time but something in you just flows like the water stream coming out from its source, dancing with the bright rays of the summer sun. And as those rays dance they pulsate into the unseen world of beautiful sensations, uplifting emotions and pounding beats of the heart. There's magic in the smiles you shoot at people around you, like the most enjoyable knifes thrown by a circus artist at his turning, blindfolded muse. The risk is just enormous but the passion and dedication, the subtle care and unlimited loving madness is too powerful for a mistake to happen.

I can still feel you around, although its been a while since you're gone. I can still remember those looks, those eyes trying to take in every single detail of the night and store them, hidden in your memory away from the judgements of people who can never understand.
I can sense your hand gliding around my neck as the day goes on, those tender fingers dancing on my skin speaking to every nerve possible, creating unforgettable pulses of sensations that I cannot but store inside me and long for in the days, weeks and months to come.
I can still smell you, your scent, your skin. You've left your marks on me, those small clues that belong to you and that only you can give away screaming to everyone that I've been possessed that you made me yours.
You've cast your amazing spell, through this smell of you and you left.
But you forgot your perfume, right there on my skin.

Secrets In The Eyes

Her eyes speak secret stories in total silence. They're like a book, an endless series of tales to be told to those special people who can listen. Admiration fills me as I dive into an endless tale of woven mysteries and unspoken secrets. Filled with fascination, an incurable drug, her passion slowly reveals herself as we're there trying not to spill too much and drown in tears of deceptions and mysterious feelings carefully covered over time.

I can see her needs speaking to me, closure, and end to something so grand and shattering. A cry so innocent and loud yet totally silent and covered with smiles. And what a giver, in total surrender to the "what is" on her walk to the "what could be". Pieces of herself are scattered around the globe, inside the lives of so many people who seem to mean so many things in so many ways.

Never ending conversations flow so freely, so purely, so genuinely but those eyes they keep on speaking they keep on screaming with every move, every subject, every sip of the drink.

What a surprise, another unexpected gift that shows itself at the perfect moment. What a book written in memories that I have yet to read from cover to cover...and how honored I am to have open the vault to those secrets in those glittery eyes, aiming that one day they can sing again to the pounding beats of her pulsating heart.


“The universe doesn’t care if you’re scared. I know this is not news, but you need to hear this. I’m scared, you’re scared, and we’re all scared. The difference is whether you’re going to keep moving. I really hope you will.” ~ Merlin Mann

We're wired to avoid fear, when it surfaces we run, and try to escape it. But I believe sometimes we should just stop the mental processes and really look at fear as an opportunity. I've learned that on the other side of every fear is authentic power, pure greatness.To run from fear is to run from the brilliance you were meant to be. The things that scare you are spectacular opportunities to discover more of all you are meant to be. Therefore fear, when actually executed no matter the situation, leads to confidence, promotes growth and makes you better.

So today, at work or at home, if something comes up that causes you to feel like running, resisting or avoiding, embrace the opportunity and show up. Because what you resist will persist and what you befriend, you'll transcend.


There are times when we tend to be so caught up in our days and lives that we miss seeing some of the most beautiful and most precious gifts we have. I, for one, am one of those people. Who get caught, trapped by the "everyday". But its been a few days since I started seeing again, and what I saw was spectacular magic, magnificence in human form.

Recently, I've been blessed with angels from all over, coming from all corners of the globe to live through and with me. I'm in deep admiration and immensely grateful that I have found brothers, sisters, friends and souls that breathe into my days some of their exceptional magic. No, pardon me if I don't mention who these people are specifically, but I'm grateful and beyond for their existence in my life and I have seen and understood what beautiful golden pieces of heart they are and how effortless it is for them to give away into the world. These are the real angels out there, so true, so fascinating.

You'll forever be engraved in the layers of my heart, you are some of the few things that will always live with me no matter where you are on the globe.

“It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” ~ Dale Carnegie

“I like to see people reunited, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can’t tell fast enough, the ears that aren’t big enough, the eyes that can’t take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer

“Life is like a train ride. Some people will sit next to you and talk to you. Some will just stand around…oblivious to your existence. Some will have to leave the train while you’re having a great conversation and who knows when you’ll see them again. And if you’re lucky, there’ll be those who will sit and talk to you throughout the whole journey.” ~ From a dear friend

I'm not sure I make sense in that post, I just hope that if those people I'm thinking of and not finding the words are reading this, they'll know and understand.

