Finding Way Home

Dark and twisted, the branches of an endless forest surround her. Edges caress her soul, tickle her, fear breathes her inside herself...hell may have broken loose with every diamond tear.

With all her might she shrieks and screams, for a savior to help her out of her endless struggle.
Alone in the dark labyrinth of endless challenges she walks trying to figure her way out, torn to pieces her lovely pinkish dress, her pure face covered with mud & dirt mixed with the a delicate blend of her soul's essence dripping out with every step. Challenges, uneven roads, weird & twisted sounds terrify her as her 6 year old body makes its way through rocks, stones, bushes and endless trees.

She has but herself to count on, she has her will and power to pull her through, to give her a boost. But she has no idea where she is and how will she come out. But inside her a glimpse of faith. A little innocent light coming out from her heart. A beckon that automatically makes a decision and ignites inside her soul showing her essence's reflection to the world. It magnifies the light's power and shines around guiding her into a better path, to finding her way home. A faith so pure, so grand and majestic. She can see herself moving towards some kind of end, some kind of shore.

Although she has no idea where she lands will only be the beginning....


Anonymous said...

WOW. I am speechless.

This is Beirut said...

Gaby..this is just..beautiful. You should definitely look into being published. "A Series of Short Stories," by G.G. :D