Worry Or Reflection?

There you have it. People around the Middle East are changing, situations are shifting. Well, its all a big mess when you look at it, obviously, if you're in the eye of the storm.
This made me think about the subtle distinction between worry and reflection.

So many thought leaders and coaches out there advice and talk about avoiding the past. They talk about living in the "Present" "In The Moment", "In The Now". Honestly, I get what they're saying. But isn't there something good about going back and delighting in the delicious moments of the journey we've arrived from?

Which brings me to worry vs. reflection. It all depends on your intention. If it is to dwell on bad things and to worry over things you cannot change and to rehash painful times, then I suggest it's an unhealthy act. But, if your intention, in going back in time, is to reflect on the lessons certain events have taught you and to grow in wisdom and to savor the precious memories that you were blessed enough to experience well then I think it's good.

I guess what I'm inviting you to consider is that it's a waste of time to fret and regret over things you've done that cannot be changed. But that it's a fantastic use of time to bask in the good times, feel gratitude for them and use your past to serve your future rise.


Danielle said...

Exactly! You nailed it. I always said that regret is the most pointless emotion. When you regret, you are rehashing parts of your past that are not worth reliving. Ok, so you messed up,,you didn't take that job, you didn't make a move on that girl, you were rude to your best friend, you did something completely out of character..learn from it, and make it your mission to move on..to be a bigger and better person. But, at the same time, celebrate those moments in your life that made you into the beautiful person you are today! (inspired from Mr. Robbins?) haha