Exotic Sensations 2

After the massive success of the first installment of Exotic Sensations comes another big release for the second year in a row. Exotic Sensations 02 takes you on a trip into the realm of sensations experienced on a night out at the beach. A treasury of down- and up-tempo jewels, crossing borders of progressive, imaginative pop and all else needed to create magic. 
Exotic Sensations 02 is a musical journey rippling the electronic waters with an energetic yet gentle build-up, unfolding into a warm, mesmerizing and melodic tour de force with pumping sounds & bass lines. Its time to release yourself into the sounds & emotions bursting into the feel-good energy at every tune in this album, its time for an epic release of self into the world of
Exotic Sensations!

01. Tritonal - Poem Of Angels
02. Tucandeo Feat. Jennifer Hershman - Only We Know (Estiva Remix)
03. Mat Zo - Superman
04. Orjan Nilsen - Black Blue Beautiful (Original Mix)
05. Norin & Rad Vs. Recurve -  The Gift (Original Mix)
06. Gareth Emery Feat. Emma Hewitt - I Will Be The Same (Dennis Sheperd Remix)
07. Maor Levi - Reflect (Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Remix)
08. First State Feat. Sarah Howells - Skies On Fire (Original Mix)
09. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Another World (Shogun Remix)
10. Steve Brian - Cacatua
11. Andy Moor Vs M.I.K.E. - Spirits Pulse (Original Mix)
12. Ferry Corsten - Punk (Arty's Rock-N-Rolla Mix)
13. Gareth Emery Feat. Roxanne Emery - Too Dark Tonight (John OCallaghan Remix)
14. Bryan Kearney & Snatam Kaur - Ong Namo (Neptune Project's In Search Of The Mayan's Remix)
15. Daniel Kandi - Piece Of Me (Alternative Beach Mix)
16. John O Callaghan & Betsie Larkin - Save This Moment (Gareth Emery Remix)
17. Bobina And Betsie Larkin - You Belong To Me (Original Vocal Mix)
18. Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Club Mix)
19. Ahmed Romel - Only For You (Arctic Moon Remix)
20. Running Man & Lence - Never Look Back (Running Man Club Mix)

Look At you

Look at you, all shining and radiant.
Look at those hypnotizing eyes, that can stop a clock for the end of time.
Look at this smile, breathe the excess of your tender soul out into the world.
Look at this neck, so inviting & pure. Untouched, waiting to ignite your sensual fire.
Look at those breasts ready to excite, lighting the imaginations of adolescent boys in our neighborhood and later feed the precious little future joy you will hold so tenderly close to your magical golden heart.
Look at your lines, swiftly dancing upon every move of your body, silky skin dancing to the movements that breathe life into the world, visuals painted on the canvas of the world, lines so perfect, so magnificent and true.
Look at those legs, tall and graceful holding magic made to perfection. They dive into the divine center of pleasures & excitement. The core that shatters time, breaking you free, properly elevating you into the highest levels of passionate excitement, rhythmic sensations & emotions that celebrate the creation of  life. A cocoon that holds another breath for months before its tender release into this world, the indescribable gift of life.

Look at you, radiating brilliance into every room you walk to, getting those fabulous paintings on the walls around us to turn away with shame, deceived by their master creators' incomplete work. But you, oh you, you're a work of beauty, passion and art. Created at just the perfect moment, in a culmination of rushing bliss and tender passionate love. You're a jewel masterfully crafted by the invisible hands of utter majesty and unlimited abundance of beauty, guided by the two souls that loved, sang and moved to bring u into life.
Look at you, a soul in the most beautiful package there is, tender, silky and smooth. Guarded by the eyes from above, loved and wanted by the eyes all around. 

And look deep into those tempting eyes of yours, into the destinations of your unlimited space, into the unseen magic you call your soul. Its golden rays passing from your insides into any being that comes to exist with you, a glimpse, that moment when your true magic is sprinkled in just a few milliseconds into another soul and unintentionally draws a smile upon his face, just like you did with me. And I'm grateful for I have been touched by you, for I have been touched by a woman.

