Success Clues

There are patterns of success and patterns of failure. Which means, people who are successful are not just lucky, happy people or fulfilled individuals are not just born with a magic formula, there are certain things they do that make them happy.
Some go on in their lives and think that someday things will change and they will wake up feeling great, go do great work and their lives will change.

Well there's a saying that states: The road to someday leads to a town called nowhere.

First thing to understand is that there's a difference in people's lives beginning with the difference in their standards of living. To create change, we need to raise our standards, which means turning the shoulds into musts. Wether its a diet you should take-up, or a phone call you should make or an appointment you should take or whatever, we only start taking action and do them when these become musts.

In a large number of examples regarding this, we focus on the process and what we will be going through rather than the outcome we are aiming to get in the end. People who succeed focus on what they will get in the end of the process versus people who don't usually focus on what they will have to do and the process itself.
Another thing to look at here is reason. If you ask me, people should become "unreasonable". Take for example the Salmon Brothers, a previously known investment house in New York (founded in 1910). They met with prospective clients not once a month or once a day but THREE times a day!
That is unreasonable, but it works.

Most people are reasonable, that's why they do reasonably well.

Take as well Mother Theresa. A nun who had no background, no money and no political contact. She was able to help people who are dying in more than a hundred nations around the globe. And when she passed away, virtually every major leader out there would come to her funeral, and this by itself would seem ridiculous. But Mother Theresa was an unreasonable woman, with an unreasonable amount of love for people that no one else would love.

Get unreasonable in everything as much as possible, when you get reasonable you'll have to lower your standards and drop down to mass expectations, what everybody thinks and expects from you. Again, you'll have an average life. Only one thing creates an extraordinary life, an extraordinary mindset.


Danielle said...

A woman who continues to inspire..even long after her death. Great post! You keep me inspired, motivated, and focused!