Message To Mother

Dear Mother,
I know I may not always be the best I am with you, but deep down an invisible link will always keep us together. You've sacrificed the greatest you could ever sacrifice, give and share with me & the family and for this I will always be thankful. You are one of the most loving and beautiful people in my life. Thank you for bearing so much, for giving so much and for believing so much in me. Thank you for every second you spent by my bed when I was sick or feeling down, thank you for the laughters we always share, for the songs we always sing, the life you bring to everyone around. Thank you for being exceptional!

But I also need to send another letter. To "you". I can only imagine how hard it might be to lose a mother for breast cancer, and to handle the support of a brother all by yourself. I can only imagine the stress and tension of taking care of the house, of your daily lives, your studies, friends and everyone around you. For this, and more, "you" are exceptional yourself. You're gonna make one hell of a mother, I just feel it and know it. Dear "you", what a beautiful person you are, what a joy to see you smile, and what an honor it is to know that you are making it no matter what or who you lose around you, that life will always pass inside your veins and soul. That you will not let anything stop you from achieveing the life you were born to live. You might not say it, but it shows in your shining eyes, your simple smile and your diamond jewels that drip down your beautiful cheecks every once in a while. I'm honored to have a person like you in my family.

My last message goes not to a mother but to a son who lost one at a very delicate and early age.

I might be one of the few people who actually will always understand you how you trully are. I might be one of the few who will always understand the craziest of reactions you might do. What you did this year brought tears to my eyes, thank you for showing a layer I have never seen from you. Thank you for showing how much a "mother" means to you. How much you crave her tender touch, her smiles, her care. I have always understood the empty part of you, and the gap she left inside you when she slept away for eternity. It shows, and the care you try to give does also the same. It is in small gestures like these that I feel proud to know you and to have you in my life.
Thank you for the subtle signals, for the gesture you did, I got the message.

To every mother out there, you will always mean the world to a few people who will make you their world. Happy mother's day you exceptional gifts of life!


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Absolutely beautiful Gabe! You have such a special heart.

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I agree :)

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Oh! Beautiful..