“Count the cards
strewn and abandoned
like desperate thoughts that flash
by faster than the lines on the road
on yet another 34.5 miles to work.

Count the smoke strands
curling and abandoned
as they drift upwards
into seas
of a never ending story
told in bars and living rooms
held by calloused fingers.

Count the circles
incomplete and abandoned
left by sleepless nights and early
mornings of good bad and too bitter coffee
within arms reach around
the cheaply varnished table.

Count the days
of life spent wasting away
doing the same routine
just so you can keep going.

Count the childhood dreams
whimsically smiled at and left behind
in crayons, glue sticks and notes
folded just so.

Then count the smiles
on faces of new dreams
new futures
new faces
and know that everyday you give
is given to them”

Ryan Avery


I Emilie :) said...

I didn't want to read it quickly earlier.. I'm glad I didn't.. those words are so beautiful.. thx for sharing..