Ever After

Throughout our lives we have always been told stories that end in ever after, learned to "see each other", told to laugh when we could cry, just cry.
But I didn't know there was a different kind of lie. An escape into a bigger darkness, a lonely dance on its own on the solo sounds of a griefing piano. Madness filling the gaps between every note, these milliseconds that define the next ones.
But the stories we were told were filled with lies and deciept, or was it the real ones that actually were? For the real comes too close to the imaginary sometimes, the mirage of hopes and dreams reveals its true identity at some specific moments, and your heart sinks in its blend of never ending turmoil, ever after.
So we grow up believing our hopes and dreams can actually become true, and well, for some they do, for others, we keep dreaming. We push and go on and expand. Great, we expand. But I fear expanding so much till I become invisible to the world, something nobody will ever notice.

So I keep pieces, of dreams, hopes, fears, experiences and I hold them close.
I keep fragments of shattered dreams, of unwanted events, of dark and twisted pictures taken by the photosensitive nature of my mind, burnt inside for the years to come, or until the better (or worst) will come to be burnt over it one day.
“I like to see people reunited, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can’t tell fast enough, the ears that aren’t big enough, the eyes that can’t take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jackson Pollock: Yellow Islands 1952
I hold on to these pieces and I wonder how they have come to exist, showed themselves on the canvas of my life, spatters of vibrant paint screaming for you to look at them, they're haunting and noisy, they're loud and blunt. But I cannot let them go so easily for I would be losing a part of myself, my identity, the simple pleasures I experiences, these small and twisted breaths of life that will always mean the world to me, but also I would be losing my deceptions, my challenges and my darkest times and I would be empty again, for ever after.

Eating Us Away

Have you ever sat and looked out at nature on a sunny spring day? Have you ever noticed how peace lurks in every corner of that image?
Have you ever walked into a forest, between the trees shadowing the sun and noticed the small intricate details of life breathing, moving and developing around you?
Have you felt the peace as you look out into the night? lights of the city painting a beautiful canvas of colors and abstract shapes on the sea? The small sudden breeze touches your skin and caresses your soul? Have you ever felt as if nature is thanking you for a touch of your face, a smile into your heart with every second you spend in admiration of its beauty, its complex yet simple magnificence? Have you ever looked from the mountains towards the lights of the city in the night? The shining, cloudless sky above filled with small glitters of stars holding you like a mother wearing its best jewels in celebration of your existence?

And have you seen Lebanon lately? Looked around at a country not sure of its own state of life? Its destructive lifestyle taking over these simple beauties we have been made to respect, enjoy and admire. Have you seen the concrete killing away the most intimate melodies of life, these small mushrooms blooming in every green corner left in a country where your normal road is a labyrinth of unexpected surprises.
Have you looked at the city on a sunny day? Noticed this dark cloud over the buildings? Like a virus holding on to its prey feeding on its own selfless destruction?
Have you ever noticed how we all talk about the problem, eating away the life and beauty around us then just sit there wondering how we're supposed to be making our next million or getting that Louis Vuitton bag?

We have risen my friends to a new level of shallow thinking, shallow living and indecency in a place where everything looked and meant something, where beauty was lurking everywhere. We took it from our own selves, sold ourselves to the "devils" all around us. From the young poor taxi driver taking his innocent daughter to a "Prince" for "a night" to the beautiful setting we used to have our kids play in on the dreaded Sunday night. We used to have these moments of peace spent on the balcony after a long day at work, looking away into the horizon, our  breath taken away by a view of the sea, city and surrounding mountains. You're now trapped in your cage with walls of these other cages surrounding you. These structures filled with incomplete lives and shattered dreams. These areas so grey, slowly eating away the lively spirit in your heart. And at the same time, look around you at those deserts slowly growing with life, green spaces and nature blossoming at every possible corner. I'm not saying they shouldn't, but if a desert is being turned into a paradise, how come a once paradisaical land cannot be preserved?

How I hate this grey area we now call our country. Unsure, unknown and under developed. Built on fake promises and shattered pieces of words. Grey....faded color of sadness now surround a once vibrant piece of Earth. We're eating away the green around us for a little green paper in our pockets...but is it really worth it if its taking our lives away? I guess we did sell ourselves to those "devils".

Its eating us away, we're eating us away.

They Wonder

 “Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re lonely. They’re missing somebody. They’re in love with someone they probably shouldn’t be in love with. They have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish and they dream and they hope, and they look out the window whenever they’re in the car or on a bus or a train and they watch the people on the streets and wonder what they’ve been through. They wonder if there are people out there like them. They’re like you, and you could tell them everything and they would understand.

And right now, they’re sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore.”

