Strategic Fail

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I think its time I expressed a bit of what I think about the above picture and advertisement in general since I've been really getting sick lately from the amount of visual pollution and strategic fail in the ads on our "beat down" "hole filled" "car destroyer" roads.

You see, what I'm about to express is my own view of things and should be taken literally but since I'm expressing my thoughts here, I'd like to use just a pinch of common sense. I'd like to start with the common notion regarding home furnishing in general. I believe young people, usually young adults hoping to start a life of their own, look for the best furniture deals and look for modern, and savvy designs, trends and material that suits their needs. These people usually have a modern car, a trendy, up-to-date lifestyle, are risk takers get the idea. On another note, old people are usually the ones who will not risk losing their jobs, trying to live the best life they can with what they have, knowing their children have needs to be met, and try to put their children's needs and wants first.

Let's now get back to the above picture. Home City, in this advertisement is aiming at the exact opposite of what is supposed to be targeting, its main possible client, and are going beyond the logical niche to show us an old man, in an old car carrying cheap luggage in a "Souk-El-Ahad" kind of way. So what I'm getting from this (and I believe I'm not alone) is that Home City is a cheap place for old people selling cheap furniture which you are to carry out on your own to wherever. And to be honest I don't think Home City as a store wants that image to start with! I can't really think that they accept having a negative image of themselves thrown out on the streets!

In the end, I'd like to ask: If its a festival, where's the festive attitude? the festive glam? the visual that attracts and creates interest? How can this appeal to the young generation of adults who are now looking for a new place, or just bought a new place and want to seek the tredy, colorful and fresh vibe in their furniture?

N.B. The above is my own opinion with no personal offense to Home City. I belive the store deserves a much better strategic communication and art direction that suits and benefits them.

3 comments: said...

Okay, this will be interesting, but I like the add! Its different, and eye catching haha!

Its different and thats what I like about it. I mean the old car, the crazy pilled up furniture, its like an old Ikea ad! Its a bit hippie style, but not festive.... i dunno.

Dar El Akhdar said...

Bottom line guys no strategizing is done in Lebanese advertising, let alone no true branding effort whatsoever...

Any self-proclaimed creative director guru comes up with an "idea", dabbles with Adobe Illustrator a bit, and comes up with a "full-fledged" campaign

Sad state of affairs, I know... (cue in the violins)

Danielle said...

Totally agree with what is being said here..and is that snow in the background? So the image is to tell me that people would really haul all of that furniture on top of their broken down cars up a snowy mountain? #fail.