The New Model

When I think about Twitter these days I have come to understand that I'm dealing with people who create ideas, it has become so clear to me how every single one of us out there (Twitter made that so clear to me) every one of us can create and spread an idea which in fact has a lot behind it. I want to argue that we live through at a key moment of a change in the way ideas are created, spread and implemented.
Things started with the idea of THE FACTORY. Having a factory would create change and eventually change the world around you. Then we went to the TV idea. If you could get on TV enough times, and buy enough advertising space, you could win a whole lot (from recognition, to exposure and money...)

But these two previous ways have become obsolete. A new model of leadership in business and life has set itself as a new lifestyle and social dynamic develops. This new form of leadership is based on the fact that we make change by leading and not by using money, or power to lever a system.

The Factory Cycle:
Henry Ford comes up with a really cool idea which enables him to hire men who used to get paid 50 cents a day and pay them five dollars a day. This way, he has a useful factory which eventually lets him build a lot of cars, pave a lot of new roads (including opening more job opportunities). He created a lot of change and changed the image of a whole country.
The essence of this is: Cheaper labor Vs. faster machines.
The problem? Running out of both.

The Television/Advertising Cycle:
From the previous cycle develops another by taking an idea, pushing it on the world. This way, there's a better mousetrap, a smarter hook. In this system, if the person can just get enough money to tell enough people, he would sell enough. And you can build an entire industry on that.
This model requires you to act like the king and that you are in charge. And you're going to tell people what to do next. This method, mass marketing, requires average ideas, because you're going to the masses, and plenty of ads. As spammers we tried to hypnotize everyone into buying our idea but unfortunately it doesn't work so well anymore.
The New Model
Today, there's a new model and it's about leading and connecting people and ideas and people wanted this ever since...well...forever. Today, thanks to the explosion of mass media and social platforms, groups of interconnected, "linked and informed" people are all over the globe.
The internet created what experts are calling "silos of interest" people who are connected according to their interests. From religious online forums to media people connected via Twitter, the point is today you can search for your interest online, find the people like you, connect and go somewhere with that.
And it turns out that it's these silos, these groups, not money, not factories, that can change our world, that can change politics, that can align large numbers of people. This is not because you force them to do something against their will but because they wanted to connect.

So, the idea you create, the product you create, the movement you create isn't for everyone. It's not a mass thing. That's not what this is about it's about finding the true believers. The Beatles did not invent teenagers, they just decided to lead them. Most leadership is about finding a group that's disconnected but already has a yearning for something and giving it to them.
A leader is someone who will abide by the status quo, who will look at a certain situation and decide that he will not abide by it, and will not be a follower. Leaders challenge the status quo, they build a culture. They have curiosity about people and society and they're asking questions.

Every state you're in is a certain answer to a "question" you asked wether directly or indirectly.
What questions are you asking? Where do you want to lead?