“Dreams are always crushing when they don’t come true. But it’s the simple dreams that are often the most painful because they seem so personal, so reasonable, so attainable. You’re always close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold and it’s enough to break your heart.” ~ Nicholas Sparks

“I have noticed that if you look carefully at people’s eyes the first five seconds they look at you, the truth of their feelings will shine through for just an instant before it flickers away.” ~ The Secret Life of Bees

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Louis Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein.” ~ H. Jackson Brown

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

Are You Born To Push?

I believe we are born to be great, to aim for excellence in all pursuits and never give up in pursuit of ideals. And I also believe that whatever is within will appear on the outside. What I mean is that the quality of your inner world is eventually reflected in the quality of your outer world.

A person who dreams pure and perfect dreams and who is impeccably honest, good, ethical and stands for what's best will soon act in alignment with those values. And those actions cannot help but drive extraordinary results. Inner always creates the outer.

On another note, Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychotherapist who survived confinement in Nazi concentration camps, writes: "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude to a given set of circumstances, to choose one's way."

I believe our highest human freedom is our ability to choose how we respond to and process any event that happens to us. We can look for some good or we can become haunted by the bad. When aiming for excellence, when all our pursuits align with what we believe is for our own betterment, when we hold on to our "freedom of attitude" and push the boundaries of the mundane towards the greatness that we are born to be, then we get closer to manifesting the greatness we are born to create in our lives, and touch the people around us as we do that.

I believe we are "born to push" what do you think? How do you go about making your dreams come true?

I Wrote This For You

“It’s amazing, some people, they just say these small little things, one sentence and it changes the way you feel about them in an instant. Small little words that can hurt you so much or make you fall deeply in love forever. It changes everything, nothing between you is ever really the same again, even if they don’t know it.”

There are countless stories hidden in each and every one of our souls. Chapters of our lives that shape our being, our realities. Countless experiences of the past that surface every once in a while to wake you up from your never ending dream of who you want to be and take you back to moments, milliseconds of endless ecstasy and joy.

I don't really like to dwell on the past, but there are moments when I just reflect back on a journey filled with lost jewels and countless wins. I remember moments when only a few words were necessary to flip me out into another dimension, letters carefully selected, simply sent out to be received at the perfect moment. I remember reactions that used to push me on to the better and I remember how things eventually took a turn to the darkest of places. But there were moments when my fingers were stuck together when all the paper in the world caught fire and when all the ink ran clear.
Emptiness remains from the pieces of yourself you gave away, pointless nonsense rules the desert of lost sensations. Words ran out of letters, and the language isn't perfect anymore.

But there is always another day, another light from another dimension to shine upon you again, and take you to where it all began. A trip, that will start all over again and a hope that this one may never end. 

“I know you’re just a rag doll now, sewn together with memories that we might have had.I know you’re just the dream inside of a dream. And don’t worry, I know I don’t know you, anymore.”

I Wrote This For You.

The Clock’s Ticking

“As you’re reading this, your life’s getting shorter. It’s ticking away. I’m not saying this to frighten you. Or even scare you. Though it may. I’m saying this to awaken you. To inspire you. To rise you out of your deep slumber. To really know you won’t live forever. To share your unique gifts. To ignite your great inner fire. To ignite your great inner strength. To ignite your great inner light. To shine. Brightly shine. To awaken your great inner beauty. To motivate. Yourself and others. To love. Yourself and others. To paint. To write. To teach. To innovate. To sing. To dance. To care. To feel. To listen. To learn. To laugh. The clock’s ticking. The world needs you. Make your move.” 
Mike Litman

What do you think? Would love your thoughts, comments, ideas on this one...

[GUEST POST] My Mending Heart

It was a while ago when I discovered @ritamou 's beautiful writing and started reading her blog constantly. After some time, I thought of asking her to write a guest post for this blog & share some of her beautiful words with you guys. There you have it, a beautiful piece by a beautiful person.
Check out more on her blog Here

I fell in love with a musician once. He wrote me poems and serenaded me at my porch. He loved the music in me and I loved the symphony he so romantically put me in. Every word he said cradled a rhythm and every emotion he felt was described in a melody.
One day, he was no longer inspired. He said I wasn't melodious enough and ran off to follow another beat.
In any case, he was way over the top.

