[GUEST POST] My Mending Heart

It was a while ago when I discovered @ritamou 's beautiful writing and started reading her blog constantly. After some time, I thought of asking her to write a guest post for this blog & share some of her beautiful words with you guys. There you have it, a beautiful piece by a beautiful person.
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I fell in love with a musician once. He wrote me poems and serenaded me at my porch. He loved the music in me and I loved the symphony he so romantically put me in. Every word he said cradled a rhythm and every emotion he felt was described in a melody.
One day, he was no longer inspired. He said I wasn't melodious enough and ran off to follow another beat.
In any case, he was way over the top.

I then fell for this business man. He gave me diamond rings and watches. He wrapped me a credit card in a red ribbon for my birthday. I loved his generosity and kindness. He loved my dependence and gratitude. Everything was about numbers and statistic. It was about cross marketing, brands and publicity.
One day, he felt drained dry and flew away to build an empire.
In any case, he was too materialistic.
I then met a poet. We swam together in a lake of fantasy verses and ever-longing promises. He woke me up with words on a ray of sunlight, and tucked me in under the silver moon’s thoughts. I enjoyed his lyrics and felt they were mine. Everything he ever said to me rhymed.
One day, he fell out of words to say and went to find his calling.
In any case, he was too romantic.

Then came the doctor. He followed my curves with his delicate fingers and enticed our mutual anatomy. Our bodies fit like two pieces of a puzzle. He loved to run his scalpel all over me and I loved how he continuously wanted the best for me.
One day, he felt I was disproportionate and needed too much fixing.
In any case, he was too meticulous.

That’s when I fell in love with a painter. He saw my curls in every wave and the colors of my soul in every sun ray. I was his canvas and his brushes were acquainted with my colors. He drew me in every painting. I brought diversity into perspective and he flooded me with portraits of sorts.
One day, he felt I crowded his painting with too many shades.
In any case, he was too colorful.

After having gone through so many ups and downs, I decided to fall in love with myself. I walked down the beach and read myself a book every night. I went for drinks and enjoyed the music. I tried new delicacies and indulged in sweet luxuries. And that’s when I got to know me.

Finally I met this man.
He was everything I ever wanted and all of the things I ran away from. He fell in love with my wit and sense of humor; enjoyed my randomness and quirkiness. He even liked my morning grumpiness and the way I made coffee. He opened the door for me and tackled me for the last burger. We laughed and cried and tried even harder.
One day, he felt we could no longer be apart.
In any case, I agreed.


Liliane said...

she has a way with words :) loved it

Anonymous said...

Woww... I think this is one Rita's best. How beautiful, how touching. What a great post! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gabby for hosting my post :) and thank you guys for your kind words!

poshlemon said...

In any case, he was too right (that you could no longer be apart).

Very delicate interplay of words, images and feelings.

I enjoy reading you.