I then fell for this business man. He gave me diamond rings and watches. He wrapped me a credit card in a red ribbon for my birthday. I loved his generosity and kindness. He loved my dependence and gratitude. Everything was about numbers and statistic. It was about cross marketing, brands and publicity.
One day, he felt drained dry and flew away to build an empire.
In any case, he was too materialistic.
I then met a poet. We swam together in a lake of fantasy verses and ever-longing promises. He woke me up with words on a ray of sunlight, and tucked me in under the silver moon’s thoughts. I enjoyed his lyrics and felt they were mine. Everything he ever said to me rhymed.
One day, he fell out of words to say and went to find his calling.
In any case, he was too romantic.

Then came the doctor. He followed my curves with his delicate fingers and enticed our mutual anatomy. Our bodies fit like two pieces of a puzzle. He loved to run his scalpel all over me and I loved how he continuously wanted the best for me.
One day, he felt I was disproportionate and needed too much fixing.
In any case, he was too meticulous.

That’s when I fell in love with a painter. He saw my curls in every wave and the colors of my soul in every sun ray. I was his canvas and his brushes were acquainted with my colors. He drew me in every painting. I brought diversity into perspective and he flooded me with portraits of sorts.
One day, he felt I crowded his painting with too many shades.
In any case, he was too colorful.

After having gone through so many ups and downs, I decided to fall in love with myself. I walked down the beach and read myself a book every night. I went for drinks and enjoyed the music. I tried new delicacies and indulged in sweet luxuries. And that’s when I got to know me.

Finally I met this man.
He was everything I ever wanted and all of the things I ran away from. He fell in love with my wit and sense of humor; enjoyed my randomness and quirkiness. He even liked my morning grumpiness and the way I made coffee. He opened the door for me and tackled me for the last burger. We laughed and cried and tried even harder.
One day, he felt we could no longer be apart.
In any case, I agreed.

Spilling It Away

I can hear your voice inside my head
Some melody playing in my mind, twisting in my heart,
a cry....a scream actually, shattering walls that surrounded you for years.
I can see water drops falling as the world weeps with your aching heart.
Showers of celebration of human existence, of growth and expansion beyond yourself.

But you're spilling it away.

I can feel the beating of your heart with every mile of water you swim in that soothing pool,
I can feel the air coming out of your mouth and glide through my neck, delicately caressing my  skin.
I can hear your laugh, your giggle and I can see your smile, fake and disrupted. A mask you've been putting for everyone to notice, a cry you've been creating, a message to deliver.

I can feel the aching pain with every decision you take, for you're choosing opposites to make yourself suffer. I'm not sure you know that yet, I don't really care.

What I'm sure of is that you're letting go of your essence, spilling it away. You've decided to break free but you're only a prisoner of your shattered pieces of dreams, hurting inside your skin, slowly killing you, sucking the very life out of your soul.

Hurting may probably be your greatest teacher, but what will I do with that? What will my soul sing when your melodies go silent? When those violin strings become so mute, eaten by the silence of this world that only surrounds you? What will my heartbeat sound like when the crescendo of your sounds suddenly go silent, when nothingness only remains?

It doesn't really matter what the world around you wants, it doesn't really matter what everyone might say. But someone would have only been the light you've searching for, a beam of guidance and support. I think you're scared, afraid and in need of an escape. You've always loved the concrete, like the vast ocean. Something you could point to and know what it is. But sometimes, its those things you cannot touch that you need to hold on to the most.

Stop right there, you're spilling it away!

Women Are Not Liars

"Keeping your word is a masculine trait, in men or women. A person with a feminine essence may not keep her word, yet it is not exactly lying. In the feminine reality, words and facts take a second place to emotions and the shifting moods of relationship. 
On the other hand, the masculine means what it says. A man's word is his honor. The feminine says what it feels. A woman's word is her true expression in the moment."

The sounds you hear from your woman are sounds of the motion of her "feeling energy". Of course, there are times when she speaks in the masculine style of meaning exactly what she says, but more often, and almost always in emotional moments, what she says is the sound of her feelings. In an emotional moment, what she says she is going to do is actually an expression of what she feels like doing in the moment. Her feelings, and therefore her actions, could change in five minutes, every five minutes. 
Whenever you are surprised by your woman's actions, you are forgetting that she has a feminine essence. What your woman says is like a cloud passing in the sky. Your woman's words are expressions of the physics of her feelings, your relationship, and the nuances of the present situation, seen and unseen. Moments later these factors will change (just like a cloud's physical states) and so will your woman's expressions.


You might ask her to go out to the movies with you. At first she might reply negatively and not wanting to go. Then you hug her, cuddle her and say, "Let's go to the movies!" and she agrees.
In this case, she is not talking about her desire to go to the movies, she is reflecting the feeling of your relationship in the present moment. 
If after she said she didn't want to go to the movies, you sat down, watched TV through the night, you would be missing the point. She is not really saying she doesn't want to go to the
movies, even though that is what she's literally saying.

This is not lying. For a man, or for anyone speaking in the masculine style, to say something that is not true is lying. But, for the feminine, truth, compared to the flow of feelings, is a thin concept. The "truth" of the feminine is whatever she is really feeling.

As a masculine force, instead of arguing about what she said or didn't say, establish love in the intimacy first.

Basically, don't believe the literal content of what your woman says unless love is flowing deeply and fully in the moment when she says it. Remember that a woman's feelings may be more sensitive to an unseen realm of nature than are yours. Try to differentiate between your woman's shifting moods and her sensitive wisdom.
Women are not liars, although they often seem that way to men. This is why a man must ultimately be responsible for making his own decisions, based on the deepest truth.

Hear what your woman has to say and feel her depth carefully. Enjoy her subtle sensitivity and changing emotional weather patterns. You can proceed with or modify your actions in full gear, knowing you are always making the best choice available to you, considering her depth of wisdom and her fluctuations of mood and expression.

Towards A Healthy News Diet

I have recently come across something I thought needs to be shared around. For some reason, this idea kept coming back every time I thought of cool stuff to share. So without further delay, I'll be sharing with you all a small pdf document entitled: Avoid News: Towards a Healthy News Diet by Rolf Dobelli.

The Prologue states:

"This article is the antidote to news. It is long, and you probably won’t be able to skim it. Thanks to heavy news consumption, many people have lost the reading habit and struggle to absorb more than four pages straight. This article will show you how to get out of this trap – if you are not already too deeply in it. "

In the pdf you Dobelli entitles the several sections as follows:

- News is to the mind what sugar is to the body
- News misleads us systematically
- News is irrelevant
- News limits understanding
- News is toxic to your body
- News massively increases cognitive errors
- News inhibits thinking
- News changes the structure of your brain
- News is costly
- News sunders the relationship between reputation and achievement
- News is produced by journalists
- Reported facts are sometimes wrong, forecasts always
- News is manipulative
- News makes us passive
- News gives us the illusion of caring
- News kills creativity
- What to do instead

- Good News

"The above statements reflect the most truthful viewpoint I can achieve at the time of this writing. I reserve the right to revise my views at any time. I might even indulge in the freedom of contradicting myself. I have done so in the past and will most certainly do so in the future. The only reason I would change my views (a switch which would undoubtedly be noticed by the “consistency police” (usually journalists with good high-school degrees) is because the new version is closer to the truth, not ever because I would gain any personal advantage."

Please note that I do follow the news, and find some material in this article interesting while others, well, not. In all cases I'm sharing this just to shed some light on what's out there regarding news in general and it doesn't in any way depict or describe what I really think about news as a general subject.


Shot Of Inspiration

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." 

Marianne Williamson (A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles)

Finding Way Home

Dark and twisted, the branches of an endless forest surround her. Edges caress her soul, tickle her, fear breathes her inside herself...hell may have broken loose with every diamond tear.

With all her might she shrieks and screams, for a savior to help her out of her endless struggle.
Alone in the dark labyrinth of endless challenges she walks trying to figure her way out, torn to pieces her lovely pinkish dress, her pure face covered with mud & dirt mixed with the a delicate blend of her soul's essence dripping out with every step. Challenges, uneven roads, weird & twisted sounds terrify her as her 6 year old body makes its way through rocks, stones, bushes and endless trees.

She has but herself to count on, she has her will and power to pull her through, to give her a boost. But she has no idea where she is and how will she come out. But inside her a glimpse of faith. A little innocent light coming out from her heart. A beckon that automatically makes a decision and ignites inside her soul showing her essence's reflection to the world. It magnifies the light's power and shines around guiding her into a better path, to finding her way home. A faith so pure, so grand and majestic. She can see herself moving towards some kind of end, some kind of shore.

Although she has no idea where she lands will only be the beginning....

Combining The Contrasts

Today, I thought of sharing a showcase gallery of images at Cruzine magazine which is really special. The collection of photographs represent a fascinating combination of contrasts.

Uncommonly thinking and talented photographers are in the constant search of genuine and unique moments worthy of capturing with a camera, or they seek for the angles to show us the ordinary things in an alternative way. Here, within the scope of this showcase, they successfully managed to artfully combine contrasting colors, as white and black, or red and the shades of gray; shapes, as circles and squares; and textures, for example, smooth and wavy, or with folds and holes.


Pressing The Snooze Button?

So you want to be the leader of your life?
I'm guessing its a yes, and so I ask you to consider this:

Do the things you don’t feel like doing. Easier said than done I know because we’ve all trained ourselves to do only what we feel like doing.

Let's consider this simple morning routine as an example. The alarm goes off and you instantly press the snooze button. Silence returns and you consider your options. It feels awfully early to be getting out of bed and walking across the cold floor in your bare feet although today might be the day you take that new job, or finish that monthly exercise routine, or finally submit your paper (enter major personal event here).

Let's take the exercise example: You think about that calendar on the wall where you marked the dates after each run, and it suddenly strikes you as ridiculous, a cheesy strategy to trick yourself into following through on a commitment. You know that it’s important to stick to your goals, but there’s nothing inspiring at all about getting up in the morning. It sucks. One day off won’t matter that much. You close your eyes and feel the sleep sensations come over you. 
A few minutes later the alarm sounds, and you hit the snooze again. You’re not feeling up for the exercise. Your knee was bothering you yesterday, so it’s probably better not to push it too hard. You fall asleep again.
After some time, its too late to jog so when that alarm goes off again, you hit snooze and drift off again.

No single invention has so perfectly captured the perverse power of the mind to defeat its own best intentions as the snooze button. Every grand resolution, every promise you’ve ever made to yourself, every good intention can be instantly wiped away with a simple press of a button. The snooze button is the perfect symbol of human resistance and image of anyone who feels stuck—stuck in a dead-end job, stuck in a holding pattern, stuck in a stale relationship, stuck with a flabby body, stuck with a bunch of cool ideas that you never find the time to execute … just plain stuck.

Everyone already has a snooze button pre-installed inside them. It’s always there if you want to use it. And boy do we use that button!! We come up with every imaginable excuse to delay, avoid and stay stuck right where we are.

The fastest way to become a leader is to start acting like one.

Try this for a while: Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you normally wake up. Tomorrow morning, as soon as the alarm sounds, open your eyes, throw off the covers, sit up, put your feet on the floor and stand up. Your day starts now. No pillow over the head, no snooze. If you lie in bed more than 10 seconds before standing up, you fail the test. If you can do this exercise successfully for five days straight, you’ll see a significant shift in your ability to push yourself and your life forward.

Leaders don’t hit the snooze button in life.


Message To Mother

Dear Mother,
I know I may not always be the best I am with you, but deep down an invisible link will always keep us together. You've sacrificed the greatest you could ever sacrifice, give and share with me & the family and for this I will always be thankful. You are one of the most loving and beautiful people in my life. Thank you for bearing so much, for giving so much and for believing so much in me. Thank you for every second you spent by my bed when I was sick or feeling down, thank you for the laughters we always share, for the songs we always sing, the life you bring to everyone around. Thank you for being exceptional!

But I also need to send another letter. To "you". I can only imagine how hard it might be to lose a mother for breast cancer, and to handle the support of a brother all by yourself. I can only imagine the stress and tension of taking care of the house, of your daily lives, your studies, friends and everyone around you. For this, and more, "you" are exceptional yourself. You're gonna make one hell of a mother, I just feel it and know it. Dear "you", what a beautiful person you are, what a joy to see you smile, and what an honor it is to know that you are making it no matter what or who you lose around you, that life will always pass inside your veins and soul. That you will not let anything stop you from achieveing the life you were born to live. You might not say it, but it shows in your shining eyes, your simple smile and your diamond jewels that drip down your beautiful cheecks every once in a while. I'm honored to have a person like you in my family.

My last message goes not to a mother but to a son who lost one at a very delicate and early age.

I might be one of the few people who actually will always understand you how you trully are. I might be one of the few who will always understand the craziest of reactions you might do. What you did this year brought tears to my eyes, thank you for showing a layer I have never seen from you. Thank you for showing how much a "mother" means to you. How much you crave her tender touch, her smiles, her care. I have always understood the empty part of you, and the gap she left inside you when she slept away for eternity. It shows, and the care you try to give does also the same. It is in small gestures like these that I feel proud to know you and to have you in my life.
Thank you for the subtle signals, for the gesture you did, I got the message.

To every mother out there, you will always mean the world to a few people who will make you their world. Happy mother's day you exceptional gifts of life!

“Count the cards
strewn and abandoned
like desperate thoughts that flash
by faster than the lines on the road
on yet another 34.5 miles to work.

Count the smoke strands
curling and abandoned
as they drift upwards
into seas
of a never ending story
told in bars and living rooms
held by calloused fingers.

Count the circles
incomplete and abandoned
left by sleepless nights and early
mornings of good bad and too bitter coffee
within arms reach around
the cheaply varnished table.

Count the days
of life spent wasting away
doing the same routine
just so you can keep going.

Count the childhood dreams
whimsically smiled at and left behind
in crayons, glue sticks and notes
folded just so.

Then count the smiles
on faces of new dreams
new futures
new faces
and know that everyday you give
is given to them”

Ryan Avery

Smoking Facts and Tobacco Statistics

Tobacco offers us a life of slavery, a host of chronic, debilitating illnesses and ultimately death. And think about it: We pay big bucks for those "benefits." Sad, but true.

If you're a smoker wishing you could quit, make your mind up to dig your heels in and do the work necessary to get this monkey off your back now. You'll never regret it.

Smokers tell themselves lies that allow them to smoke with some level of comfort. They say they have time to quit...that cancer doesn't run in their family...that they can quit any time they want to...that the bad things happen to other people. And because smoking is typically a slow killer, those lies support the framework of their wall of denial for years and years.

Eventually though, most smokers find that the wall begins to crumble, and bit by bit, smoking becomes a fearful, anxious activity. This is when most smokers start seriously thinking about how they might find a way to quit smoking for good.

A crucial step in the recovery process from nicotine addiction involves breaking through that wall of denial to put smoking in the proper light.

If you're thinking that it's time to quit smoking, or have just quit and need some motivation to keep going, use the smoking facts below to fuel the fire in your belly that will help you beat your smoking habit, once and for all.

1) There are 1.1 billion smokers in the world today, and if current trends continue, that number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by the year 2025.

2) China is home to 300 million smokers who consume approximately 1.7 trillion cigarettes a year, or 3 million cigarettes a minute.

3) Worldwide, approximately 10 million cigarettes are purchased a minute, 15 billion are sold each day, and upwards of 5 trillion are produced and used on an annual basis.

4) A typical manufactured cigarette contains approximately 8 or 9 milligrams of nicotine, while the nicotine content of a cigar is 100 to 200 milligrams, with some as high as 400 milligrams.

5) There is enough nicotine in four or five cigarettes to kill an average adult if ingested whole. Most smokers take in only one or two milligrams of nicotine per cigarette however, with the remainder being burned off.

6) Ambergris, otherwise known as whale vomit is one of the hundreds of possible additives used in manufactured cigarettes.

7) Benzene is a known cause of acute myeloid leukemia, and cigarette smoke is a major source of benzene exposure. Among U.S. smokers, 90 percent of benzene exposures come from cigarettes.

8) Radioactive lead and polonium are both present in low levels in cigarette smoke.

9) Hydrogen cyanide, one of the toxic byproducts present in cigarette smoke, was used as a genocidal chemical agent during World War II.

10) Secondhand smoke contains more than 50 cancer-causing chemical compounds, 11 of which are known to be Group 1 carcinogens.

11) The smoke from a smoldering cigarette often contains higher concentrations of the toxins found in cigarette smoke than exhaled smoke does.

12) Kids are still picking up smoking at the alarming rate of 3,000 a day in the U.S., and 80,000 to 100,000 a day worldwide.

13) Worldwide, one in five teens age 13 to 15 smoke cigarettes.

14) Approximately one quarter of the youth alive in the Western Pacific Region (East Asia and the Pacific) today will die from tobacco use.

15) Half of all long-term smokers will die a tobacco-related death.

16) Every eight seconds, a human life is lost to tobacco use somewhere in the world. That translates to approximately 5 million deaths annually.

17) Tobacco use is expected to claim one billion lives this century unless serious anti-smoking efforts are made on a global level.


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